Can we Stick to the Grocery Budget- February 20-26 2012-Week 4

Last week was our first no-shop week and I must say it was difficult. You think it’s easy to say “I won’t shop” but it doesn’t work that way. Temptation is all around us even at the pharmacy or petrol station. Fighting the temptation can be won though.

I’m happy to report that we did not shop last week for grocery at all. We did manage to get much more completed with our household to-do list. Sorry I meant Honey do-list. :) We’ve been updating our New 2012 Budget Spreadsheet while transferring over Jan/Feb 2012. We hope to have that available soon.


If you are playing the grocery game and want to play for the rest of Feb and March I will draw for 2 winners if I can get 10 or more people to participate for this week. If  not we will start next week for March and this week will be a trial run to get you motivated~ If you haven’t subscribed to my blog, please do that way you won’t miss my posts!

 So we have $64.00 to spend this week in the grocery budget.


We spent a Total Out of Pocket $52.94

We used a Total of $58.67 in coupons

$64.00-$52.94= $11.06 left to spend in the grocery budget. Phew!

Here is the run down!

Food Basics


Dry Beans $1.99

Dry Beans $3.49

Tomatoes- $0.86

Lettuce $0.88

Rapini $0.88

Cooking Onions $1.27

Parmigiano Reggiano $6.99-.75=$6.24

Total Spent OOP(out-of-pocket)- $18.10

Coupons Used -$0.75


Celery $0.97

Cheese $2.86

Cucumber $0.88

20 Colgate toothpaste $1.00-$1.50

Black Diamond Cheese Slices PM Zehrs 2/5-2x.75

Dark Laundry $6.97-FPC

JandJ Pack- $5.48-FPC

Cabbage -$1.00

French’s Dijon and Sweet Onion Mustard x2 $1.97-2x$1.00 coupons

Anise $0.88 PM Metro

JBBY Gift Pack $9.97-FPC

Catelli Pasta x3 Pm No Frills- 3x$1.00 coupons

Freedent Gum 4 pk x4 $1.60

Total Spent  OOP- $15.02$-$2.00 product tax to Sis in law=$13.02

Coupons Used $57.92


1x Chips ( starving see why temptation is bad) $1.19

Baggies $1.99

2 dozen XL eggs reduced $2.00 each forgot coupon ,oops

Excel 4pk Gum reduced x4 $1.50 each

Total OOP- $14.29

Shoppers Drug Mart

Neilson Cream x6=$6.45 ( I love cream in my coffee) Only buy when on sale at SDM or  I suffer with the milk.

Total OOP-$6.45

So there you have it folks, we spent under budget this week. How well did your grocery shopping go? Post your savings in the comment section below for your chance to win!

The Grocery Game

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