Cherry Pie Minis…Delicious!

NOT TARTS…JUST MINI PIES!   What could be better than something homemade for a snack to take to work or school or for this weekends Super Bowl game. Is there really a difference between a tart and a pie? Yes there sure is, let me explain. A pie has a top layer of pastry where a tart is open faced with no pastry on top. You might enjoy butter tarts, lemon tarts, pecan tarts this way or you can enjoy them as pies. It’s really all about the pastry. Last year my husband struggled to get his work visa which left him out of work for three months. During that time it was crucial for us to cut our budget expenses anywhere we could. Although I normally make everything I possibly can homemade vs store-bought it was critical that I continued to do so while money was tight. Everyone loves pie because you can fill a pastry shell with just about anything sweet or savoury. The best thing about this Cherry Pie recipe is that it’s fresh and simple to make into mini pies so you can eat them on the run or for celebrations.   How to make pie […]

Cinnamon Meringue Petit Fours

CREAMY AND BITE-SIZED   I don’t always like big desserts that you have to eat with a utensil so these cinnamon meringue petit fours are the perfect mini desserts for my family. For Christmas this year I was given a lovely Kitchen Aid Mixer which I had dreamt about for a long time. The Kitchen-aid mixer makes life so much easier and with no more sore wrists and I can create my budget-friendly recipes in a shorter length of time. I don’t know why it took so long to get one.. ha! Today I’m breaking out the new mixer to share my Cinnamon Meringue Petit Fours recipe and I can honestly say it’s a dream come true. It seems as if I’ve got hired help and the mixer is worth every penny. This petit fours recipe has hints of cinnamon and the consistency of meringue which makes them simple to create. With all the ingredients in the pantry from the holidays I can easily whip these up in a jiffy. This meringue is different from most as its chewy rather than crunchy as it has fine almonds mixed in. The important key to remember is once they are done baking to […]

Festive Christmas Cake

DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE FRUIT CAKE   If you are like me during the Christmas holidays there’s nothing better than sinking my teeth into a rich piece of Christmas Cake or mincemeat pie with a cuppa tea to finish the day off. My dad loves his Christmas cake also known as a fruit cake and it just so happens that my sister makes them for Christmas as well. Like me she does some baking on the side with December and January being the busiest time of year. You can make this recipe as frugal as you like it or make it as expensive depending on the quality and type of ingredients that you buy. Obviously with the addition of nuts and alcohol you can easily see a price difference in the cake had you of left those ingredients out.   Christmas Cake   What is a Christmas Cake? A Christmas Cake is a popular seasonal tradition made in Britain and Scotland. The Christmas cake can take on many forms such as a light or dark cake. The shape of the Christmas cake can be round, oblong and even rectangular and you can choose to add alcohol or leave it […]

5 Minute Hazelnut Chocolate Fudge

FUDGE-MAKING IS SO EASY   If you’ve ever been in a pinch for a dessert because you have company coming over this easy hazelnut chocolate fudge recipe will blow you away. It literally takes no time at all to make and it won’t break the bank either. Growing up we never did eat fudge too often and it wasn’t until the wife and I went on a trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake where I was introduced to some creamy Canadian fudge. The one candy shop we went in while in Niagara offered sample tastes of every variety of fudge they made and I was more than happy to sample them all. OK, I didn’t try them all but I did shovel down as much as I could without going into a sugar coma. I had my favourites like the maple fudge with all the tastes of Canada that you would expect, pure maple.   Fudge Making   I never gave much thought to making chocolate fudge before until I was watching a Christmas episode of my favourite Food Network program, The Pioneer Woman where Ree Drummond made her version of  condensed milk chocolate fudge. She created a beautiful easy peppermint fudge perfect […]

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