The Grocery Game Challenge-March 19-25 Week 4

In light of today being the first day of Spring that means fresh fruit,vegetables and meats will be in our meals more frequently in our home. We love fresh vegetables and fruits for lighter meals in the hot weather. So I thought some juicy red Canadian cherries to be proper as this weeks picture of choice!

Well as I mentioned to most of you we will be over budget this month in the grocery budget. I realize that budgets aren’t bullet proof and sometimes we will go over budget- we are human!

  •  We start this week at $244.75 that’s already $54.75 over our $190.00 budget this month.- See all updates at the end of post as this number has changed!

There are 2 reasons why we are going over budget

1- We are stockpiling items that are a great price

2- Shoppers Drug Mart 20x point event

I don’t know that every time there is a Shoppers Drug Mart event we take part in that we will go over budget but this time we have. We will see our grocery budget eventually go up starting in July as we host students from Europe for the summer.

We begin to stockpile items that we know they like to eat such as pancakes, syrup, nutella, bread, cheese, snacks, cheese etc.  With this we will also see higher utility bills mainly water and hydro. I will go into more detail on the hosting in a future post.

So for this week here is our Grocery Shop! I hope you post yours and continue to strive to beat your Budget! If you don’t at least have the money in a savings account to cover overage to eliminate putting the costs on credit.


12x Garnier Shampoo,conditioner, gel $23.64- $5.00wub3

10x Black Diamond Cheese Bars Pm Freshco $4.44-$0.75 (the expiry date on them is 2013 and the coupons expired March 31 so we stocked up)

3x Majesta Paper Towel Sale $2.99- $2.00 coupons

1x Covergirl eyeliner double pack and sharpener- $4.36- $4.00

1x Old El Paso Taco $4.17- FPC

1x Beef $4.20 – $4.00 off Beef wub Old El Paso Kit

1x Iceberg Lettuce PM No Frills Sale $0.88

7 x Maxwell House Instant Coffee $2.47 each! WOW.. we were going to get them at Zehrs on sale for $2.99 and PM at Wal-Mart but found them cheaper at Wal-Mart! These are regular price $5.99 up to $7.99 at Shoppers and other stores.

Total oop-$67.96

Coupons Used- $46.67

No Frills

1x Charmin Sale $4.88- $2.00

1x Resolve $1.88- $2.00 Coupon Zone Coupon =FREE

1x reduced no name tomatoes- $0.35

1x bottle of water reduced rack – $0.05

Total oop-$3.78

Coupons Used $4.00

Food Basics

1x cucumber = $0.77

1x Garlic Salt= $0.99

1x Onion Salt = $1.99 should have been $0.99 if I have time I will go back for a scanning code of practice. (I should have watched the cash register carefully but was in a rush)

1x Breakfast Sausage- $3.00- 30%

1x Sausage $3.56-30$

1x Sausage $3.58- 30%

1x Sausage- $ 3.58-30%

Total oop= $13.36

Total Cost of Shops oop $85.10 + previous weeks shops $244.75=$329.85 which puts us $139.85 over for the month of March! Keep in mind the SDM 20x points event where we made over $30.00 in points, and the sale items we purchased in bulk. If we hadn’t then we would be paying full price for coffee and cheese etc.

Update Again.. March 24 ..we shopped again 20x points and another day in the week so here we go… it’s going to be worth it though!

Starting $329.85+8.16+9.85+7.93+43.65= $390.93 ouch That’s $ 200.93 over budget… here’s the breakdown!

SMD 20x points Sat March 24

1x Sugar $2.49

1x Eggs $2.39

4x Nature Valley Bars $1.88 all with Juice FPC up to value of $3.49 each ($13.96)

2x Robax $9.99- $7 and $9 coupons

2x Peanuts Sale $2/$5.00 ( we use these for our salads and snacks)

3x cream Sale $1.99

Coupons Used $16.00

All items were sale items and recieved $13.96 in Free Product Coupons

11500 Optimum points earned that’s well over $10 for a regular redemption more on special redemption day

Total OOP- $43.65

Shoppers Drug Mart- Again… I know..

1x Eggs Sale $1.99

6x Cream Sale $0.99

Total Oop- $7.93


1x Mushrooms Reduced 50% =$1.85

1x Red onion- $1.66 It was a big one but the price still hurt

1x Green Peppers Reduced $2.56 bag of 6

1x Tomatos Reduced 8- $2.12

Total Oop $8.16

Reduced cost by $6.53

No Frills

4x Resolve $1.88- $2.00

4x PC Cola case of 12 -$1.88each

8 pkgs of reduced lean Halal Beef YIPPIE! $ $2.34,$2.34,$2.36, $2.32,$2.34,$2.35,$2.37,$2.36

1x 3lb carrots Sale $1.27

1x Celery Sale $0.97

1x Iceberg Lettuce Sale $0.88

We cashed in $20 in points so this order would have been $29.85

Total Oop- $9.85

Coupons/Reduced Stickers Used $16.05

Next week is a no week shop for us although we have so many FPC’s we need to use before March 31. I will post our FPC No week Shop next week! Stay Tuned!

Don’t forget to post your weekly grocery shop below to be entered in our monthly Grocery Game Challenge. You also have 3 other opportunities to post your previous shops for March below to be entered in the March contest.



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Paid by Cash In Canada- New Home,New Baby,New Garage Door Openers!

I’ve started a new Category devoted to my FANS who send me emails about how they paid cash for items they needed.

Our first story today was submitted by Amanda Kosher who  lives in Ontario. She tells us her story which is both inspirational and touching. Saving to pay for what you need in cash keeps you away from the dreaded evil credit monster.

Thanks Amanda for sharing your story with the Canadian Budget Binder community!



Here’s Amanda’s Story:

We sold our house in last year and purchased a bigger one in Ontario,Canada. The house we sold had all the bells and whistles. We lived there for more than 15 years so we had updated everything.

We built on a deck added garage door openers, put in a skylight, a hot tub, you name it, that house had it all. Our new house was a newer built 3500 sq ft estate home, which the original owners began to upgrade but ran out of money.  Although the home was new, big and beautiful, it had no deck, no garage door openers and no landscaping.

Our situation not being like it was 15 years earlier where we could just do what we wanted when we wanted (meaning we were childless), we now had 3 kids and one on the way, and with maternity leave around the corner, not a nickel to spare.

At work, sitting in the lunch room, one of my co-workers was explaining how the payroll clerk deposits her pay into 2 accounts, one for saving, one for bills.  I went to see her and said “I just happen to have an old account sitting dormant, could you take 10% of my pay every pay period and deposit it into that account?” She agreed and we started this in February 2011.

My goal was to have enough to buy and have installed 3 garage door openers by December, when our new baby would be born. I didn’t want to have to bring her out into the cold when we went on outings.

I went to Home Depot and priced the garage door openers. I was told it would be just over $1000 for 3  garage door openers installed, so that was my goal. I was able to save the $1000 by the end of October that same year.

I  went back to Home Depot, Paid CASH and had the garage door openers installed two weeks later as an early Christmas gift to my husband.

It felt so good to know there would be no credit card bill! Made the wait well worth it! Now, I’m saving again for a deck!


Amanda Kosher

If you would like to submit your story and potentially have it featured here at Canadian Budget Binder send us an email to

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