Canadian Budget Binder- The Saturday Weekend Review #1

Mr.CBB’s  Saturday Weekend Review

Well, if you don’t already know I’ve participated this week in the B.C Welfare Food Challenge. This week has certainly been an eye opener for Mrs.CBB and I and I will have a final report about how this week went for us next week. I’ve just started to post some photos of the food I created from my $26 grocery budget for 1 on my Facebook page in the photos album so check them out.

I’ve also finished putting up the Christmas lights however I’m still stuck trying to find one small string to finish it off. I might as well say stuff it for this year as I don’t fancy spending more money on an additional 8ft of lights than I did on the other boxes I bought end of season.

We purchased our pumpkin for Halloween and it’s a small one but it’s just perfect. I’ll be the one in charge of the carving but I’m not one of those fancy carvers I just give it the ol’ 1,2,3 and stick a candle inside. I’ll post a picture after I have a stab at it and show you the results next week!

What do you do with your Halloween Pumpkin Design?

I’ve also started the raking the leaves process in our yard. Yes that’s my leg you see in this picture. I know I’m giving you one body part at a time but that will have to do. It’s the slow, sexy reveal, one body part at time or we can simply revert back to the watering can for all of you that remember that photo.

There is a method to my madness though don’t you worry. Next week I have a post for all of you about what I do with my leaves and why. I don’t put them to the curb, never have and never will. Don’t miss that post.

That’s about all that I did around the home front this week as I’ve been busy at work but I’m not complaining.  Who needs sleep anyways, right?

What’s Been Happening at Canadian Budget Binder

Another awesome announcement is that my mate Steve Zussino over at Grocery Alerts has put out a FREE E-Book written by Lina his wife and himself. It’s a book that has listed the Top 100 Websites for Saving Money In Canada with Canadian Budget Binder topping the charts at #87.

Steve goes on to say in an email to me….

We included websites that give advice on investing, mortgage rates, insurance quotes, coupons, mobile deal websites, financial gurus, frugal living, retirement pros, consumer news, financial media, and personal blogs.

A big Thanks to Lina and Steve for including Canadian Budget Binder. Please click the link and download this Free E-book today!! It has all the great Canadian sites packed into one neat spot.

The blog has gotten so busy lately I’m hoping soon I can find a volunteer to help me out. Any takers? I’ve also opened the flood gates for “guest posts” so send me an email if you have something you want to share with my fans.

Canadian Budget Binder’s Weekly Post Recap

This is a NEW Feature where I will share your website so my fans can check you out if you send me the most traffic for the week! The Top Site To Drive Traffic To Canadian Budget Binder for this week goes to…… CLUB THRIFTY! Club Thrifty says “Stop Spending and Start Living“. Check them out!

Blogs From Around The Web That Shared Us With Their Fans!

Thank-You for taking the time to link up to CBB!

(If I miss You..please let me know and I will include your post next week)

What People Searched to Find Canadian Budget Binder on the Web

Search terms of the week are really a hoot! Here are a few of them for your viewing pleasure.  What are you saying about them? Any typos below are simply the person who searched who made the error or me 😉

Top 10 How we found Mr.CBB>>>>>>

My Top Pick- Tater Balls Recipe From Scratch- Something about balls and scratching in the same sentence sound wrong for a recipe.

  • Women wasting time at work- Someone doesn’t sound so happy.
  • Immigrant Eating Money- I don’t reckon money is a food group. Yes waiter I’d like the steak done medium rare and a side of  10 $100 bills with extra gravy in a small bowl please.. hahahaha
  • If you love me, prove it- Oh brother!
  • I’m thinking outside the box- Well good for you mate!!
  • How much do I feed my baby love bird? Ok.. all I can think of here is our love fern chat we had that might have brought this person to the blog.
  • Tim Horton’s Is a multitasking, you need to know everything in the store- I’m going to agree it’s fast food so you better be ready to rock and roll.
  • One day you will find me and I will follow you and us- say that 10 times!
  • It cost Neil $2.88 to make the muffins, he sold the muffins- They forgot to type.. How much did Neil Make?
  • Bag of Drinking Cans- hope they enjoyed my bag full of beer cans photo
  • Binder Sex- I don’t want to know!
  • Ontario Tricks about Maternity leave- What exactly do you plan to do? Is there a trick to maternity leave?
  • Men Sexy- lots of sex (y) going on…
  • Cooking with Mr.CBB- Hahaha ok this should have made my top pick but I thought I would take myself out of the spotlight this week.

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve come up with a way to puree the leaves into some sort of soup or stew to further lower your grocery budget! Have a great weekend, Mr. CBB.

  2. I love reading your search terms for the week, they always give me a good chuckle.

  3. Congrats on the E-book mention! Downloading now 🙂 You, Mr CBB, need to get on the self hosting ASAP! I won’t be carving a pumpkin, a job I’ve never enjoyed. I’m the grinch of Halloween, which is sort of funny because I adore candy. Hubby will do a pumpkin and usually carves something pretty neat but until I have to pretend to enjoy it, when baby girl gets older, I will continue to put as little effort as I need into Halloween.

  4. Some of those searches are PRICELESS! LOL:)

  5. John S @ Frugal Rules says:

    You’re search terms always crack me up! I just don’t know what to say about some of them. 😉 Do you have many leaves to rake up? Thankfully we do not have a whole lot, which is nice. I’ll have my post over to you this week Mr. CBB. Awesome jon on being included in the E-book! Have a great rest of the weekend!

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