What do you want money for?

We Want Money Only To Part With It How many times do you just go shopping and buy something because you say, oh I need that or I want that? Trust me, it happens to us but not as often as it used to. Its’ no secret that before we started to budget as a couple, spending was a free for all even though we spent less than we earned and made sure we had no debts. Money and marriage changed our lives but we put the plan in motion after getting marriage advice about marriage problems and money. There was never any thought put into what we want money for when we rented. Life was too easy for us at the time and that’s probably why so many people who leave home don’t understand why earning money is very important outside of living at their parent’s house. That is of course unless their parents taught them about money early and/or charged them rent. Now and then Before we bought our current home we were ready to sign the paperwork to purchase a business that would have changed our lives, even looking back today. Getting our finances and marriage off […]

Frugal Ways To Say I Love You This Valentine’s Day

WILL YOU BE MY FRUGAL VALENTINE?   February 14 may be Valentine’s Day but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to say, I LOVE YOU. Valentine’s Day is one of the most commercialized times of year next to Christmas in my opinion. Romance is in the air this time of year and when you walk into any shop you will know why. Everything from chocolates, fragrances, jewellery,  lingerie, sexy lotions and potions to unique Valentine’s Day gifts such as furry slippers and cupid shaped candles scream at you to buy me, buy me, I’m the one. Personally we don’t bust the budget on Valentine’s Day because every day is a special day in our relationship. Yes, OK it sounds cheesy but it’s true. That doesn’t mean we can’t plan something romantic for each other. If your woman says she doesn’t want anything for Valentine’s Day, don’t take it literally, do something or risk her heart being broken even if is a hand-written note. In my experience, I’ve found some women anxiously await what their significant-other has planned for them; but wait a minute, Valentine’s is not just for women. I wonder if women realize how stressful it can be for […]

My Biggest Money Mistake-Co-Signing and Taking On Debt

Money Mistakes aren’t always in your face but we learn from these mistakes to make it right the next time. There are many reasons people fall into debt but there are more reasons about why they should get out of debt even if that means fighting for your legal rights. You don’t need to make millions to use a budget but you do need to see the numbers. One of my fans contacted me with a story she wanted to share about her biggest money mistake. Not everyone is willing to step up to say “this is what happened” and “this is what I had to do to fix it“. Julie took steps to get back on track and I hope others can learn from her story and not be taken advantage of. Take your failures and make them a success story like Julie. Here is Julie’s Story…… Hello Mr. CBB! When I separated from my ex-husband, I had to file for bankruptcy. I wasn’t mismanaging funds but what landed me in hot water was failure to protect myself from love and money. This chapter in my life has taught me to become fairly self-reliant whilst living on no credit. Great lessons learned […]

What Most Women Want In A Man… and It’s Not Always Money $

      Have you ever met a couple and thought, “why is he with her” or “why is she with him” because I haven’t and that’s because I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Frankly I don’t care why other people want to date each other, to each their own.  Remember that movie, “What Women Want” in 2008 starring Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson? Yes, Mrs. CBB had me watch it along with every Twilight movie going. Did I mention I was a fan of the Young and The Restless, all her doing. Well it’s true women just don’t want men with a big bank account because money can be earned and saved. Women want more than just a hot body, money and a man who can go all night in the bedroom. They want a gentleman with brains who knows how to treat her right but also has goals in life. Money can be earned, that’s right and more women today are independent and don’t need cowboy money which I think is sexy. You will be surprised how many women think frugal men are sexy but that’s because they understand the point that money doesn’t grow on trees. Then […]

Money Fights and Money Problems

Money Fights and Money Problems It’s been said that “money fights and money problems” are one of the top causes of divorce. And as someone who went through a divorce myself, I can tell you those things are very stressful — especially if you have problems with debt, overspending, income, or even just very different points of view about how money should be handled in general. Yet I don’t believe that relationships actually fail because of money issues. Instead, I think that money fights and money problems are more often symptoms of something deeper that may be wrong within the relationship — especially when they happen on a regular basis. Some examples Let’s look at budgeting, for example. If one partner is really into creating a detailed budget, and the other nods and smiles and agrees to the budget but then refuses to follow it in reality month after month, you’ve got a problem. And it’s not about the budget. Yet the resulting fights often are. The one who blew the budget justifies their actions (maybe by stating that the budget is too strict, or by accusing the other person of trying to control them) and the one who stuck to […]

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