1. Looks like you did well for August, especially since you had two extra house guests which does not help the bills.

  2. I’m impressed how detailed you are with your numbers! I think I got a little lazy/overwhelmed this month with tracking everything. I guess we all slip up from time to time.

    • Yes we have gotten better at it over the year. I just finished our spreadsheet and should have it out by October for anyone who is interested in seeing what we use to budget. We all slip up, but we learn from those mistakes! Cheers Mr.CBB

  3. Canadian Performer's Money says:

    Great to hear things are on track. I am devastated that you spent nothing on coffee. No coffee!!!??

    I was feeling pretty good about my debt repayment in August until I found out about an HST bill I knew nothing about. I called CCRA and they had my old address and old accountants address and said they have been mailing me stuff.
    This sets my goals back about 3 weeks, but I am determined to be debt free soon!

    • I know but that’s because I replaced it with BEER the last couple months so I have to play catch up lol. That sucks about the HST.. don’t you just love that. What is your goal for debt freedom?

      • Canadian Performer's Money says:

        The lesson for me is that it is up to me to keep on top of my taxes even though I have an accountant.
        My work was slow during the first part of this year and I accumulated some debt. My goal by the end of Sep. to be 100% debt free. The only debt I will have left will be my car loan which is less than the car is worth and low interest.
        Then in from Oct. on every pay check I get will be split 50% going into savings and 50% being invested in dividend paying stocks building passive income. 🙂

        • That will be an awesome feeling mate! Now do you own a home or do you rent? If you rent is that what you see yourself doing for the rest of your life? I have a mate who is not married, in his late 40’s and rents but invests in stocks and has plenty of money. He has no motivation to ever own. If you do own how long did it take you to pay off your mortgage. If I’m too nosey just tell me lol. I just like to learn how others save their money. Cheers Mr.CBB

          • Canadian Performer's Money says:

            Real estate in Vancouver is extremely overpriced. Buying a nice house is out of the question, and I am not going to pay $300-$400k for a 1 bedroom condo.
            I am not against investing in real estate, but I would do it by buying real estate investment trusts, or rental property in another city.

            I have managed to rent below market cost for the past many years. It keeps me pretty agile when it comes to saving and investing.

            If real estate ever goes on sale at a bargain prices I might think about it then.

          • NO doubt that’s a bit pricey. I don’t know how people make it out your way. Some of those prices scare me but no different than here in Toronto to be honest. Pricing on houses is way out of reach for most people and it’s only getting worse. I don’t know how the younger generation are going to do it. What is a 3 bed home with double garage going for in your area? Newer model. Cheers Mr.CBB

          • Canadian Performer's Money says:

            Here is a 3 bedroom house for sale across the street from me.


          • That’s insane, really and people who are selling them are laughing all the way to the bank if they bought it low and are getting the hell out of Vancouver. Crazy… what keeps people in Vancouver and Toronto, the big city life, the opportunities? What keeps you there just your work? Or do you have family there as well? Just curious why people live in such overpriced places. IMO.

          • Canadian Performer's Money says:

            They are re-developing the main road going out towards where I live. The developers started knocking on doors offering people $3 million each so they could buy 3 houses in a row to build condos.

            Vancouver is an amazingly beautiful city. The movie stars I work with are blown away when they come here for the first time. You can go skiing in Whistler and then an hour later be having a beer on a sunny patio on the beach watching the float planes land.

            I grew up on the West Coast and don’t think I could live anywhere that I don’t see the ocean every day.

          • Never been out your way but would love to some time. Where would you suggest the first place to go is?

  4. Our goal is to continue living as if we still had only my husband’s pension, while splitting my salary between debt repayment and savings. After so many months of doing without due to my illness and then doing without in order to catch up, it can be tough to resist the temptation to splash out a bit. I’m actually quite proud of our willpower. Our budget continues to be very tight but we stayed pretty much on track this month.

    We had a much larger grocery bill in August than we usually do, and will in September too because it’s canning season, but I have a separate planned spending account for our annual food preserving expenses. We put a little aside monthly throughout the rest of the year specifically to cover this cost.

    We had some unexpected changes in the cost of our medications that’ll have to be factored in to our ongoing expenses from now on, but we were able to cope with them by foregoing some other planned expenditures.

    • Good for you Beth. You both seem to know where you are going and have goals you are ready to achieve. Sometimes we have to give a little to get alot. I read this post today that said PF bloggers are always broke. It’s true because our money is tied up and budgeted. SO when I tell my mates I have 15.00 for an allowance they laugh, but that’s what I get. Cheers and thanks for sharing. Mr.CBB

  5. Mary F Campbell says:

    Just finished balancing August and opening September…other than a roughly $45 overage on groceries, we are right on track but I’ll adjust our September groceries to bring us back in line.

    We have to be on track though because coming very shortly. We’ve got 2 vacations (Bellevue & Palm Desert), our house insurance, travel medical insurance, about $9,000 for RRSP contributions and $6,200 US for SPG points special purchase (1/4 the normal cost if we exercise before Dec 1st) due in Mid-October to Mid-November. I need 2 more months of savings & it’ll all come together smooth as silk.

    Fortunately, that will only leave our Portland Christmas vacation and the last $4,500 RRSP contributions to max us both out for 2012 that I have to get done before the year end. Gotta make the pennies squeak to get all that accomplished!

    • You are so organized Mary, I like that about you. Sounds like everything is coming together for you both. I hear you on the overage. We try to make up for it the next month but maybe that’s something we can work extra hard on especially in the misc category. Good tip. Thanks Mary for the update… it will all be worth it when you are enjoying those holidays! Cheers Mr.CBB

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