Cinnamon Buns that will melt in your mouth

WAKE UP TO SOMETHING SPECIAL   Cinnamon buns also known as cinnamon rolls are so good when they are hot and fresh you can bet on lots of ooey-gooey cinnamon bun icing being licked off your fingers. Typically cinnamon buns are a classic treat for families and although a cinnamon bun recipe may take some elbow grease the result is delicious. If you are a lover of cinnamon you will enjoy one of these cinnamon buns with a hot cuppa tea, coffee or even a tall glass of cold milk. I know you want to learn how to make cinnamon buns and today is your lucky day because that’s what I’m here to teach you. It was a baking day last night and on the menu was cinnamon buns. My husband had already started baking (yes he bakes too) and was making a double batch of rock cakes and cupcakes before he went out to run some errands. This evening there was nothing on television worth watching so I decided to go ahead and make these sweet-smelling cinnamon buns. These aren’t quick buns by any means because something this good takes time. It takes a while for the cinnamon bun […]

Easter chick tarts

EASTER TREATS FOR EVERYONE   I know you think these Easter chick tarts are adorable and they are, even better to eat after a lovely Easter dinner or for a treat. Well it’s Easter weekend and I wanted something different from the Easter cupcakes to take with me for the kids when we go to our pot-luck Easter dinner on Friday. So thinking ahead (as one of the kids has an egg allergy) I thought if I made some Easter nests or as I call them Easter chick tarts. These are a great dessert for them to have that’s not too sweet, easy to make and something that they can all eat. There’s about 12 kids in the group from 11-3 so I had to do something that was tasty and eye-popping. I am also going to use my favourite cake decorating book for this recipe called “Cupcakes, Cookies & Pie, Oh My” by Karen Tack & Alan Richardson. It really is a great cookbook to have on hand to show you how to use simple everyday sweets and biscuits and turn them into masterpieces. I have used it a few times for cupcakes for my son’s kindergarten class. When […]

Creamy Rice Pudding

CREAMY DREAMY EASY DESSERT   I know many of you have asked for a few of my “What’s for Dinner” recipes from our nightly chit-chat at the Canadian Budget Binder Facebook page so here is the creamy rice pudding recipe that we had the other week. How to make rice pudding? It’s so easy you will wonder why you never tried it sooner. Don’t worry though because we all have to start somewhere when it comes to creating new dishes for our families. Trial and error is always important although getting it right the first time helps. I can easily say I’ve learned from my mistakes over the years but that has made me a better cook for my family.   Rice pudding   This is an ideal rice pudding that you can make any time of year as this can be eaten hot or cold and perfect to bring to parties, pot-luck or even a family BBQ in the summer. I know I always have my friends asking me for recipes that they can whip up in a flash that are unique so they can bring them to gatherings and rice pudding is a dessert my family loves. One […]

Sweet Hot Cross Buns

GET YOUR HOT BUNS WHILE YOU CAN   What else would be more appropriate for Easter than sweet Hot Cross Buns. I know many of you have asked for Easter food ideas and believe me I have many up my recipe sleeve. I like to create simple recipes for other to follow and this hot cross buns recipe is the last recipe you will ever need to make hot cross buns. If you are looking for a savory dish Mr.CBB has a lovely Easter Dinner in the crock-pot which means more time for you to spend with guests and not in the kitchen. One thing I enjoy about the holidays is that I try my best to pre-plan my meals and desserts so I’m not that mom who is in the kitchen.   Hot cross buns   Today I have another creation to add to your Easter recipes and one you could easily transform into a hot cross bun bread and butter pudding using my panettone bread and butter pudding recipe. I was going to whip up my cinnamon bun recipe for all of you but I’ll save that one for later. I have been busy in the kitchen making […]

Scottish Pancakes

HOT FROM THE GRIDDLE   Canadians aren’t the only people who love pancakes. Back home Scottish pancakes were served on a regular basis in our house. Coming up with new breakfast ideas is not an easy task but one I’m always willing to test. Who wants an easy breakfast this morning? This is me shouting out asking the kids and hubby if they want Scottish pancakes and the reply is yeah, pancakes. This is also a kids pancake recipe because you can invite your kids to help prepare the ingredients as long as you do the flipping. I never ever buy the store-bought packets of mix as it truly is cheaper to make your own pancake mix. I remember just last week reading on Canadian Budget Binder fan saying that she can’t believe she used to buy boxed pancake mix and that making pancakes from scratch is so easy. How to make homemade pancakes? Easy…. read on.   Scottish Pancakes   Stop wondering how to make easy pancakes because I’m going to share with you a pancake recipe that I know will become your all-time favourite. I always make a dry pancake mix to have on standby so that all […]

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