Worry about your financial future now not when you retire : October Net Worth Update 2015 (+2.50%)

RETIRE HAVING THE MONEY YOU NEED FOR THE LIFESTYLE YOU WANT   Some people dream about when they get to retire where others forget about their financial future the moment they get their first pay-cheque. If you really don’t care about money and saving for your future you likely won’t be shocked if it doesn’t go as planned for you. I know times are tough but learning to save a dollar here and a dollar there is better than nothing at all. Canadians are worried about their debt and retirement and rightfully so, it’s a tough world out there. Even though I started buying houses when I was young I always kept telling myself that my financial future depended on what I did. I’m glad I listened to myself.   Your financial future depends on you   The time is now to start worrying about where you will be financially when you retire not when you retire. You shouldn’t have the burden of debt on your shoulders when you are a senior but many do and it’s tough. Not everyone has that golden opportunity to retire early but even if you have to continue working at least knowing there is […]

Are you happy with your current financial success? : September Net Worth Update 2015 (+0.67%)

PICTURE YOUR FINANCIAL FREEDOM   When I was younger I asked myself one important question, “How can I be successful in life?” I’m not just talking about financial success but I mean deep down happiness with all that I’ve achieved and how far I’m willing to take myself to grab what I want from life. Most people who are forward-thinkers like myself start planning their future early to build their financial success although it’s never an easy success unless you get lucky. I bought my first house at 21 years old so I was thinking about my financial success from a very young age. My parents owned a couple of successful businesses and invested in real estate so I was brought up in a world where customer service, networking and hard work were a part of my daily life. It was no easy path by any means although my parents did very well for themselves financially so I wanted to do the same. These days you’ll catch them vacationing most weeks of the year and enjoying their retired life without financial worry. My wife on the other hand was frugal when we met and financial success to her meant having […]

Savings Tips About Retirement from Grandma Opens Our Eyes : August Net Worth Update 2015 (+1.44%)

THERE WILL ALWAYS BE AN END   The last place the wife and I expected to discuss savings tips for retirement was in a retirement home with her grandmother by our side. The kicker is sometimes you don’t even have to say a word to understand what someone is trying to say or feeling. While visiting my wife’s grandmother after almost 13 years in a retirement home we learned that saving for retirement doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be living the high-life. Our emotions and actions speak louder than words and in this case it was clear that grandmother’s past words were surfacing in my wife’s mind. Her grandmother has Alzheimer’s disease and although she does have days where she talks there are days she says nothing at all. She’s been heard saying she’s waiting to visit the marble stone. In other words, she’s waiting to die. Although it’s heartbreaking to hear she’s lived a long, long amazing life,nearing 100 now. She never went with-out but with that came hard work and plenty of financial planning. My wife and I said that we are either going to die before we make it into a retirement home or we will spend our […]

Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about saving money : July Net Worth Update 2015 (+2.29%)

MONEY ISN’T EVERYTHING   It has always been hard for us to say no to our friends and family when the money wasn’t in the budget to do certain things. Saving money certainly does come with its ups and downs. Whether it would be taking a weekend getaway with family or spending more at Christmas on gifts we always stood our ground. There have been times we felt guilty that we didn’t participate in certain activities but money doesn’t grow on trees. Sometimes I believe that feeling guilty about money started when I was a young boy. When I earned my allowance I wanted to spend it when I could in moderation. Anytime I did want to spend money my mother or father would guilt me into saving it,”One day you will understand son”. As a child you feel guilt but in reality my parents were only teaching me money lessons. I think over the years now that money has become a guilty pleasure of ours. We’ve since learned to embrace our finances because if saving money is on the menu that means dessert is just around the corner (goals). You can eat your dessert first (debt) but it may […]

How financial management led this man to pay off $20,000 of debt : June Net Worth Update 2015 (+0.22%)

YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE   When it comes to financial management of your money there is no excuse about not knowing why you are in debt, besides the obvious. Calculating personal net worth is a controversial topic in the personal finance world only because everyone calculates their worth a little different. Some people may add liquid assets such as “stuff” they have acquired over the years as well vehicles and their primary residence. Others may not.   Financial management starts now   Whether you hire someone to manage your finances or you do all the leg work and management yourself you know that this task never ends. Money will always be a mission on the monthly “To-Do List” no matter how rich or poor you are. It’s been years now that my wife and I have been calculating our estimated personal net worth but we never quite gave much thought to the motivational aspects of knowing “What am I worth?”. What I mean is how taking charge of our finances have influenced our mindset. Financial management of our assets and liabilities didn’t come into play until we bought our first house together after we were married BUT we could […]

Senior shares trick to save money for retirement in three words : April Net Worth Update 2015 (+1.14%)

EMOTIONAL CONNECTION TO MONEY   We all want to know money saving secrets and this past week I learned something from a witty senior that will help you save money, although it may not come as a huge surprise to you. Do you feel stress coming on when you have to dip into your savings? We do at times because we aren’t getting any younger and know that life as a senior citizen can be difficult especially if you don’t have the funds to back up the lifestyle you need or want to live. There are people who are happy living from the Canada Pension Plan which is by the way max $1065.00 (2015) a month at age 65 but will it really be enough? Jim Yih at Retire Happy says, “Don’t count on the maximum” either when he talks about how much CPP will pay us in retirement. You would think with $120,000 savings that we have in the bank that it would be easy to spend money but it’s not especially after you know it may decrease your overall net worth and set you back a bit from attaining your retirement goals. This is why we budget and […]

Why personal net worth numbers interest people : March 2015 Net Worth Update (+1.48%)

THE COST OF HAVING NET WORTH   Your personal net worth may be more important to other people than it is to yourself depending on who you are. In the CBB house we have tracked our net worth for a couple of years now and it’s more of an indication of our financial health. It helps us to answer questions that we have regarding the way we save and spend our money. Are we improving our personal wealth using the tools and knowledge that we have or do we need to follow a different path?  This is what runs through our minds when we pull the data every month to share it with all of you. So far, we’re happy about how far we’ve come although growing our savings and retirement fund will require dedication to our budgeting system and how we apply it to daily living.   Personal Net Worth Fuels the Fire   If your passion is personal finance knowing your numbers is critical to your success. Without knowing what your personal net worth is it’s hard to make financial decisions that may increase that number. You have to spend money or invest money to “make money” and […]

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