The Grocery Game Challenge March 5-March 11/Week 2

This is our weekly grocery shop for March 5- March 11. What was your weekly shop like? Post it in the comment section of this post and you could win a monthly prize of $50 in various Canadian coupons~ see rules and regulations here.

We had this weeks shop planned and knew we would spend more than the $64 a week we have budgeted for on groceries. With the Shoppers Drug Mart Spend $75 get 18,500 Optimum Points we were already over budget.

A fan asked what we do when we overspend at the grocery store in our weekly budget. This week was a good example and below was my answer to her.

So far we have spent a total of $114.91 which is $50.91 over budget this week and we are still not done shopping. When we spend over budget one week this means we have less to spend in the following weeks. In this case we have $75.09 left to spend for the month $190.00-$114.91. We don’t want to spend more than the $190.00 a month. We will see what happens.

We hit up a few stores for our shopping this week Shoppers Drug Mart, Food Basics and Zehrs. We still have to pick up a few items at Wal-Mart so I will be updating this post when we finish that shop. Post updated March 6 Below with Walmart Shop

For the most part we stuck to the budget however it was when we went into Food Basics where everything changed. They had the reduced meat section stocked with so many products for quick sale we couldn’t resist. We know we use plenty of meat in the summer and for my hot meals for work. (I’m not the sandwich type of guy) We use this opportunity to stock up and freeze it instead of paying full price.

We then moved on to Zehrs to look for cheap bread with the pretty pink stickers. We were not expecting to see so many Pink Stickers in the store. We eventually caught  up with the Zehrs associate with the roll of stickers and master DNO (do not order) sheet. My wife was off in the pink sticker clouds so I proceeded up past the associate.

She smiled at me and looks in my cart and says “oh it looks like you’ve found the deals.”

Mr.CBB: Yes I noticed there were more pink stickers on the shelves than normal.

Associate: Yes I’m planning on picking up a few items myself. I have the list here of what is going on 50% off.

Mr.CBB: Oh, may I have a look.

(we go through the list together)- She was working her way up to pink stickering (is that a word lol..)  loads of products but nothing we need.

Associate: I’m thinking of getting that Sunlight soap especially with the coupon in front of the bottles.

Mr.CBB: Yes that’s why I picked up 6. (me smirking ;-P)

I manage to find my wife who found some reduced bread and salad dressing and coupons for bread (finally)- Thanks D’ Italiano!~

With that said…… let’s get to the details!

Here is the damage thus far for this weeks Grocery Game Challenge!

Food Basics

6 pkgs of Prime Chicken Thighs 8 per pack

3 pkgs of Chicken Mince

1 box of sandwich bags

Total Spent $ 30.98

Used $12.47 in store coupons


6x bottles of Sunlight Dish Soap $2.49-50% -.50 coupon

6 x Febreeze Air Effects 50% off $3.89 each – Buy 3 save $4.00 x2

3 bottles of PC Dressing Asiago $2.49-50%

2x bread $1.79-50%

1x Jake’s Bake $1.50- 50%

1x PC thin buns $2.99-50%

Total $- 16.66

Used $ 11.00

We found out our favourite cashier is leaving SDM. We’ve been customers for 10 years so everyone knows us by name. This Shoppers has the best customer service and managers. They have always gone above and beyond for us! So good on you Shoppers!

Shoppers Drug Mart

$75 GC- + 750 bonus points

Spend $75 get 18,500 points worth $25

Total points gained : 20,500 bonus points

Total Spent OOP-$67.27

Coupons used: $16.99

4x bags of Milk- $4.29 each

2 bags of salt and vinegar peanuts- $2.49 each

1 bag Cheecha Krackles- Free

1 Saputo Cafe inspirations- $1.99-.75

4 boxes of Nutrigrain- $1.99 each- $5.00

1 container of sour cream- $1.99

1 bottle Vitamin c- $2.99

1 box Aerius - $10.99

1 Fructis Gel -$2.99

1 Fructis Shampoo- $2.99

1 Fructis Smoothing Cream- $2.99- $5.00 wub 3

2 Bottles of Vitamin D – 2/$6

1 Bar Nestle Intense Chocolate 70%- $2.99-$2.00 from Nestle

Walmart March 6

4x Cracker Barrell 300 g cheese bars $4.98- 4x FPC=FREE

8x Colgate Total Toothpaste $1.00-8x$1.50

1x Celery $0.97

1x 3lbs Carrots PM Food Basics $0.99

1x 3lbs Onions PM Food Basics $0.99

Total $31.91

After Coupons $+0.1

So there you have it! How well did you do this week?

Post your shop below and get a ballot in this months draw!


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