Mr.CBB’s Easy Spinach and Wheat Tortilla Recipe

I’ve made tortillas ever since I decided that I didn’t want to pay $3.49 at the shop for 8 wraps. To be honest I’m sure you will smack yourself a couple of times wondering why you are paying that kind of money for a recipe that is so quick, easy and frugal to make. If you do buy tortillas you can cross them off your list and save some money in the budget because convenience truly does cost. It’s important to know your prices on products. As you will see making these tortillas at home is a huge savings compared to the price you would pay at the shop. We make these once a week and fill them will all sorts of yummy healthy foods for a quick snack, breakfast, lunch or dinner. This one today has Mr.CBB’s Tangy Easy Guacamole Dip on top with a dollop of fat-free Sour Cream or you can use a low-fat greek yogurt. We also switch it up and make a spinach tortilla simply by adding 4 cups of fresh spinach from our garden to a pot of salted water to wilt. I then toss it in the food processor with garlic. Instead of using […]

12 Ways to Save Big Money on Car Insurance

GET THE BEST INSURANCE PREMIUM    Do you see a lot of car insurance ads on tv? Do you get confused wondering if you are getting the best rate for your vehicle?  My husband says there must be a lot of money in car insurance for the insurance companies to keep putting out so many ads. Car insurance is one expense that many people pay more for than they need to. What would it take for you to change your car insurance company? Would you make a change if you could save several hundred dollars a year?  It is definitely worth your time to look into car insurance companies to get different quotes.   Car Insurance Canada   Where should you start looking for a Car Insurance Company? You can get free insurance quotes for the price of a phone call or search on the internet. Start your list with a basic search for car insurance on Kanetix where you can compare insurance quotes. Ask your friends, family, and co-workers if they are happy with their car insurance company and agent. Local agents can be very helpful if you have to make a claim and certainly don’t mind referrals. I’d say to compare a minimum of 3 companies with your […]

Mr.CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks June 22, 2012

What a week it has been in Ontario! We welcomed summer with a bang proving these next few months will be fun in the sun! When Mrs. CBB gets the blender out I know it’s party time at the CBB home! We made our first blender drink this week Vanilla Raspberry Banana Smoothie. Devouring one of these drinks on a hot day psychologically makes me feel like I’m on vacation sun,sand and beach. As you may know I like my summertime beer however Mrs. CBB has dragged me into her blender drink circle from the first time she made me one. I’m a blender drink believer.. no I didn’t say belieber. So if you like blender drinks.. I have more where these came from! Ok.. on to my blog picks. MR. CBB’s Vanilla Raspberry Banana Smoothie 2 cups frozen raspberries ( if you use fresh add 2 cups of ice cubes) 1 cup Liberte Greek Yogurt 0% fat 1/2 cup skim milk 1 frozen or fresh banana 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract 100% pure Put it all in the blender and pulse until mixed! Pour into any fancy glass, add a straw and some Mint for a splash of WOW! Enjoy! P.S […]

Understanding Mortgage Insurances

There are a number of misconceptions in the world of mortgages when it comes to the word “insurance” let’s cover the various meanings off.  High Ratio Insurance: Also known as CMHC, mortgage default insurance, Portfolio Insurance In Canada, all Banks must have this insurance on any mortgage they lend on with less than 20% down payment.  It is a one-time premium paid by the borrower (normally included into the mortgage)to the insurance company that insures the lender if the borrower ever defaults on the mortgage, the lender gets all of their money back. Three companies in Canada offer this insurance, CMHC which is owned by the Government, as well as Genworth and Canada Guaranty.  CMHC insurance is backed 100% by the Canadian Government, the other two are 95% backed by the Government.  This has been a source of discussion recently as CMHC has neared it’s legal insurable portfolio limit of $600 billion in mortgages. If your mortgage is insured, what does that mean for you?  Very little unfortunately…the benefit is to the lender, though as long as you pay your mortgage, that insurance will never need to be used.  The one benefit to having a insured mortgage is that it […]

How Much Should My Grocery Budget Be?

SAVING MONEY WITH A BUDGET   Last week Mr.CBB asked me, “What do you think is a reasonable weekly grocery budget for 1 person in Canada?” The question got me thinking: You can’t define a single weekly grocery budget that will work for everyone because there are too many variables.   Determining your grocery budget   First and foremost, a budget is determined by income. Some people can afford to spend more on food than others. A Budget is also affected by food prices, which can vary depending upon your location. For example, because the weather is inhospitable to farming and the location remote, food will always cost more in the Yukon than it will in Ontario. Through need or preference, some people will have special dietary needs. If you need to buy special ingredients due to an allergy or illness, or if you choose to eat only organic foods, you can expect to pay a premium for shopping to accommodate those requirements.   How much effort are you willing to put in?   Grocery budgets are also affected by how much time and effort a person is willing to invest in food preparation and meal planning. When I’m not earning a pay-check we spend less money on […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Grocery Game Challenge June 18-24-Garden Fresh!

We are thrilled to see that our garden is taking shape and our herbs,vegetables and fruits are growing better than expected. We hope to cut our grocery bill once we start to eat more from the garden in the upcoming months. This month has been a bit of a set back with the mail in rebate error that we made earlier in the month. We are trying to stay focused so we stick to the budget and not beat ourselves up that we messed up. What we learned from that experience was: The error was caught and documented but sometimes mistakes are made. Don’t sweat the small stuff, but make sure you catch it! We won’t let it happen again by making sure we read everything. Last week I asked my fans for some Rhubarb Recipes and one fan posted a recipe on the Canadian Budget Binder Facebook page for “Rhubarb Sour Cream Pie”.  I  shocked at the grocery shop price of $3.99lb for this vegetable  (now considered a fruit) that we have in abundance in our back yard. This pie is fresh and tangy and a perfect ending to nice meal topped with vanilla bean ice cream. Did you know […]

How To Help Your Wedding Party Save Money!

WEDDING BELLS COST MONEY   Weddings are expensive events and they are not getting cheaper any time soon for the couple and the wedding party. Some couples want a beautiful wedding with all the bells and whistles, and some want to wed as frugally as possible. When we got married, we tried to aim for something in between – and yes, we saved for the entire wedding up front. While the bride and groom certainly should consider their own costs ie: the wedding dress, suit, flowers, venue, food, accommodations just to mention a few they should also be mindful of the costs of those very important folks – the wedding party. Accepting the role to take part in a wedding party can really add up these days, but there are ways to keep costs down. Below are some ways that may help the wedding party and which we used when we got married.   Wedding Party Clothes   Don’t ask your wedding party to buy Italian lace dresses that cost $500  or strange coloured suits that happen to match your tablecloths unless you plan to pay for them. I let my bridesmaids select their own dresses (I went with black since […]

One day you will understand son, you have One Shot

Father’s Day A Time To Reflect No dad never took me hunting although he lives for it… that isn’t the “One Shot” he is talking about. It’s Father’s Day today and although I think of my dad year round today is the day I think about him all day and want to share him with you. I haven’t seen my father in years so I won’t be seeing him again this Father’s Day. I will be making a phone call back home to the United Kingdom to chat with dad and let him know how much appreciate what he’s done for me up until today. I’m pretty sure the fathers day card I mailed him should have arrived by now. Let me explain about how I’ve come to understand the meaning behind the lessons my father has taught me over the years. Life lessons I will always remember the words that came from my father’s mouth and still do “one day you will understand son, you have One Shot”.  When we are young we think the world revolves around us and think our parents are old farts telling us what to do. I remember seeing dad out in the garden every summer […]

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