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Are you supermarket loyal?-The Grocery Game Challenge Jan 20-26, 2014 #4

SEE YOU NEXT WEEK …INSERT NAME _____.   Being supermarket loyal sure does exist. In fact one of my wife’s friends who is single doesn’t even go to the traditional supermarket. What she does is she goes to a local produce store which also has full section of pre-made meals. The best part is she can walk to the shops from her apartment which is also a bonus for her. Transportation reasons is a perfect example why some people may be supermarket loyal simply because it’s easier to shop there than going to another store further away and having to find an alternate means of transportation. She told my wife she has no need to go to the big box grocery stores when she hardly cooks and the pre-made meals are perfect for her. The store has everything else she needs including milk and conveniently a bakery right next door so being supermarket loyal to her means that she has everything she needs in one spot even if it’s a few shops next to each other. I’ve come to realize that everyone is unique when it comes to grocery shopping habits based on what their own personal needs are. Not […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Grocery Game Challenge Jan 13-19, 2014 #3: Supermarket abuse that costs money

YOU OPEN IT YOU BOUGHT IT   Although theft is one of the most costly forms of abuse in any retail store there are other more obvious things we see as consumers that make us shake our heads. I don’t know how many times I’ve been through a supermarket and wonder why some parents just let their kids run around the store. It’s nice to see when parents are teaching children about grocery shopping by educating them and having them help with the grocery list but another thing just to let them do what they please.   Supermarket abuse   I’ve literally seen children at the supermarket taking products off of the shelves and putting them in random spots. In one instance I saw a child open a chocolate bar and start eating it. I’m sure the child was in heaven but it doesn’t teach them right from wrong if we allow this behaviour. Once the mother noticed and stopped him she left the opened chocolate bar on the shelf and went along without saying a thing to the child. The proper thing to do would have been to take that chocolate bar and purchase it now that your child […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Grocery Game Challenge Jan 6-12, 2014 #2: Does a product name entice you to buy?

COOL PRODUCT NAMES ARE CATCHY   Normally on a standard shopping trip we are fairly pre-set to buy only what we went in for unless there are reduced items, in-store unadvertised food sale or super special deals on offer. Just lately I’ve started to notice products or rather the product name that are either funny, weird product names or just plain hopeful.   Funny product names   There are probably a lot more products out there than what I’ve seen, but one particular product name got me thinking about others. This creative name is “Anti-Monkey Butt” and pertains to a powder and fights friction. I didn’t read too far into what it was for or how effective it is, probably because I wasn’t suffering from a bad case of monkey butt. I have previously seen “Butt Paste” which I think is for nappy rash or diaper rash for those of a North American discipline. Maybe it’s that old British sense of humour or just the double entendre (or double meaning) that I read into things that’s making it seem funnier than it really is.       Weird product names   I haven’t got any pictures of bizarre product names that don’t really describe […]

Happy New Year 2014 Is here to stay!

As we move into 2014 I notice how life can slip by in an instant if we aren’t paying attention and how it’s a blessing to wake up in the morning. Simplicity and life at it’s best work together when we just live a life that makes us happy as individuals. No amount of money can be put on happiness, not now, not ever. Money pays for things we need to survive, full-stop. It is what it is and to be honest, those who do that are missing out on much of life’s precious moments. One thing I like to do is not dwell on the past, rather look forward to a brighter future and believe that the path ahead will bring much joy and happiness into my life. Life is a series of photos and what you create in these photos is up to you most often but for those times you have no control the only control you have is those over your emotions. Be strong. We create paths in our lives and we also follow the path that gives us or what we believe will benefit us the most. Overall, the end result is mostly a product […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Grocery Game Challenge Dec 30-Jan 5, 2014 #1: Join the Challenge starting Now!

JOIN THE GROCERY GAME 2014   As the 2013 year and Grocery Game Challenge comes to a close, our thoughts are turned to a new year and a new grocery budget.  All of us who have posted our grocery budget and shops throughout the year must now reflect on the final numbers.   Canada’s top grocery game   The Grocery Game Challenge is one of the original grocery shopping games in Canada but it’s not really a game it’s more of a challenge against your own grocery budget. Look at it as a means to take back some control if you have been just throwing whatever you want into your shopping cart without giving much thought to it. The grocery game challenge has quickly become well known all over the internet and although it’s more of a challenge to get people to join I know that I can only put out the information, it’s up to you to do the rest.   The budget   Many of us are thrilled as we have been able to stay under our yearly grocery budget and others have to make some changes in order to stick to their goals. Grocery shopping on a […]

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