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Feels like December is half way gone and Christmas is sitting in our lap. It must be that the days are getting shorter and it’s dark by 4:30 pm which really doesn’t leave much to a fun-filled day. Moving along…. What’s happened this week.. wow..Kate Middleton and Prince William have announced a baby on the way so that should shake things up for the next little while in the UK and around the world. On the home front the snow we did have on the ground is now gone so we await the big blast of Winter that we know we WILL get. Now that I’m gearing up for the holidays I’m apparently in charge of making Christmas Day Breakfast. So far I know I’ll be making an egg bake which is loaded and layered with ham, veg and Saputo Mozzarella (at least it has flavour unlike many others I’ve tried here). I’m also on the hunt for the best pancake recipes out there so I can surprise the family with my Canadian flare in the kitchen. Who knows maybe I’ll try and wing it like all my other recipes as it doesn’t seem like a hard task.

This week has been busy but I did manage to squeeze in oh, about 100 or so blog posts that I read. I’m actually finding that reaching out to new Bloggers has aided me in seeing the value in assisting others like some have helped me. I hope you enjoy the new personal finance blogs I bring to you each week as that will be a goal of mine for next year.  It’s important for me to spread my wings and see what the world of personal finance has to offer around the web. Don’t worry I’m not ditching all my personal finance mates I’m just looking to add to my friends list because I’m that type of guy, a friendly guy who loves to mingle.

If you haven’t heard, which I hope you have from reading my blog posts.. Canadian Budget Binder is undergoing a face lift for the New Year…. it’s going to be amazing, I can’t wait! I’ll keep you all in the loop!

On that note.. time to get me a $7.00 Starbucks Coffee…. no, simply crazy but not surprising! Cuppa Coffee at home… pennies.

Mr.CBB's Holiday Snowballs On A Tray

Mr.CBB’s Holiday Snowballs On A Tray

Mr.CBB’s Top Blog Post Picks of the Week

In no particular order, sit back, go ahead grab a cuppa tea and one of those delicious looking Holiday Snowballs.  This is a list of some of the posts that I read this week and hope you enjoy. Thanks to all of you for sharing my page with your fans and taking the time out to drop in and comment on my posts.

Recipes of the Week:

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  1. I hope the facelift doesn’t leave any scars and be sure to avoid botox (I hear that stuff is bad for you)! LOL. JK of course. I’m getting a facelift does as well and I’m impatiently awaiting the results!

    • That’s great news!! My FB fans are excited as well as that’s where I get all of my feedback as opposed to other social media. I’m doing it for them so they can have a better experience while they are here. Are you an active FB page owner? Meaning do you talk to your fans or do you just post blog posts and leave your page?

  2. Justin @ The Family Finances says:

    Thanks for the inclusion; it’s appreciated. I love the pictures of the Christmas sweets. Yummy! My wife will be making a bunch within the next week or so. Have a good week!

  3. Reaching out to new bloggers is very important. If you can help a new blogger succeed, you not only get the satisfaction of helping them out, but often they remember what you did for them. I can’t wait to see the new site Mr. CBB, good luck with the move.

    • Thanks.. yes I try to give back because someone did that for me when I was new. Sometimes when sites get big they only roll with the big guys… not this bloke.. everyone deserves a fair share! Cheers mate.

  4. Thanks for the include Mr CBB! Heard it’s getting mighty cold in Canada now, have a great weekend mate!

  5. Thanks for adding me this week Mr. CBB! I still haven’t received my shipment of your holiday snowballs. You can send the tray too!

  6. Ah Ha! I was ready for you and your tantalizing pictures this time!! I had a cookie already in hand before reading your list! Thanks as always for including me!

    • You should see what i just pulled out of the oven… Walnut Chive Cheddar biscuits.. a recipe from my mate Aunt B but I added chives and tomorrow I’m creating a pulled pork in the crock pot recipe and making a sarnie … YUM!

  7. Thanks for the mention. For some odd reason I am very excited about the royal baby. How nice to be born a prince or princess!!

  8. Mmm, holiday snowballs. Don’t mind if I do. And Kate and Willie are having a baby? I shirk from the television and other tabloid stuff so I had no idea. You brought me breaking news. 🙂 Thank you for the inclusion this week, Mr. CBB, and have a joyous weekend. Good luck in your pancake search!

  9. Christine Weadick says:

    Looks like I’ll have some blogs to check out on the weekend, hopefully I can find the time to do so…. the last few days have been a lot of running around and trying to get started on the Christmas baking(got that far, fruitcake batch #1 last night and the cranberry squares and pineapple squares are in the oven as I type)Think I’m about done on the shopping dept just have stocking stuffers to get and I have almost $50.00 worth of points on my Guardian card from the drugstore… Can’t wait for the new site!! Not one for beer so I’ll pass on the virtual beer but I can raise a cuppa to the new site with you!!! As for Kate and Will…. the bookies are already out for the sex, birth date and number of babies!!!! Good luck to them!!

  10. Living Debt Free Rocks! says:

    Thanks for the inclusion and I too am looking forward to seeing your new site! I could really do with all of the Holiday Snowballs shown in the picture…

  11. Kate and Will’s baby.. so popular before they are even born!

    What’s an egg bake? Never had one before. You even have me looking around for recipes now. 🙂 But I am trying very hard to avoid your tempting desserts!

    Thanks for the mention! Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Thanks for this. It’s very quiet at the office this afternoon. You’ve provided me with a good reading list to fill the time. Thanks too for featuring my recipes. I’m always honoured when someone shares them.

  13. John S @ Frugal Rules says:

    Thanks for the mention Mr. CBB! You need to stop tempting us with those cookies. 😉 I too feel like Christmas is bearing down on us and will be here in no time at all. Have a great weekend Mr. CBB!

  14. Mary F Campbell says:

    I just about fell over when you said you’d get a $7 Starbucks!! So glad to see you haven’t lost your mind…but please refrain from giving us heart failure! LOL 😀

    • Ha ha.. no I certainly have not lost my mind although I would be interested to hear from someone who has and why they buy them. Would make for an interesting read wouldn’t you think? Cheers mate. Mr.CBB

  15. I can’t wait to see what your blog looks like! So exciting.

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