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Don’t Mess With My Coffee Or Else

That’s right, if you throw money at a cashier you might land yourself in a court room waiting for a judge to read your demise like unhappy Roy Gilmore in New Brunswick, Canada. Just when you thought you couldn’t give money away when you just throw it at someone practically giving it away you get slammed for it. The Crown is asking for jail time for Gilmore who was upset while trying to scrounge up the amount he owed for his medium coffee at Tim Horton’s but was short $0.11. He got angry because he felt for all the times he had left tips for the cashiers that they could at least help him out and let him off the $0.11 for the coffee.

Apparently the cashier Katelyn Blair would not give him his coffee. You don’t pay, you don’t get it and that is what it all boiled down to. Alternatively I don’t read anything about um… maybe getting a small coffee instead of a medium lol as it does cost less. It’s lovely every once in a while when we hear those pay it forward type stories because the good in people really does make the world go round. I’ve often have forgotten a quarter my shopping cart and there is always someone willing to hand me over the $0.25 to help me out, so I do the same and pay it forward. Sometimes just the small things really do make someone’s day.

It’s clear as day on the video surveillance footage where you can see all the action go down and he does in fact throw a bit of a fit then tosses what change he has at the cashier just before exiting the restaurant. Now in his defense his lawyer says he was throwing it past her and maybe that was what he intended but his aim was pretty crap because he hit her dead on with the coins. There is no round about way to put it but that is assault with deadly coins and the judge agrees and now he is waiting for his sentencing which might include jail time. If that would have been a bartender in a night club the bouncers would have tossed his arse out in the street, maybe Tim Horton’s should hook up with some java security.

“For all the times I come in and have given you tips, you couldn’t even give me a [expletive] coffee,” Gilmore apparently said.

The cashier said she was scared to go to work the next day but I’m sure nothing would have come of it although you never know. People get angry all the time and throw fits, although no one has yet to get pissed at me enough to throw money at me. If that’s all it takes, I need to piss off some rich people. When working in customer service you have to give your 110% to the customers and the customers should also treat you with respect as you are providing a service to them.

With that in mind you don’t know how someone will react and maybe, just maybe he could have come back so I can understand her fear. Some people get lost in themselves and do strange things that no one can ever explain. Many people don’t realize that the way the present themselves is a reflection of what is happening in their world.  If things aren’t all that great, it’s no one else’s fault so don’t take it on them.


My wife did a stint at Tim Horton’s when she was younger and said yes they made tips, not lots but if the guy was short she would have immediately said not to worry she’d put the few cents in for him. I know you can’t do that for everyone but she said in all her time it’s only happened a few times. Most times you might even see that little container on the counter or a cup “give a penny, take a penny” although now it might read “give a nickel take a nickel”.

There have been times while I was rummaging around for change in my wallet while paying for my coffee at Tim Horton’s and she would say not to worry she would chip in the few cents out of the little tub. Most people tend to go to the same Tim Horton’s around the same time so it’s easy to get to know the workers. When I see them I give back and toss change in to help the next person.

Looking at the video it’s a shame this had to go so far but it does teach people a lesson in which you can’t take your anger out on others even if you don’t intentionally mean to. If you are pissed off at the world or your boss, your spouse or some random stranger you need to control your emotions and try to be mindful of your actions. Getting angry solves nothing. Maybe if he would have asked her nicely if she could spot him the change and he’d come back with it tomorrow then she may have responded, sure I can help you out.

If I were the cashier, I simply would have tossed the 11 cents in, smiled and told him to have a lovely day. There are many situations in life not just at Tim Horton’s that we let our emotions get the best of us and then we walk away not feeling so good about ourselves. I’m sure he never believed he’d been sitting in court for this but it happens and will continue to happen if people get angry enough.

So, the next time you plan to throw money at someone make sure you are doing it for all the right reasons and not because your inner beast takes control of you. It’s those moments of anger that may land you in jail, with a fine and or killing someone especially if you are prone to road rage and can’t control yourself. If you feel you have a problem with anger than talk to your doctor as there are many programs out there that will be able to help you find your way back to being a better person. Personally, this entire situation could have been avoided either by chipping in the 11 cents or offering to downsize the product for the customer in an efficient manner especially if she noticed him getting irritated about it.

Do you think he should get jail time for throwing money at the Tim Hortons cashier? why or why not? How could this situation been avoided or handled differently?

You can read the full story and watch the video here.

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Have a great week everyone and I hope you enjoyed this edition of my Personal Finance Weekly Grab a Brew #36: Don’t throw your money at someone it could cost you jail time.

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  1. Mr. CBB, oh boy. I do like how you laid this one out. I don’t think he should see jail time, but I do think he should pay a fine – perhaps a pretty decent one. I get fired up, but I know that it is up to me to keep it under control. One revving of the engine or mean look in someone’s direction could mean curtains. I like my life!

    You are a doll face for mentioning my post! Thank you!

  2. Sounds like everyone behaved badly in this situation. (PS I wrote more in my last comment but it got lost)

  3. kimateyesonthedollar says:

    I don’t think the guy should go to jail, but he should have to apologize.Being rude and swearing is never a good solution. Even though, the cashier could have handled it better, maybe she is of the personality type that has to do everything by the book. She was not in the wrong.

  4. If the guy is indeed a (tipping) regular, he should get his coffee, and while I get his frustration there is no need to get aggressive. I would be so ashamed to be short I would apologize and walk away, I don’t think I deserve any favor although it is a big chain so it’s not like you are taking away the profit of a small mom and pop’s. I agree with CJ, a fine is good but jail time seems a bit over the top.
    Thank you for the double mention, have a nice weekend!

  5. Great Jollyhoombah (@Hoombah) says:

    CBB! What a story and what thoughts you have to offer on the subject. You are a clever and thoughtful man. I say clever since you suggest there are valid reasons for tossing money at someone. Mr. Gilmore hadn’t one, however. Mr. Gilmore ought to be fined for such poor behavior, but jail time? Please. The clerk needs a lesson in handling difficult customers too. Thanks for listing our latest post, man. Have a vivid one!!!

  6. annonomous says:

    Roy deserves what he gets

  7. ‘“For all the times I come in and have given you tips, you couldn’t even give me a [expletive] coffee,” Gilmore apparently said.’ Wow, talk about feeling entitled… If I were the cashier, I would’ve likely thrown in the $.11 – especially if the guy was nice about it and not a jerk. If it were with someone like Mr. Gilmore I likely would’ve told him where he could stick his coffee, Lol.;) I don’t know that he should get jail time, but at least some sort of apology is due to the cashier. Life is just too dang short to get upset over a coffee…especially when you could just as easily get a small coffee. Have a great weekend sir!

  8. Christine Weadick says:

    I am definitely going to have to share that latte recipe with my daughter!!!! She loves that kind of thing!!!
    As for the Timmies story, somebody needs to stop and take a deep breathe !!!! Maybe all of them. Working with people day to day you really need to be able to keep your cool dealing with customers. The customers need to realize the other person is just doing their job. Breathe people breathe. In my travels I think people have become much less patient in the dealings with others. We want what we want and we want it NOW!!!! A sad commentary on things today.
    The reading list looks quite interesting this week and I see at least one to show the younger boy about blogs.
    Have a good weekend. Have fun getting used to the new computers and putting them through their paces…..

  9. A long time ago, I took a customer service seminar. We were each given a blank 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper and a ball point pen. The instructor told us to make a dot somewhere on the paper. Just one dot, anywhere we wanted. We followed instructions and then waited, somewhat mystified, for an explanation. Our instructor said “That dot is the one difficult customer you’ll encounter today. The white space is all the pleasant customers you’ll deal with. It’s human nature to focus on the dot, but you’ll be much happier at the end of the day if you learn to pay more attention to the white space.” I’ve carried that lesson with me ever since and it’s served me well through more than 30 years of customer service.

    We’ll never know what caused that guy to react the way he did but it’s pretty safe to assume that he was already having a bad day when he came in. I’m not saying that what he did was right but it’s a shame that the situation arose at all. A good customer service clerk would’ve given him the coffee and marked it down to positive customer relations, and a good store manager would have encouraged her to do so.

  10. working in customer service is harder then a lot then people think it is sometimes. kill them with kindness is how i go about it even if the customer is having a bad day and taking it out on you it may be hard but smile and say have a nice day. people get violent all the time towards people were i work and really its not worth the time of day to get involved with the customers who act this way. people are short of cash all the time also were i work but also have to think people also leave there change. for only a few cents is it worth getting a customer upset to me not really cause you dont know in todays world how they will react.

  11. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    I would have probably done the same tossed in the money, but we dont know the regulations at Tim Hortons, they have some weird rules, where the girl got fired for giving a tim bit to a child. as for him yes he should be charged a fine but jail time not sure about that.

  12. Mary F Campbell says:

    I think the fellow should have jail time. Assault is assault. It’s like pregnant…either you are or you are not. He did it. We tend to forgive too easily in this country and folks are not held truly accountable for their words and actions. A week or two in the pokey will give him time to contemplate his actions.

    Although the server probably could have helped to diffuse the situation, either throwing in the 11 cents or offering a small coffee instead, if they genuinely felt threatened by the confrontation…who thinks at their best when they have shifted into fight-flight mode?? Servers are not paid to put up with abusive behavior, they serve.

    My question is… where was the manager?

  13. If my child acted that way, I would make him apologize and make up for it in some way to learn a lesson which is what the Judge should do. It is a wasted of tax payers’ money to go through court and jail.

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