Shopping Tips We Use To Save Money

Shop and Save The Smart Way Advertisers are brilliantly skilled when it comes to making us believe we are getting more for our money but we have the final say in what we buy. Strategically planning your shopping means you invest some time in saving money in your budget. Shopping can and does cause people to spend more than they earn which leads them to run out of money before the end of the month.  Don’t let that happen to you. Shop smart and plan your shopping and you will see that  the time you invest in your shopping will pay you back over the long-term. Shopping tips we use to save money Shop for Coupons:  We look for online coupons before we shop – Nearly every major company in Canada has a website and includes coupon codes, promos and printable coupons. Keep an eye out for coupon codes that also promote free shipping as that sometimes can add up when you check out. We also use coupons that the manufacturer has put out for consumers. Shop In Bulk:If there is a product that we use often and the price is right we buy it in bulk. For example: We like to […]

The Celebrate Like Scrooge Christmas Gift Exchange

Now I know that old Ebenezer Scrooge has a reputation, and it isn’t as a suave investor or brilliant saver. I imagine him walking about in a house coat with a grimace and a hook for a nose. Not exactly the kind of guy I want babysitting my three kiddos. But let’s not deny that he was a hard worker who amassed a large fortune by spending very little and sacrificing where required. Besides his gruff exterior and dislike for Christmas, isn’t he just a wise spender! There is a lesson here, I can sense it In honour of Ebenezer Scrooge’s wise habits I am going to change my giving this year and would like to have you join me in this new tradition. I am going to cut back on non-essential gift giving, and definitely not go into debt while shopping. That’s right! I am going against the social norm to start a new tradition. No more generic $20.00 trinket or gift card. My friends and I are going to give each other crap from our basement. To participate with me, just find something hideous or broken in your basement and wrap it up in newsprint to give to some poor sucker in a Christmas […]

How To Get The Best Car Leasing Deal

Leasing a car rather than purchasing one can prove to be much more cost-effective and is an option being chosen by a growing number of people. Some people like to change their cars every so often and others use them for their business. Some chose to purchase the car at the end of the lease as an option. However, there a few ways to make sure that you get the very best car leasing deal for you:  Commit To The Right Lease Length, Longer Can Be Cheaper Lease companies will offer you their lease cars for specific amounts of time. Over commit and you could be left with a car that you don’t want, under commit and you could be handing your car back before you are ready. Car leasing tends to vary around two years to five years although different terms are available. Make sure that you commit to the amount of time best for you but do keep in mind that in general, the longer you keep the car, the more cost-effective it will be. Because an advanced payment will be required, the longer you keep the lease car, the further that initial payment will stretch. For example, if […]

Why Taking Care Of Your Eyes Is A Good Investment

Our eyes are the windows to our soul they say, so why do so many leave them to chance when preventative measures can be taken to protect them. We all know that having the best possible vision makes us more productive individuals. Today’s careers rely on computers and technology which potentially can cause a host of  health problems if  not careful. Eye-strain, headaches, and neck and back problems can all be helped with the proper visual correction. While It’s great to have new glasses, you can easily wear ten-year old frames held together with duct tape. Although you might not get too many dates, you certainly won’t go blind. The real hidden danger in not getting regular eye exams is the risk of eye diseases. Many eye conditions have no symptoms until they reach advanced stages. While there are many problems I could list, the top conditions causing vision loss that could have been prevented with routine eye care are as follows: Macular Degeneration-This disease damages your central vision, blurring anything in direct focus like words or faces. While your risk does increase with age, I have seen signs of macular degeneration start with people in their 40’s, especially smokers. Smoking […]

Discounted,Discontinued,Dented and End of Season Sales=Buying Power

I call them the 3 D’s+E discounted, discontinued, dented and end of season, all friends of mine. By the end of September summer will take off for another year and seasonal reduced items are already being spotted on the shelves. Yet as fast as the shelves empty they are filled with you guessed it, Halloween décor and candy for the scary munch-kins. Yesterday at Canadian Tire almost all of their summer products were begging to be scooped up by savvy deal shoppers. Now is a great time of year to purchase next year’s vegetable and flower seeds, gardening tools, hanging baskets, lawn care products and if you’re lucky plants that need some love and care. When we purchased our house we picked up so many plants on offer at the end of the year and many of our friends are amazed at the beauty of our back garden. If they only knew we picked most of them up at a fraction of the price. Just after Boxing Day last year we were able to pick up enough outdoor lights to finish off our house. The first year we were here we picked up 4 boxes of  Christmas lights for outside the house […]

Sustainable Living on a Budget…A Lil’ Suburban Homestead Thing

Suburban Homestead, what is that? Why the chickens? Why the garden? Why the bees? Why the survival preparations? I would love to have what you have but we don’t want to deal with the hassle….. We will come to your place when things really get bad because you guys are prepared…. We hear this a lot! Hi I’m Karen Lynn and my husband “The Viking in my life” is Eric we are really the team behind Lil’ Suburban Homestead our kids do help out when asked to be involved but you have to understand we aren’t off grid we are leading normal lives. Eric and I both work full-time, we still go to football games, we are in clubs, we go fishing, we love going to the mountains and behind all the scenes we raise bees, chickens, raise a nice supplemental portion of food in the garden, and we prep for the future. I am a Techie I love HBO and my Droid Razr so some might say well that’s not very frugal and I say even frugal people can be entertainment addicts and actually I negotiated my cable bill down quite low. We do eat at home, we do […]

Solving Spending Pressures of the Holiday Season

You’re probably at the beach or spending time in the pool and snow and ice are the furthest thing from your mind. It’s only July but thinking about the Holiday Season early can save you money and help take the stress down a notch with a an early planning strategy. The Holiday Season was special for my family in the UK and there was a feeling of  joy in the air every day in December. We celebrated Christmas in the UK but just not on the level as Mrs. CBB’s family does here in Canada. Looking back I think if we had the snow it might have had a bigger impact on us. You know how we are all dreaming of a white Christmas… well that is part of the experience but not all of us get it. My father used to always say,”I was lucky if I got an orange son,you don’t know you’re born“. In other words you don’t know how lucky you have it now compared to life before you were born. My Mum and Dad would always help us kids decorate a tree and we would all have gifts to open on Christmas morning followed by […]

Mr.or Mrs. Money Bags… Is that you?

Who is Mr. or Mrs. Money Bags?  Well, are you the first person who pulls out his/her wallet always offering to pay? Do you have a friend who does this and you think they are super awesome?  Then you or they are likely acting like Mr. or Mrs. Money Bags unless you or they have bank accounts that need using up. Most people “imagine the freedom” to be rich as someone is keeping Ontario Lottery Gaming Corporation and the casinos in business. Not everyone will become the millionaire but some sure act like they do all the way into what sometimes happens, bankruptcy or flaunting obnoxious behaviour. There is a suave etiquette that follows the well to do people-the right words,the right clothes, the sexy hair style, the latest gadgets, the right laugh, body language, smiles, white teeth, snazzy shoes, the glitzy friends etc. Television and internet often draws dreamers into fantasy land and they want so badly to be on a different level. Not necessarily movie star status but simply a level that their wallet and lifestyle simply can’t support. Some even fall into the shopping addiction trap which can add significant amounts of money to their ever-growing credit line. […]

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