1. Discussion Question: How important is it to you that you get an income tax return and what ways do you try to limit your return by investing your money other ways?

    Ok. I’m going to be “that guy”. The question should read income tax refund not return.

  2. Christine Weadick says:

    We have used an accountant for years and have been very happy with him and his advice. With having guardianship for my Dad, I am using the same accountant company as he used for years. Figuring they already know his file, it will be easy enough for them to know what deductions and such he can have. I’m using the same firm for my late Uncle’s returns as he used them as well. They also know they are doing an estate return and have had contact with me as well as the lawyer that is getting things through probate and settlement of the estate. Getting this professional help is helping me navigate all the things I don’t know much about safely and correctly.

  3. We definitely invest to avoid paying taxes.I would rather come out even than have to pay. Thanks for the info.

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