1. Sounds just like my guy! When we started dating we were both learning about investments and life insurance while trying to get a life insurance license. I passed my test but he didn’t. He’s still huge on investments though. Wants us to grow our portfolios and have a nice nest egg so we can retire early. We don’t have tv, Internet, ( just what’s included with our cellphones) or waste out money on frivolous things. We both coupon, however he is more into finding tearpads where as I will be online ordering coupons and entering draws / contests. We both agree real estate is a great investment and are saving to get a property and rent it. I know men mature a bit later than women but for 21 years old I’d say he’s quite mature. I’ll be 23 soon and we are both on the same page with all our financial goals. We don’t have credit cards and make all our purchases in cash. We also do the jar system for our budget. There are some great ideas in this post! It definitely is sexy when a man is frugal and his life /goals/ finances in order. I hope more men will veer down this path, and start being more involved in their finances & future. There is so much that can be done 🙂

  2. Great post. A man who is frugal and careful with his money is such a turn on. I told my bf that is one of the reasons I am attracted to him. He is a do it yourselfer. He often shops at Value Village. He bought his car off of Craigslist. He is all about cheap n cheerful! 🙂

    I don’t think I could ever be with someone who wasn’t good with money. It would drive me nuts trying to control his spending.

    • Well that was a lovely comment to read, thank you. It’s nice to hear when women find frugal men sexy. I know many women who want men to shower them with expensive gifts but that’s not me.. and Mrs.CBB is happy with that. We both have the same goals in life when it comes to our finances and keeping up with the latest and greatest isn’t one of them. Thanks for dropping in and please share my page with your mates and join me on Facebook and Twitter! Cheers Mr.CBB

  3. bluecollarworkman says:

    Actually, my wife does most the budget/finance stuff for us. She’s SO GOOD at it! For me, I just do what she says. “Dont spend this week” or “Only shop at this store” or whatever. Can’t decide if that’s a woman’s dream or nightmare to have a husband like me, lol

    • Ha mate you sound just like us. What’s important here is that you are both working together. As long as you agree and are not resentful of the fact you are being told what you can spend then it’s not a bad thing. I also recommend knowing what she is doing when it comes to budgeting,paying the bills etc. If anything were ever to happen someone has to be able to jump in. It also helps if you participate or offer a helping hand so she doesn’t feel overwhelmed. Mrs.CBB and I both take turns with the budget and sit down once a week together to go over it. Cheers mate.. you got yourself a good woman! Mr.CBB

  4. I love this post. Yes, frugal men are sexy!!! My man is as cheap as they come and I love it. If more men helped lead their family in the path of frugalness (is that a word?) I think there would be much less arguing over money.

    • Haha frugalness….nice one! Glad you like it.. I hope your fans love it as I think more men should get involved with family finances and saving for the household etc. That’s great your man is frugal, did you teach him or did he come that way lol..

      • No, he came that we. I know people say opposites attract but it has been a real blessing in our marriage that we are completely on the same page when it concern finances and money. We have tried to instill those same traits in our girls.

        • Mrs. CBB and I were the same as well which has had a huge benefit for us and our finances. I couldn’t imagine being with someone who is opposite from my desire to be debt free and have enough for retirement whilst enjoying the present.

  5. Ah, so that’s what makes men more attractive to women? I must become more frugal.

    • Hi Geoff!
      I think it goes both ways. I prefer a woman who is smart with her money and not out racking up credit cards and lines of credit buying “stuff”. That’s more the message of the post. Being smart with your money and how it’s attractive to the opposite sex. Life isn’t getting any easier so the faster we get rid of our debt the better. Cheers Geoff for dropping in!!! Mr.CBB

  6. Frugality is always hot! I think women take the lead on finances nowadays because in general we’re always worrying about the future and security. Vast generalization, but I think we’re wired that way biologically. And in today’s society security equates to money.

    • You are right more women head the family finances but I think if more couples worked together it would make a world of difference. Lots of my fans tell me their spouse uses coupons now and always looking for a deal. I think women appreciate it when a man picks up on the worry about the future. It takes a weight off the woman’s shoulder and she finds that HOT! My wife loves it when she knows I’m always on the hunt for the best deal for our budget. I’m not complaining ;-). Thanks for your comment darlin! Mr.CBB

  7. shelley says:

    I don’t believe you cannot use a credit card. Credit cards are a good way to earn savings also. I have most of my bills paid directly by my Can Tire CC thus saving money on my husbands gas prices to drive to his job every day. As long as you pay it off in full every month, no foul….all gain.

    • We use credit cards for almost anything.. but we pay it in full. IF one is in debt, then they should refrain from using credit cards. This is the point where I would say, put them away now… time to fix the damage. So yes we have choices and decisions when it comes to using credit. We use our points for groceries, gas and products at Canadian Tire… and rather enjoy these perks. Cheers Shelley.

  8. Jessica Hart says:

    Frugal Men are definetly sexy. My husband used to be a huge spender but is slowly but surely getting the hang of saving! And now whenever he comes home from groceries and tells me how much he saved I want to take him right there in the kitchen! lol 😛

    • Hi Jessica,
      I’m hearing most wives say their men have changed or are changing now understanding how to save money. Do you think its a process where the wife is teaching the man or encouraging him or simply the man saying, “show me”. Mr.CBB

  9. Denise Eshom says:

    Yes it’s sexy for a man to be Frugal 🙂 I also love that my husband, who works so hard for our family is very supportive of me being frugal in our lives!

    • Hi Denise! How would you define FRUGAL? That’s great that you look at money that way. Sometimes when you think about how long it will take you at work to make the money to pay for something you may delay that gratification until a sale comes around or better yet, save the money until you have the cash. Cheers Mr.CBB

  10. Barb Foster says:

    Well as someone returning to the dating scene after discovering the value and worth in being frugal, I don’t think I could be in a relationship long term with someone who doesn’t share my new found frugalness LOL As it is, I dated one guy who appreciated my couponing, but his attitude was “I like how you get it for free, but I don’t need to be there while you are getting it.” Well my feeling was if you can’t support the work, then why should you reap from the rewards. So yes, frugal men are sexy! and with your tips, I hope to find myself a good one 😉

    • I’m amazed at the amount of people that have come forward to say YES a Frugal man is sexy. So far only 1 person has said I’m thrilled to hear people are thinking about their finances and understand saving money is not “cheap” it’s smart as long as you balance it with savings and fun! Do you think this time around you will look for signs or simply come straight out and say, this is what I like to do, what do you think?

  11. Noel Winters says:

    I love this and would love to be able to find a man who could fit this description or similar!

    • Hi Noel, I’m glad you liked the post… and you never know .. there’s someone for everyone out there as long as you know what you are looking for. Would you say that you are this type of women though? Mr.CBB

  12. I would be lying if I didn’t think frugal men were hot! I love men that know what their goals are and go for it…but are also financially savvy about it. There are a ton of guys that have personal finance blogs and I think it’s the hottest thing ever because it shows they are intelligent enough to pay attention to their finances… so wouldn’t this mean they’d show that same attention to their woman?

    Great post CBB!

    I’d have to add… he calculates just how much is needed in the future, and tries to achieve that goal for the both of you… he does different scenarios on mortgage calculators with you, he lets you have financial meetings with him.. yup I am talking about my BF lol.

    • Hey…
      Thanks I’m glad you liked the post… so far only 1 person has come forward to say no on my Facebook page…. Interesting because sometimes people see the word FRUGAL as CHEAP but it’s not at all it’s being smart with your money so you can live a comfortable life. I think what you added is appropriate and I agree. Thanks for your comment! Mr.CBB

  13. loved the post!! since ive started couponing the hubby has been getting better. he even came home with a receipt telling me to look how much he saved, i wanted to laugh so hard cause it seemed so odd for him (he was the big spender in our marriage and it drives me nuts) but he was just so proud!! hes really starting to make such a huge improvement! 🙂 defintely find guys that want to save and spend wisely sexy 🙂

    • Hi Carla,
      That’s great news. So many Canadians are falling prey to spending more than they earn and not saving enough money for emergencies and retirement. Frugal means money savvy to me and I think watching where you money is being spent is important. It doesn’t matter how much money one has, this is not the point, the point is are people being frugal with their money or running out and impulse spending on whatever they want or need. Sometimes it’s ok to wash a car at home instead of paying near $10 at the petrol station, or not have a cell phone….etc… Cheers Carla, thanks for sharing! Mr.CBB

  14. 🙂 a pic!!!!!!! ok now that I’m breathing again, here is what I think! Although my husband does not to a lot of what’s on that list, he does do a few things! I love it when he finds a good deal, uses coupons, finds coupons but most of all…..saves us money and never carries a balance! A man who can cook, clean, work out, has some muscles, budgets, cares about where he spends, coupons etc. is a very SEXY man!!!!! Oh yeah….and uses power tools! Gee……Does that man really exist?!?!?!

    • Oh Zayba you are so funny!!! Glad you liked the post. Yes a frugal man that is smart with his money is what it is all about. I’m happy to hear your husband is on board with you and helps you with coupons and uses them himself. Of course that man exists..where he’s at… well that’s up to the ladies…. Cheers Mr.CBB

  15. Joanna Cheevers says:

    I see you started out distinguishing the difference between being frugal and being cheap. Someone who is cheap is not sexy, quite the opposite, but a man that can be frugal is. Finding someone who is debt free and works hard at saving and investing is quite attractive! Now if only I could find me one LOL!

  16. lol…My hubby started doing some of this stuff AFTER we met! lol He was $50,000 in debt and I still married him! I find a man that can fix stuff and do stuff around the house sexy lol. If I’m ever looking for another husband I’ll walk around the grocery store looking for all the signs you pointed out! lol

    • Ha Jen, you must be a comic in real life.. you always make me smile….not everyone thinks about money before they marry.. it’s not until they get married, get a house.. or simply get a house.. that the money is potentially the issue… I think that’s why we see more and more people especially younger ones wanting to learn about finances…. I’m happy about that. Mr.CBB

  17. I like to consider myself a smart shopper and consumer. There is real satisfaction in getting a great deal. I am frustrated by people who ,to me,waste their money,have no financial goals and do not plan ahead. My sweetie is a spender and has no problem carrying around $500.00 cash,just in case he sees something he wants. Would i find it sexy if he were to take better care of his finances?…you bet!!! We plan for a life together but until his debts and spending habits change we will remain in our own homes. I am debt free and he has a substancial amount in debt. I will not share the same home with him and take on his debt and the frustrations! He makes 1 1/2 times MORE than me each month and cannot manage his day to day living. I must admit he has made some progress in paying down his debt but in the mean time has spent about $15.000.00 on items he has wanted over the last year for his pleasure. So to me he is no farther ahead,even though he paid cash for the items he wanted for his own pleasure. I do find him sexy,frugal or not. But I am thinking I may just find him more sexy if he were to take better charge of his finances. i wouldn’t love him more I think I would just be super proud and more at ease with him.

    • Thanks for your comment Susan,
      You are not alone, more and more people are taking a step back especially one’s that are debt free like yourself. Sounds to me like your sexy man simply needs to get a grip on his finances and he will score points on the HOTNESS meter in your books….Have you every suggested a budget or said anything to him or do you even talk money?

  18. Thanks for sharing. Frugal men are definitely attractive. 🙂

  19. ~He has a personal finance blog and writes about budgets and stuff.

  20. Wendy LeDrew says:

    lol love this post!!

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