1. Hi Mr. CBB Quick Question DoYou Have A Receip Tracking App You Recommend?

  2. Looking forward to seeing the new design! Happy New Year!

  3. I’m with Kim! Impatiently waiting….

    Super interesting comparison between Canada and the UK. I kind of like that we have a chance to get a refund here if we’ve overpaid throughout the year, but the convenience does make budgeting and the headache of Jan-Apr sound a lot easier.

    • That’s just it for the most part we don’t overpay where some people here treat that money like a savings account when in reality it’s not. I’d rather save my own cash then lend it to the government in overpayments.. it WAS alot easier.. lol.. ah well..Cheers mate.

  4. kimateyesonthedollar says:

    Still waiting for our useless politicians to tell me how much tax I will be paying this year. I’ll just have to earn more money if the rate goes up, right? Have a good weekend and Happy New Year.

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