Scare more and spend less money in the budget this Halloween

Would You Pay $40.00 For A Can Of Soup?   Is there really any other holiday that is more fun than Halloween? It’s one day every year when we get into the spirit of Halloween and dress up in scary, outrageous and hilarious costumes, purposely try to scare people and eat lots of candy and chocolate. Could it get any better?  It’s that one day a year where adults get to unleash their inner child and bring their wild fantasies to life by becoming someone they want to impersonate. If you are in a relationship you might consider a couples Halloween costume which have on more than one occasion made us all laugh. When all the werewolves and superheroes rest for the night we pack up all the decorations and costumes and wait to do it all again next year. Buying costumes, candy and decorating your home can get expensive quick but with some planning and do-it-yourself ambition you can save yourself a lot of money in your budget from year to year.   Budget your holidays   One great way to save for the holidays like Halloween is to save money every month in your budget as a projected […]

Thanksgiving: Being thankful on a budget

  Time To Be Thankful; Not Broke   Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday of the year and it’s coming up right around the corner so I like to get planning in advance especially for the dinner and decorations. Thanksgiving is when I get to spend time with my family and friends eating lots of good food while celebrating what we are thankful for in our busy, everyday lives. We celebrate the people and things that bring us happiness, the loved ones who are always there with the support we need and the beauty of the world in which we live in and all it has to offer. Quality time spent with those who are important to us shouldn’t put a strain on our budgets nor should the process of organizing a large gathering so taking it step by step is crucial to the success of the holiday as is the participation of those you love. The cost of hosting a large gathering can get high pretty quick but with some holiday meal planning and preparation there are ways that you can keep the costs down and still enjoy a lovely meal that will create memories for years to come. Is […]

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