How To Save Money Buying Fresh Flowers


The Power Of Flowers Is Priceless


From roses and tulips to orchid’s and pansies, flowers have a powerful way of brightening someone’s day. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, a birthday or you just simply want to make someone smile, the beauty and fragrance concealed in a single flower can easily turn a bad day into a better one.

As with many gifts, unless you are pulling flowers from your garden, gifting flowers to someone will cost you some money. How much money you will spend…that is your choice.


Flowers ARE for everyone


THE POWER OF FLOWERS IS PRICELESS 2As we all know, Valentine’s Day is the biggest sales day of the year for most florists. Showing others that you care does not need to be limited to your significant other or to only one day a year.

Flowers are often sent to family and friends who are grieving the loss of someone, a way of saying congratulations or simply just to make someone feel better.

Another massive event is a wedding and just about every wedding has flowers so it’s important to do your homework when searching for the perfect flowers to showcase and for your wedding bouquet and bridesmaid bouquet.

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Gifting a potted plant or an arranged vase to someone in the hospital is common, but always be sure before spending your money that flowers are allowed in the hospital. Due to the fragrances and pollen that some flowers give off they may be banned.


Where to buy flowers


With cut flowers being short-lived, some people see the expense of buying flowers to be a waste. Pink FlowersWhat kind of flower you are looking for will definitely have an impact on where you will be able to find it and how much you will have to pay for it.

If you are looking for unique or tropical flowers you will have the most luck at a floral shop, while more common flowers can be purchased in grocery or convenience stores.

Grocery store flowers are typically a fraction of the cost of what you would pay in a floral shop and available at just about every Canadian supermarket. These stores manage to keep their costs low by offering pre-wrapped bouquets and leaving out the extras.

Baby’s breath and showy leaves from various plants are quite often added to a bouquet as greenery options. The bouquets you will buy in a grocery store will most likely be just flowers, with very little or nothing added.  A leaf or two from a backyard Hosta can really bring an $8.00 bouquet of roses to life. You can take a budget bouquet and turn it into something from the window at a florist shop with a bit of effort.

I was lucky to recently receive a beautiful bouquet of red roses, where they were purchased did not katrinas pink roses(1)matter. The level of happiness and appreciation I felt was the same as it would have been had they been purchased from a floral shop.

Roadside markets are a great place to find cheaper and likely locally grown flowers that are just as beautiful as store-bought and have that same effect on brightening someone’s day.

An acquaintance recently shared with me that her partner would bring home a fresh bouquet of flowers every morning after working the night shift. They didn’t cost him much and the smile it put on her face every morning was worth a lot more to him. How sweet! If he was purchasing these from a floral shop with a higher price tag, they would likely be less frequent.

Sending flowers to friends and loved ones around the world has never been easier with the help of technology. With access to online floral shops, same day delivery on a different continent is more than possible, taking only minutes to place an order miles away.

Online florist websites such as Flowers For Everyone in Brisbane, Australia also offer a toll-free number if you need support or have any questions about the flowers you will order. This means you aren’t purchasing without the power of knowledge.

The cost of convenience will get you here, so be prepared to pay a bit more. Being able to send some flowers from the other side of the world is pretty awesome though. Seasonal flowers will always be cheaper. If you are going into a floral shop don’t forget to ask what is in season and then start your decision-making from there.


Buying a Variety of Flowers is Cheaper


The lifespan of cut flowers is short and can be an expensive purchase that many people cannot justify for this reason. When picking out flowers from a floral shop consider a combination of flowers rather than just one particular type of flower.

A dozen long stem red roses can easily cost $50-60 or more if they are nicely arranged in a vase. Saying ‘I love you’ doesn’t have to break the bank. Keep in mind that there are different kinds of roses too, Sweetheart roses have a shorter stem and are considerably cheaper than long stem roses but are just as beautiful and heartwarming.

Two roses arranged with some carnations or daisies will cost a lot less than a dozen roses and adds texture to the arrangement, increasing the visual appeal of the bouquet at the same time.

A lot of flowers have a meaning associated with them which can vary depending on the colour as well. It is not a rule written in stone that you must give red roses to someone you love or that yellow roses are only to be given to friends.

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Roses, while they are beautiful, are typically on the higher end price wise. There are a lot of beautiful flowers, including carnations, daisies and alstromeria that are less expensive and just as visually appealing.


Flowers for you, Flowers for me


There truly are flowers for everyone and every occasion. Flowers offer vibrant colours and fragrant aromas that can bring sunshine to a gloomy day. The effects of making someone smile or feel appreciated last a lot longer than the flowers themselves. Remember, flowers can say a lot more than just I love you.

What are some of your favourite types of flowers?

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  1. One great tip is to use a florist that is housed in a brick and mortar supermarket. They charge FAR less because they don’t have the overhead that a freestanding store does. Also, large potted plants (e.g. palm trees or small trees of other kinds) can really make an impact for low cost. Renting can be cheaper than buying these kinds of decorations.

  2. Christine Weadick says:

    Good to see you back Katrina!! Hubby has been known to get me flowers the odd time but he knows I like my flowers with roots still attached!! That way I can plant them out in the garden, weather permitting. I love the scent of carnations and have a small pot outside. Daisies are in my garden but need digging up to divide again. Might have to cut me some black eyed Susan’s for the house as mine are blooming now.
    Love the article!!!!

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