Product Price Adjustment: Don’t Miss The Savings!

product price adjustments Canada MoneyDON’T MISS THE BUDGET SAVINGS!


Are you aware that some Canadian big box and grocery stores have a Product Price adjustment policy?

If you are then you know about the great savings you can pocket if you keep your eyes and ears open. If you aren’t aware read on and learn how you to keep money in your pocket.

We all know about returning products as I’m sure we have all done it at some point in our life. Once you have finalized a buy it is now your product.

Most stores offer a return policy for unopened, unused or defective product. On a cautionary note be aware of a possible restocking fee. Typically stores have anywhere from 30-90 days for a return policy.


Product Price Adjustment


What is a Product Price Adjustment Policy?

What most people don’t know is the Product Price Adjustment Policy for most stores also known as a Price Protection Policy.

If you buy a product and the exact product goes on sale cheaper than what you purchased it for then you can get a Product Price Adjustment. Keep in mind the price adjustment policy time frame. This is why it is imperative to always keep your receipts. You can take the original receipt to customer service and ask for a product price adjustment.

A Product Price Adjustment is the difference of what you paid for the product compared to the price it is on sale for. For example, if you buy a BBQ for $799.00 and next week it went on sale for $399.00 you would get a product price adjustment for $400.

Typically when you ask for a Product Price Adjustment they will refund the difference in whichever tender you purchased the product. An example would be, if you paid by credit card the Product Price Adjustment will go back on the same credit card.

A Product Price adjustment policy terms vary from store to store so the easiest way to find out is to call the store.  Some stores such as Wal-Mart and Zellers offer a price adjustment policy as does Canadian Tire.

You may even find you can get a product price adjustment at certain grocery stores as well. Some Canadian Budget Binder fans came forward to say they have used the Product Price Adjustment Policy at the following stores but like I mentioned I would call them to verify before heading into the store.

** Keep in mind these stores can change their product price adjustment policy at any time.

  • Real Canadian Superstore
  • Future Shop
  • Toys R Us
  • The Gap
  • Old Navy
  • Reitmans, Penningtons,  Smart Set, Thyme, Cassis, RW&Co, Addition-Elle
  • The Source
  • Staples
  • Sears
  • Giant Tiger
  • Shoppers Drug Mart

Importance of a Product Price Adjustment


Why is the Product Price Adjustment Policy in place?

This extended price policy as I like to call it is a good gesture in hopes of retaining customers who might be unhappy. Don’t be a scammer though as it costs the company time and money.

I’ve heard of people who have gotten upset so they buy the product at the cheaper price and use the original receipt to return the first product. I’m just happy the retailer is thinking about the consumer’s pocket-book even a small gesture like this.

What did we have a Product Price Adjustment price on?

In 2011 we saved over $300 in price adjustments just by watching the weekly prices in the flyers. One of our best price adjustments was a Swordfish UV Filter System which we paid $157.99 plus tax then it went on sale for $89.99 plus tax the following week.

So there you have it, saving more money in the budget!

What is the best Product Price Adjustment you have ever received?


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  1. modernupstairsdownstairs says:

    Thanks, I didn’t know about this – I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled in future. Great tip!

    • Do you know about Scanning Code of Practice? If not stay tuned and I’ll tell you all about that little secret!

      • modernupstairsdownstairs says:

        Yes, we’ve caught two big retailers out many, many a time just by watching the till screen closely. They can be very sneaky, putting sale tags beside the item next to the real sale item, or ‘accidentally’ not having the sale price show up on the scanner, etc.

  2. I LOVE price matching! This ensures that you will get the product and never be disappointed by going to the store with the sale and finding empty shelves. As for the SCOP – its my best friend against walMart!!

    My last trip to WalMart – I PM, SCOP & couponed my bill down 75%!! My husband was floored by my savings b/c he knows the prices of the items purchased at the Metro store level. He used to be a consistent shopper there until he met me – the bargain hunter! :)

    • Price Matching can be a time saver for most people as we really don’t want to shop at 8 different stores per week just to get deals. You can make a believer out of anyone when you save money in the budget. It’s whether they choose to follow in your footsteps is what matters. Good to hear your husband was floored.. most men are! I look forward to your posts in our grocery game challenge. Post your shop/brag for the week after you grocery shop to get a ballot in the monthly draw to win!
      Cheer Mr.CBB!
      We love Walmart too!!

  3. I love the site theme. ;) I attempted to make a site of my own, but it didn’t end up as fancy as your website. Good work.


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