Mr.CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks Nov 16,2012

Mr.CBB's Weekly Blog Post Picks

This week has flown by and since I was on vacation for a few days I was able to get out and source out a new kitchen. This past week we made a trip to IKEA to pick out the kitchen we wanted as well as all the extras. We’ve went to all the big box stores and really you will get the same thing just for a higher price. In my house in England I installed an IKEA kitchen and loved it. I did all the work myself which was pretty easy to me and when it came time to sell the buyer fell in love with it. We’re looking forward to the renovations but not as much as we are looking forward to paying the mortgage off in full!

Have you renovated and put in a new kitchen? How much did you spend and what did you put in?

Santa Strawberries

In no particular order, sit back, go ahead grab a hot beverage some Stuffed Santa Strawberries then enjoy these good weekend reads.

Note: Next Week I will rename it the Mr.CBB’s Top 20 Blog Post Picks so I can control the length of this list. I know some of you might not care but for those that do thanks for your continued support! Mr.CBB

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  1. I’m planning a kitchen remodel and have looked at IKEA for the cabinets. I’ve done quite a bit of tile work in my last home including a backsplash in the kitchen so I’d like to take care of that myself! Thanks for the mention CBB!

  2. My wife and I visited IKEA when we traveled to Minneapolis a few months ago and I LOVED IT! They’re building one here in Kansas City in 2014 and I’m eagerly anticipating it’s arrival. If I do any renovating to our next house, I’m nearly certain we’ll be buying it from there!

  3. Hey thanks for the mention!

  4. Country Girl says:

    Thank ye kindly for the link love. My house came with a newly renovated kitchen when I bought it – new cupboards, backsplash and cupboards. So hoepfully no kitchen renos for me anytime soon.

  5. Those strawberries are freaking adorable! Thank you for the mention!

  6. This is the most epic reading list ever. Those Santa strawberries are too adorable. Have a wondrous weekend, Mr. and Mrs. CBB.

  7. I love IKEA. The closest one is 8 hours away, and it wasn’t there when we built our house, but I love all the modern designs. I could spend a day there, just looking. Thanks for the mention.

  8. Christine Weadick says:

    Nice list of blogs, I checked out a few and pointed out the one on blogs to my younger son as he is interested in that. He was impressed. We did our kitchen a number of years ago, can’t remember how much now but I remember dropping $1100.00 in one trip to Home Depot. It wasn’t Ikea but it was flat pack. Went with oak, the doors are wood not particle board. I’m on the same side as Mrs CBB….not a fan of the creepy crawlys, unfortunately we get them in this house…. the boys look after them for me. So long as the mice stay downstairs in the basement it’s OK, come upstairs and they are fair game for Stuart. If he can figure out what to do. We had a mouse in the kitchen about a year ago and Fatty sat on the mouse!!!! Still haven’t figured out what was funnier….. the sight of that mouse disappearing under a fat furry white butt or the look on Stuart’s face when it started to wiggle!!! We finally caught it and put it outside… away from the house….

  9. Thanks for including my post in your list Mr.CBB. IKEA is great, but I often start to feel a little claustrophobic whenever I get in there with so many people squished into those narrow walk ways 🙁

  10. Good links as always, Mr CBB. The flow chart cracked me up! Thanks for including my post in the list. I appreciate it.

  11. Mary F Campbell says:

    Mrs CBB and I would get along famously! Last night Larry very quietly got a spider off the ceiling over top of me before I had a wee melt down. LOL 😀

    • Ya, she’s not big into anything that crawls, she calls me over and over until I get BUT best of it is, I’m not allowed to kill it because it might have a family somewhere lol, don’t get me started with her and these little creatures lol.. She’s so sensitive.

  12. Love how easy Ikea stuff is to put together! Thanks so much for the mention, friend!

  13. John S @ Frugal Rules says:

    Thanks for the mention Mr. CBB! Would you believe that I’ve never stepped foot in an Ikea? The closest one is in Minneapolis which is five hours away. I hear they’re building one in Kansas City, which is three hours away so I might get to it then. Have a great weekend!

  14. Those Santa strawberries are so cute. How’d they make the eyes? lol. I enjoy going to Ikea and eating their very reasonably priced food. Then take a walk around their well designed show rooms. Pretty good place to go on a date actually. Confession: I only watched through that entire Acer laptop commercial because Megan Fox was in it :0) Thanks for the mention.

    • I thought so. I’m not sure what they used to make the eyes but you could get tiny black buckshot candies at the bulk store I presume. Anything candy that’s black or whatever color you want blue, brown or green should do. Ikea kitchens are awesome, I’ve had one and loved it! Cheers and thanks for dropping in .Mr.CBB

  15. I too remodeled my kitchen, but I purchased a “like new” cabinet at a store that recycles construction materials, and paid only about 10% of what I would have for a newer one.

    Thanks for the mention.

  16. Thanks fot the mention mate! Friday once again eh, have a great weekend everyone.

  17. I love Ikea! I had one near my work and used to spend hours dreaming about my dream house. Their kitchens are so practical, even for small spaces. I thought about renovating mine here, but we are thinking about doing another room first (sealed, scorpion and cockroaches free kind of room) so the kitchen will have to wait. Thanks for the mention!

    • Ya, sounds like a plan to me.. no creatures is a good thing! I know my wife is petrified of anything that crawls and some of my relatives are down under and she wants to go but is not too keen about spiders (big ONES) on the ceilings lol.. Cheers Pauline.. ya IKEA is great and practical… Mr.CBB

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