A parking lot scam for money gone wrong

There’s A Scam For Everything I know what you are thinking and yes there are such things as a parking lot scam and schemes thought up from the best and worst scam artists around. When we go shopping around here it’s normal to see someone sitting on the ground playing the guitar or some other instrument hoping to make a few bucks. In the past I’ve heard that’s just another way to earn extra money although some may think it’s a scam, especially if they have a sign that says they need money, but do they really? Who knows, if they aren’t approaching me I leave them to it and if I like the music I toss in a buck or two at least for the few moments of entertainment. It ends up being more of a judgement call at the end of the day, at least for me. I give someone credit for getting out there to share a skill with the world. What are the latest scams? I don’t know much about parking lot scams but I know that there is a scam for everything out there and we have to protect ourselves. The scams to avoid are […]

How To Overcome Laziness And Save Money In 5 Steps

If you want to overcome laziness and save money then it’s up to you to make changes to your life. Overcoming laziness and procrastination are the hardest things for many people to do that don’t have clear goals in life. Even if they do they probably don’t like the path they are on if they are not willing to change or have some sort of enthusiasm about why they need to get something done. I’ve heard it all before when it comes to budgeting, how we don’t have time, it’s not worth our time, it makes no sense, but we need to find a way out of debt because we are drowning in it. Own up to your debts and make it right, do something about it. Not all people are lazy, some people are simply unable to do things on their own and those aren’t the people I’m talking about today. Many people with disabilities or seniors would love to do so much more but are simply unable to do so. Sometimes  age, illness and disability come at a premium because you have to hire others to help you get jobs done that you really want to do on […]

Do You Really Need Cell Phone Insurance?

Cell phone insurance is a waste of money right, who needs it? Just two months ago I was so excited to have my new cell phone, a Samsung Galaxy SIII, it was an awesome  phone. First thing I did when I got home was logged into Amazon and looked for a hard case to protect the phone. I was trying to save money out-of-pocket by using my gift-cards from Swagbucks. You with think with modern cell phone technology that they would figure something out so cell phones were protected from the average clumsy person dropping them. Even worse a child getting their hands on a cell to play pass the puck or toast the cell phone for breakfast. I guess I’m just dreaming of the indestructible cell phone but we all know that will never happen, nothing seems to last like the good old days. It’s more about short life span and getting the customer to fork out more cash because they get so used to having technology at their fingertips. That just seems too easy though because accessories make up another chunk of profits for these organizations as if the ridiculous high costs of cell phones weren’t already a lucrative enough business […]

Soft Or Hard Water-Is Your Water Softener Costing You Money?

  When I found out that our water softener had gone up the spout because of a leaking resin bed tank (the inner tank) I was a little annoyed. This is the time where either the emergency savings fund or our home maintenance projected expenses will come in handy and why it’s important to budget for home repairs. Mrs. CBB and I did a little price comparison from various sources online and found the price of a water softener is similar across the board. Sorry, I can’t find you ridiculous savings on a new softener, but what I can do is tell you what I found out while researching for a new one. What is hard water and what does a water softener do? Depending on where your city/region sources your mains water supply you will be blessed with soft water or cursed with hard water. You can tell if you have hard water or soft water simply by the calcium carbonate deposits around faucets commonly seen as a build up of white crust. How to tell if your water softener is working properly or not? Inspect your unit, appliances, valves, faucets etc and if you see a white crust […]

Winter Vehicle Maintenance Costing You Less In The Long Run

  IT’S TIME TO GET YOUR VEHICLE READY FOR THE SNOW AND ICY ROADS AHEAD.   There are many winter vehicle maintenance jobs you need to do to get your vehicle ready for the cold seasonal temperatures that are just around the corner. Ignoring your winter auto care is only asking for trouble which leads to money and time lost whether it be from work or completing other tasks which require a vehicle. Take care of your vehicle and it will take care of you costing you less over time in repairs. Having a winter vehicle checklist will help get your car ready for winter and will ensure you are taking care of the fundamentals. If winter vehicle maintenance isn’t in your budget I’d suggest adding this category if your vehicle is something you need and use. Related: What budget categories are needed when using a budget?   Winter vehicle maintenance saves you money   Here are some items on my winter vehicle maintenance checklist that I do to keep our vehicles in tip-top condition during the cold Canadian winter months. Don’t think that your car can sustain the winter year after year without doing even the basic winter vehicle […]

Turning Leaves Into Compost- Where There’s Muck There’s Brass

It’s that time of year again….the leaves have already turned colour and a there’s a good splattering over most people’s lawns that have already fallen. So is now the time to save some money? Sure it is and here’s what I do to save me some money come spring. WHAT DO I DO TO SAVE ME MONEY? Every year I collect up the leaves from the trees in plastic bags, wet them and tie them up with a couple of holes punched in the sides. I personally store them to over winter down the side of the house (mainly because my compost heap is already full), you could start compost heap number 2 if you like depending on the size of your garden. In the spring I’ll empty out roughly two-thirds of the compost bin for use around the garden/pots/baskets and then re-fill with the leaves from the bags interspersed with other roughage. The half rotten mixture will take no time at all to rot down once the weather warms up. WHY I BAG MY LEAVES? The main reason I don’t throw the leaves away in brown yard waste bags is the amount of nutrients they’ll add back into the garden for […]

Why Taking Care Of Your Eyes Is A Good Investment

Our eyes are the windows to our soul they say, so why do so many leave them to chance when preventative measures can be taken to protect them. We all know that having the best possible vision makes us more productive individuals. Today’s careers rely on computers and technology which potentially can cause a host of  health problems if  not careful. Eye-strain, headaches, and neck and back problems can all be helped with the proper visual correction. While It’s great to have new glasses, you can easily wear ten-year old frames held together with duct tape. Although you might not get too many dates, you certainly won’t go blind. The real hidden danger in not getting regular eye exams is the risk of eye diseases. Many eye conditions have no symptoms until they reach advanced stages. While there are many problems I could list, the top conditions causing vision loss that could have been prevented with routine eye care are as follows: Macular Degeneration-This disease damages your central vision, blurring anything in direct focus like words or faces. While your risk does increase with age, I have seen signs of macular degeneration start with people in their 40’s, especially smokers. Smoking […]

Defective Products…Does It Pay To Complain?

  Have you ever purchased an item and found out it did not live up to its Quality Standards? Oddly enough most people simply toss an item with a product defect in the bin and head out to purchase the same product again. Why are we throwing money in the bin when all it may take is a simple phone call or email to the company? Most manufacturers have a quality standard that their products are built on whether it’s food, health and beauty, automotive etc. These companies work hard to make sure that their mission of sending out Quality merchandise is priority and so is customer service. Although standardized procedures are in place anything can happen along the manufacturing line that may consider a product defective yet it makes it through the quality inspection. Not every manufacturer has robots that do the inspections so we rely on the human eye to catch defects that should not get out to the customer. From the human eye we also rely on technology and if technology fails us that also might give us the green light that a product is up to code and ready for shipment when it’s not. Manufacturers understand that perfection doesn’t come […]

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