Mr. CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks Sept 14,2012

Mr.CBB’s Week in Review

Wow, did I read alot of blog posts this week in my spare time. (Ya, spare time) This week has been super busy for me training at work with new equipment and programs. I’m sure I will be doing this the rest of my life and I should for my line of work. Sometimes I wonder if people get too comfy in their jobs and no longer want to upgrade or keep above or at equal playing fields with those coming out of University and College or other colleagues.

Many believe these young kids are going to come in and swoop positions in the company right from under the noses of those that have been with an organization many years. So for those that believe that education ends when you get your diploma you must ask yourself  “Will I evolve with the world” or “Will the world evolve around me”. You can be a specialist one day but if you don’t keep up with the “new” you may find that the “old” just doesn’t work any more. If you are out of work, laid off or terminated and you don’t have the upgraded skills you may be at a loss to get back into your field without upgrading. No one is secure in any line of work even with a union on your side doors can close just as fast as they open at any time… are you ready?

So I ask you, what have you done to keep your skills up to date with those coming out of University and College?

What’s Been Happening at Canadian Budget Binder

What a week it’s been on the Canadian Budget Binder home front. We had my guest post  “Goodbye To Cigarettes and Hello To Life” at Finance Fox published. I hope the post will help others who are struggling to make the decision to quit a reality.

I was also thrilled to learn that Kim at Eyes on The Dollar who live in the USA had played my Grocery Game Challenge. You don’t have to live in Canada to play because the goal is to be mindful of your budget and to post it to keep it under control. You would be amazed what it will do for your budget and a financial budget works just the same. Holding yourself accountable for your variable expenses is so important to the success of any budget. So a big thanks to Kim for stepping up and posting her shops. We look forward to watching your budget hit the target for you and the family. Here is her story… “How The Grocery Game Saved Our Budget”.

Here is Canadian Budget Binder’s Weekly Post Recap

Mr. CBB Top Blog Post Picks of  the Week And Those That Shared Us! (If I miss You..please let me know as I don’t always know who links up to Canadian Budget Binder)

Since I post this post every Friday I can only link what’s been already gone live. My goal is to try and hook up with 3 new bloggers per week as I really want to spread my wings. There are so many amazing blogs around and I want them to know Mr.CBB>>> LOOK OUT!

Twitter Personal Finance Peeps to Check Out!

 These are the Blogs and Websites that took the time to Mention,Tweet or Re-Tweet posts this week for Canadian Budget Binder. This is my way of saying thank-you and giving back by sharing your page or name with my fans. Check them out and give them a Follow. If I missed you just let me know and I’ll bump you to the top of the list next week!!

What People Searched to Find Canadian Budget Binder on the Web

I’m continuing with the search terms of the week as I think it adds some spice to Mr. CBB’s Blog picks and hey who doesn’t like a laugh. Sometimes I just can’t help but laugh so I thought I would share the best to date with all of you!

How we found Mr.CBB>>>>>>

  • What Do Sausages Look Like When They Are Cooked- If you have to ask then I’d be scared to eat at your house.
  • How Big is a $5 Brownie– This is my personal fav for the week, hilarious and I’m going to plug my recipe while I’m at it!
  • How Much Do you Spend On Coffee? – How about just figure out how much you can afford rather than what everyone else is doing.
  • Cbb is hot- Of course this could mean anything… 😉
  • %- haha.. well good to know the percent sign is leading the way
  • Un jour tu comprendras un jour tu t’en voudras-? Parler vous francais because I don’t
  • People who act like they own you because of money- Why are you looking for one for sale? or are you looking at advice.. it’s easy..Who cares, they are not your friends if they act that way.
  • My neighbours pay me- For what, that’s what I want to know?
  • Buy or Rent After Divorce- Neither, stay single! 😉
  • What you won’t do another man will- Someone’s up the crick without a paddle lol..
  • CBB Top Picks- Ya… keep on searching and I’m getting alot of people searching for the blog by name (happy dance)
  • I always seem to have defective products- I don’t know about you but that almost seems as if the person is having a conversation with the computer…
  • Ways to cut watermelon- A knife is a good starting point

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  1. Thanks for the mention Mr. CBB! We’re back from vacay, so you’ll see a bunch more of us again;)

  2. Wow…..I wish I could read that many posts!!!!! So much good stuff out there in the blogging world!!! THanks again for the shoutout!!! I definitely need to step up my game as far as keeping up-to-date on the newest medical technology and science. It’s very important to stay on-top of the new information in the medical field.

    • Yes I read when I have breaks in between sessions at work and well at home I don’t know how I do it, but I do it. I’m not one to relax or watch tv.. I’m always on the go. I’ll never stop training 1- because I have to keep up with new information and technology and 2- I want to be the best I can be! Thanks for checking in!! Mr.CBB

  3. Canadian Performer's Money says:

    Thanks for the link CBB!

    I talk to my actor friends all the time and ask them what they would do if the film industry in Vancouver stopped because of our higher dollar (it was $0.60 when they built the first studio in Vancouver and it’s now $1.03) or if they get injured and can’t work.

    Most people just act like that can never happen and don’t set aside any savings.

  4. I don’t do a ton to keep my skills up to date but when I see a professional development seminar pop up that I’m interested in I apply to go to it (we have to go through a process in order to be approved to go to a PD seminar).
    I’m glad that your GGC helps out other people besides me 🙂
    Boy, people search some interesting things…especially your stalker lol 😉

    • Ya, my stalker…can’t help it if your Hot you’re Hot haha! I was thrilled Jen to hear that and to be honest I’m also thrilled to see so many people jump on board with the grocery game. I think the more we spread the word the bigger it will grow. Keep on saving mate!!! Cheers Mr.CBB

  5. Okay….so my French is SUPER rusty…but I’m pretty sure it says, “One day you will understand, one day you will want to.” The translation doesn’t make a whole lot more sense than the original lol. Thanks so so much for the mentions! Hope you have an absolutely great weekend!

  6. Thanks for the mention Mr. CBB ! 🙂 And that’s great you are constantly improving your skills, because you’re right eventually recent graduates will be learning this stuff in school and if we don’t bother to learn we’ll be left in the dust.

    • Yes that is what I mean because we sometimes hear of older folks who have no intentions of learning about the computer because they simply don’t care to learn. The lesson is that if we don’t care about upgrading as society evolves where will we be when they are handing out the pink slips…. right at the top! Training and keeping the mind flowing is very important. Cheers Mr.CBB

  7. Thanks for the metion. I really enjoyed your guest post and search terms. How else woud you cut a watermelon? Goin’ to pick apples. Have a good weekend!

  8. Wow, you’re busy busy this week! Nice work on the guest post, I found it very compelling.

    Thanks for the links, and hope your weekend is smashing! (do people still say that?)

  9. Thanks for the mention! I appreciate it.

  10. Thanks for the mention Mr CBB. I can definitely relate to your work situation where constant education and training is required. The only different with my career field is that the education is all up to you and you have to decide which areas are important.

  11. Thanks for the mention! I love the web search results! 🙂

    Have a good weekend.

  12. No problem mate, It was a great post! Have a good weekend!

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