How to handle when your spouse spends too much money

When Money Becomes A Problem   Money can easily become an issue in a marriage when one spouse spends more than the couple earns. Whether the spending habit was there before the union or it occurs as the marriage progresses it must be addressed before it spirals out of control. As I was walking to my car the other day leaving a grocery store my eye caught a woman walking back towards her car. Her husband was waiting at the car as she was throwing her hands up in the air obviously annoyed, as she approached their vehicle. I heard her say ‘I thought we had money on that card’. I am assuming she was unsuccessful paying for their grocery bill which brought up a lot of issues with her spouse. Her husband with an irritated look on his face got out of the car and proceeded to head back into the store with her. Not knowing their story and why the expected funds were not available I can only assume that there was a lack of communication or an oversight with their finances. I don’t know how this story ended as I minded my own business and continued to […]

Do men and women influence each others shopping habits?

HE SAYS SHE SAYS WHILE SHOPPING   Do men and women influence each others shopping habits? You bet they do and if you don’t agree next time you are out with your significant other keep your ears and eyes open and listen to the both of you talk. I’ve noticed during our shopping trips out, whether it be for food or not that we as a couple tend to influence each other when purchasing items. You’re probably going to say that real men go to the bar and watch hockey games while the women go out clothes shopping. The thing is, I love taking my wife out clothes shopping, picking out items for her to try on and let her know my honest opinion as to whether it’s just a try or a definite buy.   Buying clothes   We certainly swap roles when I walk round various shops looking for clothes. My wife takes on the role of picking out and then placing her statement of approval or not as the case may be on each item. Buying clothes on your own can be a little unrewarding because you only see what you want to see. Your partner should always be […]

Move In With Your Partner: The financial steps

TALK ABOUT MONEY FROM THE START By: Michelle A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine asked me a question: “Should I move in with my boyfriend?” Normally, I’m one to shell out advice in a matter of seconds, but this one had me a bit boggled. Moving in with a boyfriend or girlfriend can be quite a big leap for the relationship, and moving in too soon could have major ramifications both emotionally and financially.   Move In Ready Conversations   I’m a bit of a narcissist when it comes to love and relationships. I believe that the stars have to do more than just be in line for it to be “the right time.” Each person has to chip in and make some major steps- and that is especially true when it comes to getting financials ready for the big move in date. The first major step is to reveal your finances. Move in without knowing what’s in your partner’s pocketbook? HECK NO. While exchanging credit reports takes away the fun of it, a couple should be comfortable enough to sit down and hash out debts. If one person rebels or squirms away, that move in date […]

How to keep the romance alive on a budget

WHEN YOU FIND TRUE LOVE CHERISH IT   Expensive restaurants, weekend getaways, fine wine and jewellery are great to splash out on for the love in your life, but it can be really expensive to maintain that level of  frosting in a relationship. There are alternatives to these purchases that cost a lot less but still mean a great deal and say “I’m in love with you”.   The little things in life   Being romantic doesn’t necessarily imply that you run out and spend lots of cash on shiny things, quite the opposite depending on who your partner is and how you both view personal finance. A hand written love letter seems to be a lost art these days, especially when you post it so your loved one receives it in the mail. A card you bought from the dollar store can say “I Love You” just as well as that $5 Hallmark card version from the mall but you can afford that little effort more often. You can go the Full Monty and make a card from scratch depending on your skill level in the art department. I’m not sure that I would qualify as Hitch the professional dating doctor out to fix every Albert and […]

How to kung fu your way out of money manipulation

The Master Manipulator Gets What They Want I don’t know how true that is about a master manipulator but you can bet they started their mental manipulative techniques from a young age even if they didn’t realize they were doing it. Most people have no idea the way they come across to other people which can make them seem as if they are manipulators who always want something for nothing. They may also try to make someone feel awful if they don’t give in to the psychological manipulation that some people bestow upon them because they think they can. Manipulators Some of us are used to being taken advantage of at work when co-workers or even management rely on them so heavily that you feel guilty when you say no or they almost manipulate you into feeling that you are the only one to get the job done. That’s a tough spot to be in but so is when people especially loved ones use manipulators to get what they want from you including your money. While my friend a single-parent was visiting with his daughter recently I wanted to work with them both to show his daughter that not everything […]

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