Freezer Inventory List- Why A List Is A Smart Savings Move

why a freezer inventory list will save you money



Yes, a freezer inventory list can save you money and we’ve proven that year after year in the CBB household. It doesn’t matter if you have a mini deep freezer or a full size deep freezer, if it’s frozen you need to know what you’ve got.

If you don’t know what you have inside your deep freezer I hope that by the end of reading this post you will be printing my free freezer inventory list for your home.The use of a freezer is a great tool to save money but it can also cost you money if you are having to throw food in the garbage.

  • Are you as good at taking food out of the freezer as you are at putting it in?
  • Do you buy something and later find you have 3 more near the bottom of the freezer?

You know you are nodding your head while reading this or at least saying, Yes! No we’re not having a “Freezer Wars” here but we are taking inventory of what we have in stock.

When you have leftover food and are looking for ways to store it for later use most people turn to the freezer. Freezer food is a great way to prep freezer meals for down the road, lunches or lazy nights when you don’t want to prepare a meal.

Making sure you come up with ways to  never waste food is important as so many people in this world wish they had a meal on the table. Some of us take food for granted not to mention the money it’s costing our wallets every time we have to shop at the grocery store.

I know we have looked at ways to make sure everything gets eaten before it turns to lost money in our budget. We don’t tend to stockpile food much any more because we simply can’t keep up with the expiry dates and end up wasting food.

Many Canadian Budget Binder fans were asking me to design a printable freezer inventory list so they knew exactly what was in their freezer. I thought it was a brilliant idea since 99% of the time we are moving bits around to see what we have. Most times we are shocked to see we purchased more of one item we did not need.


Freezer Inventory List


Freezer Inventory List 2013 preview photo

The photo above is a quick snapshot of the freezer inventory list that is yours today, free if you want it for your budget binder. It doesn’t have to be fancy with photos and colour just something to tell you the important information you need. You can easily hang or tape these sheets beside your freezer or keep them in a 3-ring binder for easy reference.

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Another aspect of freezing products to keep in mind is life expectancy of the product. When stockpiling items especially if you use coupons or get a great deal on reduced items (especially those pink 50% off stickers) you must be aware of the expiry date and how long a product can be frozen for. Keeping a clean freezer also helps to make sure you rotate your stock so you eat the food on time before it expires.


Moldy Butter


mouldy butter We all have food for the freezer that we bring home when we go grocery shopping. If you buy food in excess be aware of how you are storing it and for how long. You don’t want your butter to turn out like this do you?

How long does butter last?

Butter lasts for about 6-9 months in the refrigerator and if there is a “best by” date stamped on the package then it will last for at least a month beyond that date, that is if it has been stored properly.

The shelf life of butter is at least a month beyond the package printed date depending upon a variety of factors such as the production method, its Best By Date and how it is stored.

This is what they call moldy butter which happens from being in the deep freezer too long. If you are wondering how long you should keep items in the deep freezer check out this magnificent list detailing how stockpiled items and frozen items should last.


How to Freeze Food Properly


There are many methods for freezing food but finding out the methods that are correct for different types of food will help you stop wasting food that you don’t need to if you just prepare it and freeze it properly.

The best method is the coldest method, the faster the better. When big companies freeze their food it goes through a process called “Flash Freezing” the process of freezing very fast at a very cold temperature. (Crikey  if it wasn’t obvious enough BUT I thought I should explain it)

So enjoy your food, keep it fresh and healthy and you will eliminate waste and money in your grocery budget. There’s no sense stockpiling and using coupons if you are only going to let the product waste.

What are the best methods for freezing food? 

Tip: If you think you may have too much of a product or that you won’t use it all in the months before it expires you can donate it to your local food bank. As always check to see what they will and will not accept by kindly giving them a simple phone call. There’s no point packing up food and wasting your time and with the cost of gas bringing items to the food bank they won’t accept.

I’ve always been the type of person who enjoys keeping organized and lists are what keeps me on top of my game. I’ve complied many free lists for you to download to your computer and print. The freezer inventory list is an excel inventory template so you can customize each list as you see fit meaning you can add and take away what you don’t like. That’s the beauty of having the list already made for you in that you have control of the contents.

I hope you will take the time to get organized as well and see how easy a freezer inventory list actually is to use and put into place for your home. Saving money in the grocery budget is more than using coupons and getting deals it’s about how you are keeping the products you take home to your family.

Discussion: What other tips do you have to offer to the fans who want to keep organized in the freezer?

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  1. Christine Weadick says:

    I’ll have to get my older son to figure out how to download the freezer list as he is administrator on my laptop. Keeps me from screwing it up if I have to get him to do something for me like this. I am not computer literate by any means and I’m the first to admit it. That said I really need to clean out both big freezers!! I’m trying to remember where the hubby put the coolers he used for camping to put things in while I work on each freezer in turn. I love the idea of a list that is easy to use. I had one years ago but found it to be a pain to use… once I found it from where some one tossed it in with the newspapers.

    • Freezers… you sound like the relatives.. they have 3 lol… yes the coolers will come in handy, smart idea. We keep the list on a clip board but others tape it to the freezer or put it on a cork board. It’s so important to rotate stock and eat it before it goes off otherwise we aren’t saving money at all. Cheers, let me know how it goes. Mr.CBB

  2. Margarine… only two months?

    Yikes…… I better check on mine..

  3. that is one nasty piece of butter!!

    my freezer favorite is the giant bag of frozen chicken.. there are so many meals that you can make out of it.

    • Yes it’s just because it was kept in the freezer too long. It’s important to be mindful of dates so we don’t waste money. This is why we wanted to do this inventory along with my fans on Facebook who really wanted it. Cheers and thanks for the comment! Mr.CBB

  4. Shelley Chenier says:

    Wow!! This looks great!! Can really see your “Brit” side on some of the items…lol (ice lolly, crumpets)!!
    So I go to print it and realize I don’t have Excel (or word or any office), so I downloaded the free 60 day trial. Hopefully i get picked to do the budget testing and make me figure out how Excel works…lol!!
    I’m going to go get my messy copy of my freezer inventory now and put it into this very nice version!!

    • Excel can be tricky to learn, I took it in University when I studied computer engineering….but that was back quite a few years ago. I hope the sheets work out for you, I listened to everything you all had to say and put it on the computer. I printed it and will use it this weekend. Mr.CBB

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