You’re Doing It Wrong If You Believe In Job Security : The Saturday Weekend Review #229

There is no such thing as JOB SECURITY



Don’t make the mistake of someone who lands their dream job and believes they’ve found the golden ticket to wealth and job security. No, no my friends it doesn’t happen that way. Never has and never will.

One morning you’re lacing up your dress shoes and putting your tie on and the next you’re updating your resume. It happens and it happens often. Remember the time you thought you didn’t have enough dresses to wear to the office but now you have a closet full still with tags on them but no job to go to. It’s a whirlwind of emotions when job security turns to the announcement of layoffs.


New House, New Career, New Resume


Just after we married Mrs. CBB landed her dream job or at least a job that offered her a private office, benefits and flex-time. It was the perfect job, close to home and excellent pay for starting out. She was the happiest woman alive because she was motivated to be the best she could be.

After the transition to her new career we bought a house together. This was an exciting time for us, new job, new house and dreams for a happy future. Things just don’t work that way though. With-in months of signing our mortgage papers Mrs. CBB got an email stating that the company was closing down and everyone would be laid off.

She had to read the email over a few times because it wasn’t sinking in. What? “I just got this job, no” was what Mrs. CBB thought to herself. After a meeting with her immediate supervisor she found this all to be surreal as did the rest of the company.

When Mrs. CBB received the call offering her the position she remembers thinking that she’s won the career lottery. This was the place she was going to retire at and do whatever she could to keep the company aligned according to her job description.

Shattered doesn’t begin to describe how she felt not only because she had to tell me the bad news but because we had just bought a house. Thankfully we were financially prepared for this situation not everyone is because they believe they have job security just because a business has been around for many years or they have government jobs.

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Don’t crumble that resume just yet, you might need it.

There is no such thing as job security. Keep reminding yourself as did one fan who wrote me an email about her meeting with job loss. She no longer believes in job security and offers tips on how she will be better prepare her skills bank and financial bank.




Hi Mr.CBB and Fans,

I am from the States, Maine is the one. I was 30 years old, married, dual income, no kids at the time when Health-Tex a children’s clothing plant I worked at closed.

I had a job I loved, working piece work making as much money as I am now on good weeks! All three plants in Maine closed on what we called Black Thursday. I believe it was January 29, 1987.

I was working 2nd shift with a small group of employees in my department. Only two departments ran at night. The cutting room and embroidery. I was working in embroidery at the time although I had worked in the cutting room on nights and stitching on first shift. I received a phone call at home from my supervisor telling me not to come in that day, the plant was closing.

I remember her asking me, “Do you understand what I said” to which I replied “I don’t have to come in today?” Her answer “Yes, the plant is closing.”  I think I understood at that time, it meant forever. I asked her, “Do you mean forever?”

“Yes, forever” which are two words I will never forget.

I was the first one to be informed of the plant closing and was stunned from the news as anyone would be when they find out they have lost their job.

I was soon receiving calls from most of my friends to verify that the information was true because I don’t think they believed it either.

I don’t remember if I called my husband or waited until he got home from work to tell him about us losing one income source. It’s not something you can just pick up the phone and blurt out about.


Take Opportunities when presented


I took advantage of the job searching classes that were offered by my company but I didn’t take advantage of any other classes. Since the company was deemed closing because of imports, all employees were offered training classes in whatever they chose.

I regret not taking advantage of the free training courses now.

I should have gone into nursing or machine trades which would have given me opportunities and sought after skills. With unemployment and severance pay (I had worked there just shy of 10 years) along with my husband who worked in a local mill and made good money there were no financial problems for us.

We owned our cars and our house payment was low. I had my family nearby and planned on taking advantage of unemployment through the summer. I spent the winter visiting people and walking.


Doors will open only if you give it a chance


In April, I applied to L.L. Bean and hired to do work in their stitching room. The second day there, I was stitching specialty luggage and I’m currently still employed at L.L. Bean. I worked in manufacturing for two years, went to custodial and now I am a customer service rep on the phones.


Job Security doesn’t exist


Emotionally, I don’t believe in job security anymore.

I still find myself looking at jobs, saying – if I need to I can work there or I can do that or, I have those skills. I do know on that day there was a lot of disbelief as we all knew the Gardiner, Maine plant was losing money and the Portland Maine plant was holding its own.

As a successful plant, we never dreamed it would close. My advice to anyone out there who is going through something similar is to take advantage of available training. If you’re offered free education to upgrade your skills, consider it an investment in yourself.

The other tip, stay busy and don’t let job loss and job security rule your life. It’s scary to lose a job however budgeting for emergencies helps ease financial worry in the event something should happen.


You need financial breathing room


A girl I know was telling me about a house she and her husband had just bought. She said, “It’s going to be tight but we think we will be okay. I just love it so much”. It’s amazing how people don’t realize what could happen. It’s so important not to overspend your budget and to track expenses.

I have a rental that I use to pay taxes with and then larger projects for myself but I pay cash for those. I know I have a wonderful tenant who is a logger and any day he could be hurt and have to move home.

As part of a wonderful tenant he isn’t there 2 or 3 nights a week which he spends with his family up north. So he isn’t using appliances, filling the septic or etc! I often think I could have the truck or SUV I want if I just used that rent to pay for it!

But that’s not happening.


Tips for Job Security Dreamers


When one door closes another will open even if it’s not the job you really wanted. Then again even if you did land it that doesn’t mean it will last forever. Don’t give up dreaming or looking for the job that will make you happy. Just don’t believe that you will be in the role until you retire. Always be financially prepared and you’ll be able to get back up without having to climb so high.

  • Prepare and follow a budget
  • Invest in retirement savings
  • Stop creating debt
  • Pay off debt as fast as you can
  • Save cash for what you need
  • Don’t buy more house then you can afford
  • Upgrade skills anytime you can even if you must diversify
  • Remember that job security doesn’t exist
  • Look after yourself first

Discussion Question: Have you ever landed a job that gave you a sense of job security only to lose it? Were you financially prepared? What advice would you offer to someone reading this who wants to prepare for the worst even though the present is fulfilling.


A Week In My Life


This week started off great as I was getting bits done around the house and ended with cold meds, whiskey, beer and bed. I’ve been sick most of the week and have slept as much as I could in hopes this summer mystery flu would go away. I’m not too bad right now but I’m struggling to get to bed which is expected although I’m still taking medication to rid it for good.

We made a quick dash up to the park to get the little guy out of the house this week which was also nice for us as we haven’t had much time to just chill while we’ve been at home.

The plan for today is to go to garage sales for the first time in a LONG time. It all depends on our little guy though so fingers crossed he doesn’t wake up in a not so happy mood. Nothing a Tim Horton’s chocolate chip muffin won’t solve. We’re taking time to sit in a Tim Horton’s today as a family to enjoy our coffee.

Other than that I have a huge secret to tell everyone!! Keep your eyes peeled!

Have a great week,



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Top Finance Weekly Read


This week while laying in bed I managed to read a few articles but not as many as I typically try to fit in my week. One post I did stumble upon titled, “Adding Via Subtracting Things From Your Life” was interesting to read. I can understand the premise of money does buy happiness. Use money to remove negative and replace it with positive. Smart.  Value + Time = Happiness for some people.

I hate cleaning bathrooms. Of course I could do it myself and save even more money, but no amount of saving money is going to make me enjoy the process. The solution is obviously to hire someone to clean the house. For a relatively small amount of money, we completely remove a chore that brings us no pleasure and we’ve never once argued about who should clean the bathroom.


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Hey everyone,

I’m really enjoying going to garage sales this summer. We picked up this new in package queen size quilt with two matching shams for $ 8. I also got a pair of ladies winter boots for $1. – Pat


CBB Words of Wisdom


plan for the future believe in yourself

The morale of this quote is to look after yourself and forget about what everyone else is doing or saying. In the end it’s just you and your accomplishments and the people they affect.


Top Chef Recipe Pick


Carrot-Cake-Cinnamon-Rolls-resizedWho’s coming over for tea?

Cinnamon Rolls are delicious but what if you switched them up and tried these Red Star Yeast Carrot Cake Cinnamon Rolls instead? I know, I’d love to as well with a nice cuppa tea.


DIY Weekly


dry cracked heels

Stay Positive Be Healthy blog has this miracle cure recipe for dry cracked heels that might be what you’ve been looking for. My mother-in-law has suffered with this for years now so I passed this on to her. Has anyone tried it before? I thought she may as well give it a try since it uses Listerine a product I know she stocks at home.


Search Term Giggles


Always begin and end your day with a SMILE!- Mr.CBB

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Most times funny, Sometimes serious.

  • A photo of a shopping cart with $60 worth of groceries- As if anyone is going to know if it’s about $60, haha!
  • Does LCBO follow consumer law wrong price code– Haha, No but nice try and it’s not a Law! Read more here.
  • Cauliflower stuffed– I wasn’t sure if this was for a stuffed cauliflower recipe or someone trying to make cauliflower stuffing. Both are doable though.
  • How to ask a stranger for money?– Hi stranger, you wouldn’t happen to have any money I could have? or Just use a sign… no talking needed!
  • Where do high net worth people put their money?– Under a rock

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  1. Wow, there is a lot of good stuff here! Thanks for sharing!

    You and your reader are completely right about the lack of job security, and I fear it may only get worse in the coming years as additional jobs are automated. I am hopeful I can hold onto my current job for the next several years, but if I were to lose it, the timeline for all of our plans around financial independence and early retirement would fall apart.

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