1. Good find with the mower. We also found one last month in the shed at our rental house. Almost new. We were excited. We also got a lawn cart that attaches to a riding mower from our neighbor. He had two and didn’t need both. I also got some almost new bath rugs and nice clothes for my daughter at the humane society yard sale. Benefit of volunteering is that you get first dibs on the stuff and some people give away great stuff!

  2. Nice find on the lawmower! I wish I was so handy 🙂 I wouldn’t have any idea where to start. ALso $2000 on the emergency fund, that’s great. What’s the goal?

    • We currently have over $150k in our Emergency Fund and our TFSA holds money.. Once we use our Eergency Savings to pay off the mortgage we just want to keep a few thousand in an Emergency Fund so we don’t have to use our TFSA in case their were an emergency.

  3. Hmmm we are closing on a house ONE WEEK from today and we definitely need a lawn mower by next spring. Hopefully we can find one like you did!

  4. John S @ Frugal Rules says:

    Great find on the lawn mower! Our budget was quite well last month. We picked up a couple of new clients who’ve kept the wife and I very busy. Running our own business, being busy is a great problem to have.

    • Ha.. ya I bet it is. What type of business do you run or are you talking about your blog?

      • John S @ Frugal Rules says:

        We run a small advertising/marketing company. We write advertising/promotinal/website material for companies. We also help with messaging and formulating a marketing strategy.
        I’ve not starting talking about it on the blog yet. I am wrapping my mind around how I want to write about it as it will probably provide for some good posts.

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