For the cost of a stamp a disability tax credits application cost one couple $1629

Disability Tax creditsTAKE TIME TO DO RESEARCH


Applying for the Revenue Canada disability tax credit certificate was something I did to help our friends’ parents who paid more than they needed to.

When someone doesn’t know how to do something they normally do research or call in the professionals to help them.

Often you hear stories about how people were taken advantage of or how they paid far too much for a service they could have easily done themselves.


Over-priced services


My friends’ mother had not realized that she could claim disability tax credits until it was mentioned to her by her daughter. She wanted to claim for the 10 years previous so she could claim at least some of the money she had over-paid the government while working and looking after her very ill husband.

Her mother had already tried accessing disability tax credits through a company that advertised online and charged her $1300 for the service to no avail.

It reminded me of the time when my wife and I were filling out the immigration forms to become a permanent resident in Canada. You could hire a representative to complete the forms which you would need to obviously assist with.

All they really do is fill out the forms and read the instructions so if you can use a pen, use a computer and print you can do it yourself. It’s the same thing with the disability tax credits application process. I think that people get too overwhelmed when it comes to government forms but they are pretty straightforward.

In the case of applying for the disability tax credits through my research Revenue Canada is telling you what they want in terms of information and you give it to them.

The hired company charged her to fill out representative forms and fill out the T2201 form for a few of the years and billed her $1300. This bill is ridiculous in terms of costs of the work completed but it did completed the process even at an exorbitant amount.

Not everyone in this world is here to help people as there are unscrupulous companies and individuals that are lurking in the background ready to pounce and whisk your hard earned money away.

Then again they are there to make money so if you don’t do research then be prepared to pay the big bucks for something you can do for the cost of a stamp.

Her next port of call was a much more established tax centre in her city that talked her through the process and filled all the forms out for her. This service cost $329 but this time the disability tax credits were applied to her taxes for the remainder of the years.

The costs were for the same service of being a representative and filling out forms that you could easily do yourself. Cheaper, yes but again more than you needed to pay.


How I helped them apply for disability tax credits


All this happened 2 years ago but I was asked to go through this process because it was time for her mother to re-apply for her husband’s last 2 years worth of disability tax credits to be applied.

I’m not a tax professional and I’m not writing this post to say this is the way it’s done as a rule. This is the way we performed the process with a little guidance and research and I’m letting you know how we went about it.

I helped them because I was curious about this disability tax credit and so I started to do some research for them. It turns out I taught them how to save money in their budget instead of spending more than they will ever have to again when they apply.

The main applicant would be the husband in which tax credits would be applied to any income he has. If there is no income left to apply the tax credits against then any remaining tax credits would go to the wife.

As I understand she can receive the tax credits because she is a caregiver to her husband who can’t work. I did not see the original T2201 form so I cannot confirm or deny that this the reason for her tax credits. Only the doctor and the government would know.


The process


So, the process of claiming disability tax credits goes like this:

  1. You need to print off or fill in form T2201 from the Canadian Revenue Agency. Fill in your details and any other information that it requires from you.
  2. Take the form to your doctor who will then fill in the appropriate parts that they need to.
  3. Send the form to your tax office that deals with disability tax credits. In our case, her mother had to post hers to Winnipeg. You are currently applying for the disability tax credit certificate which you will then use to apply the credits to your taxes.
  4. Wait, they will send you notification that the disability tax credit certificate is successful or not.
  5. If successful, you can then apply to get the disability tax credits applied to your current taxes or back taxes. As far as I know, you can go back up to 10 years and apply the disability tax credits to taxes filed then.
  6. To apply the disability tax credits, you now need to write a letter or fill in T1 Adjustment forms for each tax year. I went down the letter writing route as suggested by the lovely lady I spoke to from revenue Canada. I was told to be repetitive and redundant in writing the letter to eliminate any chance of mis-understanding between what we had been told and what the person receiving the letter read. Anything you don’t understand they will tell you if you make the simple phone call.

Here is a sample letter for applying for your disability tax credits similar to what I wrote:

Address line 1

Address line 2





Tax centre

Address line 1

Address line 2




Dear Sir/Madam,

I (Name) (Social Insurance Number) would like to apply my approved disability tax credits towards my (Year) taxes. If I cannot make maximum use of the disability tax credits on my taxes, can you please apply them to my (husband or wife) (Name) (Social Insurance Number) taxes of the same year(s).


Yours Sincerely,

Name (First and Last)


The results


If the disability tax credits are to be applied against a number of years because you are claiming for previous years you could abbreviate the years to 2005 – 2013.

Personally I wrote the letter according to the rules given to me over the phone from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). I listed each year separately which sounds a little monotonous but it certainly seemed to work in our favour. There was no possibility of reading the instructions incorrectly.

My understanding of the process and forms led to her receiving her disability tax credits with no issues which isn’t bad for just doing a bit of research. Take your time and phone the CRA as they were a great help.

When you receive the disability tax credits cheque in the post there will be some paperwork that accompanies it. Don’t throw this paperwork away thinking you are all finished.

There will be a line on the paperwork stating how much interest you earned over the period if you applied for previous tax years to be re-calculated.

This interest is considered as taxable income and will need to be entered in on your taxes for the year it states in the sentence.

She was so happy and we will apply again for next years disability tax credits in the same manner. This time however I will simply review what they do since she knows how to apply for the disability tax credits on their own.


The costs to apply for disability tax credits


The grand total bill was a Canadian permanent stamp, an envelope and a sheet of paper. If you are applying for disability tax credits for the first time you will probably get charged $20 – $40 from your doctor to fill out the T2201 form needed for the disability tax credit certificate application.

I would be wary of those companies advertising online promising that they can get you up to $40,000 in disability tax credits as they will charge you an extortionate rate to go through a process you can easily complete yourself.

If you feel that your situation is too complex call the CRA and talk to them and let them know your situation. They will walk you through the process like they did when I made the phone call to learn about applying for the disability tax credit.

Have you ever applied for the disability tax credits? Share your story in the comments below.


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  1. Addison says:

    Hi there,

    Does anyone have examples of what the doctor has to write so that I can provide to my doctor who is hesitant about filing out the paperwork?

  2. I was approved of my DTC from 2009 to 2017, I’m still thinking if I file the adjustment request myself or by an accountant. My previous years has been all getting refunds so does that mean I won’t be getting the maximum credits back??

    • You mean income tax refunds so you’re worried you might not get the full credits?

      • Yes, and I don’t have a good knowledge of personal tax filings. Just wondering that if I requested the adjustment by sending the letter to CRA would it be a big difference in return amount if I take it to others or even by myself..??

  3. Thank you.
    I received my Disability Tax Credit approval just before the en d of this year’s taxes season. This post will help me get the retro years. 😉

    • Congratulations on getting it sorted. Did you hire someone to do the work for you or did you complete the process?

      • I did it all myself with the help of a great doctor who had to answer the same questionnaire 2 or 3 time. Not a penny out of pocket other than samples

        • The doctor does most of the work.. sure you may have to pay them but everyone does.. nothing is free right? Good for you. It’s nice to get feedback from those that have completed the process for others who come here to read the post looking for information.

  4. Thanks for sharing this information with us. I need to further understand about it. And now, I finally get it.

  5. Christine Weadick says:

    We had applied for this for our older son a few years ago under the advise of our accountant that does our taxes for us. We have since applied for and got this for hubby as well. Both times, the accountant printed off the form for us and sent it in for us once the doctor had signed off on it.
    When hubby first became sick he was off work and we were at the Services Canada office to apply for Employment Insurance and the nice lady there suggested that as it looked like he would be off work for a while to apply then for Canada Pension Plan- Disability then as it would take 4-5 months to go through and she got us the paperwork for it. We took it home but ended up going back so they could help us fill it out and they sent it in for us as well, again, once the doctor signed off on it. At the time I was under considerable stress dealing with the paperwork and hubby’s illness and such. I looked at the form but felt totally overwhelmed at the thought of filling it out. We went back to Services Canada and they helped us fill it out, no charge.They then sent it in for us. These forms are ones the doctor doesn’t charge to fill out either so it worked well for us.
    Between our accountant and the very helpful people at Services Canada we got the paperwork done and sent in. Definately a load off my mind at a very stressful time…..

  6. Mary F. Campbell says:

    Thank you for sharing this information Mr CBB. As we all age, some of us may need this information sooner than others and I have kept a copy of your suggestions in my Income Tax Information digital file. 🙂

    • Sometimes when people age they depend more on others to do the paperwork because they may believe it’s tough to do when it’s not that bad at all. The doctor does most of the work… I hope it helps someone out or at least it motivates them to do a bit of research and make a call to CRA like I did. 🙂

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