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Personal Finance Reading LIst

Today is probably one of the first days I’ve been able to wake up late and just lay in bed staring at the ceiling wondering what to tackle first. So far this week has been one heck of a rat race for me running from meeting to appointment to the grocery store to work and home. Have you ever had a week where you felt you were going non-stop? Well that was me this week.

On a good note, NHL Hockey Season is back (finally) for all you hockey fans although, I’m not one of them. I was mentioning to my mate Mark about Hockey and how I don’t understand it but ask me about rugby, basketball and soccer and I’m in.

We met with our financial advisor the other day and we really have some catching up as do many Canadians. I read an interesting post today on RRSP or Debt and how only 26 percent of eligible Canadians contribute to an RRSP. What would you choose? Sometimes the choice is clear but others it’s not. Our choice was clear and I’ll get into that more in a later post about our retirement savings and plans for 2013.


Here are some posts of the week from top blogs that I read and comment on weekly. Have a look, subscribe to them if you like. They are one heck of a bunch of Bloggers who also share and comment on what I have to say with their fans so I will do the same for you. Happy Reading and enjoy your weekend!


  1. The Frugal Path– Don’t Allow Coupons To Lure You Into Overspending
  2. Dividend NinjaWhy Canadians Should Avoid Mutual Funds
  3. Vix MoneyShare her Case Study #2 (follow along this portfolio)
  4. The Family Finances– What Is An Off-Shore Investment?
  5. Freedom Thirty Five- Getting Back Into Stocks
  6. Saving Advice– Using Credit As An Emergency Savings Is A Bad Idea
  7. Modest Money- Treating Your Savings Like A Monthly Bill
  8. Eyes On The Dollar- My Child Needs Glasses, Now What? 
  9. See Debt Run- Wishing For Walkability
  10. My Own Advisor- If You Want To Price Match, Please
  11. Reach Financial Independence  13 Money Resolutions for 2013 #8 Be Happy!
  12. Club Thrifty- Horrifc Financial Advice From the New York Times
  13. Young Adult MoneyFive Lessons Learned from Freelancing
  14. Work Save Live- Debt Reduction Strategy, The Debt Seige
  15. The Outlier Model- What Causes Hoarding?
  16. Prairie Eco-Thrifter- The Difference Between Looking Rich and Being Rich
  17. My Canuck Buck- Easy Ways To Save Money At The Grocery Store
  18. One Smart Dollar- The Downside To Common Frugal Tips
  19. The Brighter Life- How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?
  20. Money Bulldog- Why Cash Flow Is More Important Than Profit
  21. Lil Suburban Homestead- Visiting the Vanderbilts Homestead A.K.A The Biltmore Estate
  22. This is Common Cents-The Real Cost of Food
  23. Broke Ass Mommy- Techniques I Use To Curb That Pesky Consumerism Itch
  24. Grown Up and Stuff- Why I’m Happy I Made The Move To Free Banking
  25. Finance Fox Doing Business With Friends Could It Work?
  26. I Heart Budgets- Seasonal Budgeting
  27. Debt Round Up- The Day My Personal Finance Life Changed
  28. Out Of Your Rut- Micro-Frugality vs Macro-Frugality
  29. Money Ning Change Your Money Behaviour By Changing Your Money Beliefs
  30. Thirty Six Months- On Always Wanting More
  31. Frugal Rules- Three Ways Advertising Companies Tempt You To Forsake Frugality
  32. Financial Highway- How To Reduce Waste and Save Money
  33. Edward Antrobus-How To Save Money Shaving
  34. Average Joe- Hiring A Financial Advisor, Clues From the Secretary
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Lemon Blueberry Muffin Credit Work Save Live

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  1. I think more Canadians should be learning about how the RRSP works and contribute if it makes sense for them. There are many reasons not to, but understanding why or why not is pretty important. Thanks for the mention :0)

  2. Thanks for the mention. The Canucks didn’t start so well yesterday but happy to have hockey back!

  3. I know what you mean about the first weekend to relax. I usually work six days a week and am in the middle of a job transfer. So this weekend I have two days off, which I’m very excited about. Have a great rest of the weekend and thanks for including my post.

  4. I had that kind of week as well. First half was busy finishing up the packing, then Thursday it was time to move everything out of the house and yesterday was spent giving it a “professional” cleaning (by Antro Brothers Cleaning Service…in business since 2013!). I’ve got some down time right now, but at 10:30, it’s time to take down the satellite dish and take take the last of the stuff to the storage unit and rent the motel room that will be our home for the next two weeks.

  5. Thank you for mentioning Jeremy’s post on Modest Money, Mr. CBB! He’ll be thrilled to know his post is mentioned here. Have a great weekend ahead!

  6. I always appreciate getting mentioned in your posts Mr. CBB! Thank you very much and I hope you have a great weekend.

  7. I hope you have a very relaxing weekend. Thanks for the mention.

  8. Christine Weadick says:

    Nice looking list this week!! I`ve already had a look at a few of the blogs, all interesting. I can see where I have some reading to do this weekend!! Have a good weekend …..

  9. Thanks for the mention…great reading list! 🙂

  10. Thank you for the mention, Mr. CBB, it is much appreciated. To lay in bed and stare at the ceiling to veg out sounds glorious. Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Thanks for the mention as always Mr. CBB! Don’t you just love those weeks? We seem to have too many of them lately. But, we’re having fun, so I generally don’t mind much. That debt vs. saving for retirement is a tough one. I tend to say debt first, but depends on each individual situation. Have a great weekend sir!

  12. Thanks or the mention mate, glad you’ve had a chance to chill out! Nhl’s back eh, I’ll have to try and catch a Maple Leafs game! Have a good weekend.

  13. Thanks for the mention Mr CBB! Enjoy sleeping late, this is a luxury I don’t know anymore since workers are showing up at 630am six days a week :s

  14. Thanks for the mention! Happy friday!

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