Are you envious of others’ success in life?



Envious definition for me means that someone wishes they could have your success but they just need to find their own path to reach their goals. 

The minute your friends Facebook status goes up and says they got a new job, a new car or are in a new relationship do you get upset that it’s not you?

Do you question why nothing good ever happens to you?

Are you feeling jealous of other people’s success?

Don’t be but if you answered no I’d say you are telling a lie because every one of us a tiny bit of envy towards something. It’s how we handle that envy that matters the most.

No one likes to feel as if they failed at life and that they have no other options but to accept what they have been given. I think that we can do anything we want with this one life we are given if we find a way to make our dreams come true.

Sometimes all you need is a positive boost from a friend or someone who believes in you and before you know it you will land your dream job. Never give up on yourself.

I don’t think that just because someone is envious that it’s a bad thing. I should hope that with being envious of others success that someone challenges themselves to work harder.

Sometimes that’s what it takes to light a fire under someone’s butt to get the ball rolling in terms of their career or financial goals. Too often people sit around and sulk about how life has not been the greatest for them yet they put all that negativity ahead of anything positive in their lives.

When we look at things that spark a bit of envoy or jealousy in our lives and take that and work it into our own lives maybe we will be the next ones laughing all the way to the bank.

Envious people


There will be jealousy all around us whether it’s envious friends, envious co-workers or envious strangers that we’ve never met before.

They want what you might have but lack the desire to achieve it on their own or feel they can’t, have tried and failed then gave up. I’m sure the list can be ongoing but none the less these people need to flip their attitude and work it into bringing in success that makes them happy.

I’m pretty sure most of you have a friend you can call Money Bags because they seem to have an unlimited supply of cash. Then one day you will catch them on one of Gail Vaz Oxlade’s shows like Money Moron because all that showing off was done on credit they can’t pay back. What’s to be envious of that?

You may even find jealousy in your relationships but that just means someone has to build up the confidence in themselves and just trust love. Envy in love is not a good place to be because money and love can cause problems if the two people in the relationship are not on the same page.

If the male believes he is unsuccessful or that he should be making more money than his partner it could cause problems. If you are not happy with your career in the first place this may cause problems in a relationship because one is so focused on getting a job rather than the relationship.

Some people can’t be happy in love until they are happy in career. It’s just the way they are wired and sometimes letting go of these relationships might be the best thing for both of you unless you can weather the storm together.

Job envy


Being on the bottom of the ladder in an industry can be hard. Everyone around you gets paid more and has more opportunities to advance their career or move on to another job. This is the time to start learning past what you’re getting paid for and don’t let the envy under your skin.

It’s easy to come home at the end of the day and forget about work. You could be moaning about how someone at work was bossing you around because they are higher up than you. Get out there and improve yourself, take part-time courses if necessary.

Having envious thoughts against your neighbour because they have a better job than you can be a little harder to swallow. If they are a trades-person they have served several years as an apprentice on the bottom of the ladder too.

They had to acquire skills over the years to get to where they are now. A doctor or other highly skilled medical profession also takes years. I’m sure some of these people were envious of others at one point or another but put their skills to work and now they are reaping the rewards of a career they always dreamed of.

A lot of people have good jobs or well-paying jobs because they listened, learned and applied themselves to be the best at what they can be. They sacrificed nights out drinking with their buddies to build something that you are now envious of.


Financial envy


I’ve written before about how you should never compare your financial numbers with others numbers because you simply can’t do that. For different reasons and opportunities we all have accumulated wealth based on our savings ability, income levels and our determination to be debt-free or not.

I’ve said it a million times that “it’s not about how much money you make it’s how you save it” and it’s a saying that I created years ago and stand by fully. I’ve pretty much littered this blog with my quote in hopes of getting through to people and I’ve had some fans tell me that since starting a budget they understand what I mean now.

I know that when I was making a lower-income I was still saving money and paying off bills however I did not accumulate any debt. We were still able to go out for walks and spend time together as a couple doing things that didn’t cost money or very little. I guess thinking ahead of ourselves was smart, marriage, house, kids, travel etc.

If we wanted to do all of that we knew we needed the cash set aside. If we blew all of our money now to live in the moment we 100% knew we’d struggle down the road. If that’s the road you want to take, then so be it. It’s your life.

If you make the decision to start putting things on credit then you are deciding to bring debt into your life.

If you can save cash to pay for what you need it is 100 times better than putting it on a credit card and paying minimum payments each month. The other options are to save cash and buy second-hand items. If you have the mind-set that you need to impress everyone and have shiny new things and you don’t have the cash be ready to live with debts you need to pay off.

If you don’t have that mind-set like we have then you can live with an older refrigerator, a used vehicle and buying things that are essential as opposed to ‘wants’ in our lives. This has helped us to get where we want to be today, debt-free.

We never once cared what other people make because we know that just because you make 6 figures doesn’t mean that you are worth more than the guy who makes minimum wage. Think about it for a second.

It’s all about spending and saving. If you don’t have the discipline to save and watch your spending DON’T complain about what others have in the bank.

You don’t need TV, Internet, Junk Food, pop at the gas station, fast food, theatre nights, fancy clothes, hair styling, nails, booze, travel etc. In those rare circumstances there are people who live at the poverty line or below it or cannot work for one reason or another.

If you are fully capable of working then get out there and keep looking until someone says yes or find ways to get more education, volunteer, network even move if you have to. Do whatever it takes and get rid of feeling sorry for yourself because no one will care.

Those items above and many more are nice to have but only if you have the cash to pay for them while accomplishing your financial goals. That is what we live by but others may disagree and that’s fine, it’s your bank account in the end that maters to you not me.

So go ahead and be envious of what other people have but I’ll tell you that it won’t get you anywhere until you focus on your own financial goals and priorities.


Happiness envy


You don’t know everyone’s circumstances so this is very difficult to judge and besides I would never even attempt to build my happiness on what others have or don’t have. Happiness doesn’t mean you have money.

I know some people who have not a penny to rub together but they are always happy and enjoying the simple things in life. They are happy just to wake up in the morning. Sometimes the more you have the more you want or think you need. Then there are the people who have money and are miserable because just like the saying goes, “money can’t buy you love” or happiness.

Some people could have everything in the world yet be depressed. It depends on what you find that makes you happy. It could be helping others, achieving goals each day. The only person that can make you happy is you.

Looking into others’ lives and deciding that since they go out as a couple all the time or family vacations and believe they have no worries in the world is the wrong way to view people. Credit cards buy happiness for short periods of time and some people can hide being unhappy very well.

How not to be jealous of other people’s success

If you find you are envious of someone else’s success the first thing you need to do is accept that you have that envy but then do something about it. Find a way to make other people envy your drive and success.

If you can fuel yourself from something that you view as a negative half the battle is won. Below are a few tips I would use if I was envious of someone’s success and needed to find a way to boost my own.

  • Worry about your own life first
  • Set goals, realistic ones and start achieving them
  • Involve others in your happiness
  • Get out make friends and spend time with family
  • Smile
  • Network with like-minded people
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Get rid of that negative attitude
  • Believe in yourself
  • Never give up

As you can see being envious of others successful life or what you believe is successful is really all in your head. It’s up to you to make your world the happiest, best place it can be and no one else will do that for you.

Be grateful for what you have and if you want more, well you know what you need to do and maybe you might find people are envious of something you have that they don’t.



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How to save money whilst doing your hobbies



We all know how expensive hobbies can be.

Shelling out for that new pair of running shoes, or extra flying lessons for those a little more adventurous can leave serious holes in our pockets.

The thought of giving it up simply doesn’t cross our mind.

In the day-to-day stresses of life hobbies are becoming an important aspect of keeping us fit, healthy and stress free.

They offer a relief and change of mind-set from our everyday lives so giving them up due to financial constraints can often leave us feeling down. But, why should you give them up?

There are plenty of ways to save money while still continuing to do the things you love and in some cases you can also make a nice profit yourself.

Of course people spend vastly different amounts on their hobbies every year. A woman hugely passionate about skiing is almost guaranteed to spend a lot more than a man who enjoys sitting by the fire and playing guitar but whatever your interest you could save yourself a small fortune.

Gardening for example is a particular favourite for people across the globe. But even a simple hobby like spending time on your flowerbeds can save you dollars.

People of all ages are enjoying getting out in the garden more and more, but equipment can often be pricey. Purchasing second-hand tools and then maintaining them properly will keep more cash in your pocket, whilst what you plant can help you elsewhere.


Using your hobby to become self-sufficient


What we eat especially in today’s economic climate is becoming more and more costly. There’s also a growing trend of becoming more environmentally friendly.

Health food stores are bustling yet there’s a great untapped source we fail to use to pick up our produce, our gardens.

While we aren’t suggesting you invest in chickens a vegetable patch means you can become self-sufficient with your groceries as well as eating much fresher and much healthier.


Be sensible with your costings


Meanwhile other hobbies can leak money drastically if you don’t take care. Equipment in games such as golf and skiing can mount up to huge prices on top of paying resort fees and competition entries, whilst the ever popular gambling industry can be hugely beneficial one minute and problematic the next.

However, sites such as implement their Responsible Gaming policies to ensure you don’t lose too much money. Players can self-exclude themselves as well as also adjusting maximum and minimum deposit limits at any time.

But it’s not just in the gambling industry where you can think about how much money you put into your hobby. With pretty much any passion there are key aspects you can look not just to keep cost down but also profit from possessing a skill.


Selling your skill


One of the most common ways to cut down on spending is to supplement it with earnings. There are plenty of ways to make money from your hobby, particularly if you’re musical.

Amateur musicians have a wealth of options to make the money for that next Rickenbacker or jazz flute. Busking and gigging are popular ways of boosting funds as well as being able to do what many musicians love, performing.

It isn’t just performing which can have a positive effect on your bank balance either. Selling CD’s can also contribute whilst becoming a tutor is the choice of many when looking for extra income.

Of course this isn’t exclusive to music, knitting, photography and craft-making can all be worthwhile money makers, using the likes of Etsy to sell your items.


Turn your hobby into a business


However, it’s important to take one step at a time when you begin to earn from your hobby and if you’re serious about turning it into a career there are a number of steps you must take.

Understanding the basics of business is a must, and you should probably seek advice before throwing yourself into a project. Things such as declaring your business can often be overlooked when switching from hobby to career so it’s important you do plenty of research in order to become a legitimate business.

Most importantly however is that you don’t let business take the fun out of your hobby. When money becomes involved stress can often creep back into your life.

Your hobby is a hobby for a reason and your enjoyment should not be compromised although there is little better than earning from doing something you love.




A blog or webpage is perhaps the easiest way to do that. Not only does it have the ability to show off your talents to billions of people across the globe it’s a platform for you to be passionate about what you love, and can often lead to it become a hobby in itself.

Quite often if a blog is ran well enough and updated regularly, some businesses will wish to advertise on your website. By keeping on top of a blog and creating high quality content you can earn money for every bit of advertising space you offer to brands and other websites.

This could be worth considering if you don’t want to turn your hobby totally into a business.


Simply save


Of course most people just simply enjoy their hobbies because they don’t rely on them. They are stress free ways to get out in the world and forget about troubles such as money.

Even hobbies such as hiking, swimming, running can all run on lower costs by making minor adjustments. Staying in your local area rather than travelling a few hours out of town will cut down on petrol, whilst joining a club is often beneficial with the options to lone equipment, car share and ultimately meet like-minded people.

A recent study in Britain showed that one in 10 had given up their hobbies due to rising costs but with so many ways to cut down on spending the question still remains, why should you give them up?



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How Rogers long-distance charges bumped our monthly wireless bill



Most people assume they know everything they need to know about their wireless account until the bill arrives in the mail.

If you don’t know the details of your wireless plan it’s imperative that you review the information so you don’t get a shocking bill like we received last week.

Considering that we call Rogers customer relations every year our billing cycle is up to see what new promotions are available and to negotiate a new deal for the year even the best promos can sting you if you don’t know the provisions.

When the bill came in we found out that we went over our long distance usage on the cell phone while I was on the road training for work.

Our initial thoughts were  that calling the cell phone from our home phone was long distance when in fact it wasn’t it was local since we were calling a local number on the cell.

I am the first to agree that we don’t have the best long distance plans with our cell and home phone but we didn’t think that going over was as costly as it is.

Typically when I call home to the UK I use a $5-$10 phone card and it lasts me hours of talking to my family.

Since we ran out of long-distance on the cell phone we thought we were using our home phone long distance plan, wrong. A big oops that’s for sure but we live and learn.

We thought we were using home phone long-distance minutes when it was actually the cell phone that was using the long-distance.


The cost of error


Since we only had 100 long-distance minutes free for North America apparently we went over by 300 minutes which came to the grand total of ….. (are you sitting down) an extra  almost $73 on our monthly Rogers bill with incoming long distance charges. 

I was a bit upset to say the least so I called up the customer relations department at Rogers to get some feedback on the bill. The customer service representative explained to me what had happened and there wasn’t too much I could say except that we simply made a mistake.

Even though we messed up I was disheartened with the charges for simple North American long distance and I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that Rogers needs to take the prices down a notch.

I know, I know suck it up and you are right that’s the price we have to pay for not knowing the wireless plan details. We won’t be making that mistake, EVER again.

For those parents who have children with cell phones or anyone else it’s very important to talk about how much it costs to use long-distance or even going over in data usage.


The outcome


The kind rep at Rogers did a one time reversal and took half the charge away when I decided to cancel her cell phone as I was fed up with 2 months in a row having to pay extra.

Last month it happened with our home phone that we went over using long-distance and the bill was much higher because there is no where on Rogers website that I can track my home phone long-distance usage.That’s right we got stung not once, but twice the past 2 months.

When I called Rogers customer service told me they couldn’t tell me what I had used for long-distance minutes and that I should track my own minutes manually.

Lots of good that does a customer when you have 500 minutes to use but have no idea what you’ve used.

I don’t know many people who set a timer when they talk long-distance and with technology today that should be an easy fix for Rogers. Providing customers with ease of service should be priority along with excellent service, excellent prices and the list goes on and on.

Hey, we don’t live in a perfect world so when we get screwed we must live an learn and never let it happen again. I’m hoping Rogers works on making changes to the home phone long-distance so it’s easier to track long-distance usage up to the minute like we can easily do with our cell phone long-distance usage.

Then my Rogers cancellation department rep proceeds to tell me that for an extra $4 or so a month I can get unlimited North American long- distance minutes and texting including photos.

Oh, nice, thanks for telling us that ages ago… but if you don’t ask they won’t tell you I guess.

They would rather you pay the overage because that makes them more money but if they have to risk you leaving they pull out all the stops to keep you as a customer. I’m glad they did because I have been generally happy with Rogers since I’ve moved here and the wife for over 12 years of her having service.


Cancelling wireless plan


I had to tell them I was cancelling in order to be told about the different plan only because we figured we might as well find a better plan somewhere else since we were only month to month and not on a contract.

It seems everyone we know has an awesome plan with their provider so the options are endless when it comes to wireless deals.

Why should Rogers offer such a lucrative package to someone if they really didn’t need it in the first place which clearly they didn’t think we did according to our past bills. So, we are paying a few dollars more for the cell phone starting now but we won’t have to worry about our long-distance charges any longer.

It pays to ask questions and speak up because you never know what deals are lurking behind the scenes but most of all don’t be afraid to wave good-bye if you don’t get the price and services you want because competition is fierce.

If Rogers or any other wireless service wants to keep up they must keep the customers happy, including the one’s who have been long-time patrons.


UK cell phones


I don’t ever remember having this much trouble with phones in the UK and BT (British Telecom) were at one point renowned for being completely useless. The main difference with phones in the UK is that every call you make you pay for even if it’s to the house across the street.

However, you do not get charged for receiving calls as you do here, which is beyond me. I used to have a package called the Low User Scheme where they actually paid you money back if you didn’t use all of your allocated minutes. My average quarterly phone bill was roughly £28 ($47) or £9 ($15) a month.

Not what you’d call expensive and yet I still used the phone normally, just watched how much I used it. I have yet to find anything similar in price or structure on the Canadian market.

There was that cheap land-line at my old house in England and then I had a mobile phone on top which was “Pay as you go” and once every few months I would put £20 ($34) on it and it would stay there until I used it.

The pay as you go scheme here works differently and just removes any credit you have at the end of the month if you don’t use it. Surely that’s missing the entire point of “pay as you go”?

Now we get on to the price difference, we as residents of Canada pay enormous costs for mobile phone charges. Hopefully the ever ridiculous prices we pay for mobile phones will be brought under control because phone companies are just lining their pockets.

It gets to the point where you have to be careful how much you’re using the phone these days. We always make sure that the land-line is used to local calls because they are free, which in turn keeps the mobile from racking up unnecessary used minutes.


Bill for November


Keep in mind our monthly cell phone bill is typically $31.12 a month including tax and as you can see Rogers long distance rates were off the charts and we paid the price. Although the plan below is an excellent plan for those that don’t use the cell phone too often but still want all the perks it’s very important to track usage along the way.

Regular charges
November Wireless usage $72.90
200 Wkday & Unlimited Eve/Wknd $17.50
Savings: 12% Off Better Choice Bundles $-2.10
100 Anytime Canadian LD Mins $5.00
Savings: 100 Canadian Anytime LD Mins $-5.00
Value Pack* $10.00
6pm Early Evening Calling $7.00
Savings: Early Evening Option $-7.00
Gov’t Regulatory Recovery Fee $2.13
Call Forwarding/Call Transfer $3.00
Savings: Call Forwarding/ Call Transfer $-3.00
Total before taxes: $101.43
 Total for Wireless: $114.62

New cell phone plan


Below are the details of our new Rogers cell phone plan.

  • Unlimited Canada-wide Talk & Text
  • $35.00/month
  • Unlimited Weekday Minutes
  • Unlimited Eve & Wknd Minutes
  • Unlimited Canadian LD
  • Call Display
  • Billed Usage-Invoice Details
  • Call Forwarding/Call Transfer
  • Unlimited Text/Pic/Video Messages

So, for a few more dollars a month we no longer have any stress worrying about long-distance charges, text, photo or video messages which makes owning a cell phone a bit more tolerable for us.

Have you had any crazy charges on your cell phone?



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Comparing the comparison sites in Canada

compare-this-apples-to-applesCOMPARE ONLINE PRICES AND SAVE


If you love to budget your money like we do then the fact that I love to compare prices on just about anything will come as no surprise to you.

When I used to live in the UK there were many comparison sites on the web that could compare and select the best choices for just about everything.

Anything from the cost of socks to which domestic gas supplier you choose and which home insurance covers the damage if the gas supplier was a bad choice.


UK to Canada


After moving to Canada there didn’t seem to be anywhere near the amount of choices of utility companies, insurance companies etc. That is until I started looking into insurance for my first Canadian car.

After reading many stories online about other people’s successful emigration to Canada and how they saved money on their car insurance, following their footsteps should have been fool-proof.

The phone was in full use while I phoned just about every insurance agent in the local area and was disappointed at best and totally disgusted at worst with the quotes they were coming up with. One quote for car insurance for 1 year was in excess of $6,000, which was utterly ridiculous.

I’d held a valid UK driving licence from a young age, never had a crash or even a speeding ticket. My previous insurance company in the UK even furnished me with proof of 10 years NO CLAIMS DISCOUNT certificate, which basically states I’ve never claimed on the insurance.

So why was the insurance rate so far from reasonable? I don’t know, but it wasn’t a true reflection of my driving skills, it was more of a money-making scheme, or at least that’s what it felt like.

If the Canadian government were perfectly happy to allow me to do a straight swap from my British driving licence to a full Canadian licence with no extra testing then why on earth would the insurance companies I called deem me to be a potential disaster on the roads?

I’m happy to say I did find an Insurance company that would honour my UK no claims discount and I’ve been happily insured with them ever since. But the whole insurance process took me through the ringer and I gave up using agents as such and tried my hand at dealing direct with the insurance company.

Trawling the internet also revealed a small but evolving community of comparison sites in Canada.

There are loads of sites in the UK and in the USA but not so many in Canada. That may be due to the lower population density, but I’m always open to other opinions.


Comparison sites Canada


Now back to the comparing, when it came to getting ourselves a mortgage I used to find what I wanted from a mortgage at the rate I wanted, phoned the mortgage broker and requested that they find the same deal.

Not long after that, we were happily signing the paperwork and the rest, as they say, is history.

The gas tanks is another budget guzzler so I’m always on the hunt for the best prices on gas in our local area.

On a more week to week basis I use to check the price of the local filling stations or those that I will pass on whatever journey I may be taking. That way I can take full advantage of the lower prices at each garage forecourt and save myself a little at the pump every time I fill up. There other sites but it seems to be a little harder to track them down unless you’re prepared to spend hours wading through pages on the internet.

During my brief Canadian adventure in this period of my life, I’ve also had to return to the internet to compare many other things such as TV’s, Computer equipment, household appliances, car parts, in fact quite a lot. There are some sites that are certainly well put together and keep up to date in order to give you, the customer a more accurate picture of what is available out there.

Those giants like or often don’t compete as well as some of the other names out there so always hitting the same sites may actually be costing you more than you think.

It’s always surprising to me how many times always comes up as a good price for many items, considering they are a department store. For instance, Sears not only price matched a TV for me against an online retailer for Black Friday one year, but they beat it too by 10% and I had the bonus of taking it home and not having to wait for it from a parcel delivery company.

But just in case you need to shop for household items there is or who both compare just about everything you can put inside a house. This can narrow down your search, but I tend to find I’m looking at different model numbers, so I try to narrow my initial search by make and model number. Once you have your results you can narrow the possibilities even further.

Would you like to purchase online, it may save you some gas money but you may have to pay the delivery charges. I can remember a specific electronic item I was looking for and found that my local ‘The Source’ shop had it and was only 10 minutes away.


Review of comparison sites


I suppose comparison sites not only save you money on the purchase of the required item but also time trying to find it at that price and the gas that would have been previously needed to run round and find it.

Remember to always read the small print though, just because one price is cheaper than the other, company policies may vary wildly.

Make sure you ask questions or find out the answers to important questions you might have. Are returns accepted? Is return shipping free?

Always do your own research about the product and the company your thinking about purchasing it from.

Comparison sites won’t tell you all the details, so it’s in your own interest to read more and find out the details.

Here are a few other comparison sites in Canada and what they compare:

Maybe you know of others that I don’t so please share them in the comment section of this post for others who want to compare prices.

  • for FREE Auto Insurance Quotes and they also offer Home, Travel, Health, Insurance quotes and more
  • for Car Insurance, Mortgages, Bank Accounts, Home Insurance and more
  • for Insurance on homes, life and cars etc.
  • …. again…. for insurance rates
  • Canequity for mortgage rates
  • who compare gas and electricity prices as well as Cell phones, Broadband providers and more.

What comparison sites do you use, or would you recommend one or more that I’ve already mentioned?




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Happiness Is everything: Saving Money, Buying Time


By: Katrina

Keeping Life Simple Makes Life Easier

Keeping in theme with Mr. CBB’s post this week Money isn’t everything, happiness is relationships and love I decided to share a bit about my day-to-day life. You all know how hectic and busy my life is but now I want to share with you how I am making more time for things that make me happy and saving money at the same time.

I’m a mom on the go so working, caring for your children and a house can be overwhelming and challenging. I strive to find the proper balance between them all. I love my job, wish I could spend more time with the kids and less time cleaning and organizing our house.

What is worth your time?

How often do you say I just need a few more minutes or a couple more hours in a day? What could you eliminate from your life or reduce the amount doing in your day to find that time? I want more time to do things like work on my son’s writing and my daughter’s drawing and spend less time doing housework.

Mr.CBB’s to-do list has been great in helping me get some of the bigger projects done around my house which makes me so happy to finally get them done, but then I find I’ve neglected things like laundry and the bathroom, there is always something to do.

I don’t want to spend all my time at home cleaning, organizing and folding laundry. These last few months I’ve been working on how I manage my time which has been a straight-line focus for me. My goal has been ongoing and I’m trying to eliminate the craziness in my life. Has it been easy? No, not but I’m getting there and like Mr. CBB says, we should never give up when we want to reach our goals, we need to push.

What makes you happy? 

How often have you found yourself saying, “I wish I had more time to spend with my kids” or just simply sit down and read a book? I ask myself this question all of the time but that’s all going to change for me. There is just too much to do in our home and honestly I don’t want to do it all anymore. After work I would love to spend every night playing with the kids but all I can ever see is all the things that need to get done.

Eliminate unnecessary stress 

If you have been around Canadian Budget Binder for a while you likely know that I do not like doing laundry, mainly folding. Mr. CBB has been teasing me with the offer of trading laundry for landscaping and I’ve contemplated responding to him with a giant, YES!!

Although I know he loves to cook and just last week he asked, “do women find men sexy who cook”, well I wouldn’t kick him out of my kitchen if he wanted to whip up some of his famous fudgy brownies for me. I keep hoping one day he will actually come through for me. Please?  Just before we left for vacation opening my laundry room door and looking at the mountain of clothes made me realize that whoa, we have way too many articles of clothing.

I have been fortunate to save money buying clothes for the kids and myself by receiving hand-me-downs from great family and friends. In no way do I mean to sound ungrateful but we all know how hard it can be to say no to something when it’s free. I have to question though, does my son really need 50 t-shirts and 20 pairs of pants?

Presumably we can cut his wardrobe back to 20 shirts and 10 pairs of pants or even less and get through just fine. Now that I will be downsizing our closets for all three of us I may have to do laundry a little more often but what I hope I can do is teach the kids to take better care of their clothes. Oh yeah and not have to fold as much! That will be another life skill which I will teach my children but one that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Donating excess items

I am ever so grateful for the clothing donations that were given to me so a friend of mine will be sending the excess clothes to the Philippines, how awesome is that? There are many things in our home that I believe we can do without so as I find items I no longer need or want I pass them along to someone who can use them by donating them. I’m not worried about making a fast dollar from selling the clothes as I believe in when you give you get and then you give back to others. This helps me save money and then I save someone else some money too.

This approach is also going to be applied to my kitchen, I loved and appreciate every single wedding gift and shower present we received but I have learned what I need and what I use and will be finding new homes for the rest. Cutting back on time in the kitchen and laundry room will greatly minimize the stress of my daily chores.

While reducing the amount of belongings in our home I am also testing my self-control to stop bringing unnecessary items into our home. So now when I am shopping I will not only ask myself the question ‘I can buy it, but can I afford it?’ but also where is it going to go and do we really need it? Or do I really want to fold more laundry and that answer will more often than not be NO!

Buying time

De-cluttering, downsizing and minimizing all 3 words in my mind right now because after some soul-searching this past month I realized my life was cluttered and I was tired all the time. Now I know that happiness is everything and if I can save myself time and money to spend with the kids and on what we want to do then I’ll do whatever it takes to make us happy. Keep your life simple and you will see the beauty that we often pass by because once time is gone, it’s gone.

What could you do without for just a little more time money and happiness? 

katrina cbb

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Katrina is regular contributor for Canadian Budget Binder and is as passionate about personal finance as she is gardening. Katrina is a horticulture graduate with over 10 years experience with landscaping and greenhouse production.

Her goal is to share her knowledge and experiences blogging about gardening and her continued passion for personal finance in hopes of motivating others. While being a single mom of two and an in-store marketing representative  for major retail shops she also runs her own Landscaping Services in Southwestern Ontario.