Hearty Steak Bakes

STEAK UP YOUR SUNDAY   I’m pretty sure many of you are scratching your heads wondering what steak bakes are but have no fear they are easy to make. The best part is that everyone who loves steak will love a steak bake. We love having a proper Sunday Lunch with all of the trimmings but every once in a while we change it up a bit and go with something non-traditional for our family. As you already know I love stuffing recipes like my homemade perogies, my twice baked potatoes and other recipes that still aren’t published. Being a mom of three it’s sometimes hard to get everything ready throughout the day so planning for me is imperative. From cleaning the house, washing clothes to making breakfast, lunch and supper including a full Sunday meal you want to have some mommy me time. In order for me to make time for myself I need to create that time by finding ways to slim back on time busters in my every day chores. What I like to do is create yummy recipes that don’t need lots of time yet my family loves. Over the years I’ve managed to come up […]

Easy homemade perogies

 LITTLE STUFFED DUMPLINGS   It’s been a long anticipated recipe but here is my version of the traditional Polish perogies recipe. Just last week I brought you the twice baked potato skins and this week another potato recipe just a bit different although you will love it. The perogie is a traditional Polish food that has many names around the world. In Polish it is known as the Pierogi and you may run into other variations such as perogie, perogy, perogi and so on.   Getting to know perogies   I was first introduced to the perogie delicacy by my friend Charlene. We had to organize a fundraiser for the pre-school and she though it was a no-brainer to make Perogies. She thought that we could easily make them and all the profit would go to the pre-school since they are a fairly frugal meal to create. (They raised over $1,000) I had to ask what a perogie was as it’s not something we eat in Scotland or the UK for that matter as much as we love our spuds (potatoes). When I saw how easy it was to make perogies and how delicious they tasted I was hooked and […]

Easy Cheesy Rice Pie

MEATLESS FAMILY MEAL   I know cheesy rice pie sounds a bit odd but trust me when I say it’s delicious and easy to make and great when you want to wow your family at dinner time. We love our meat dishes in this house but we also enjoy our vegetables too and my kids gobble up this cheesy rice pie every time I make it. Thankfully I don’t have picky eaters and the kids eat almost everything I put in front of them. I know this is not the case in every family but trying something new like my rice pie might become a hit and a new family tradition for you. Many times families stick to the same old recipes and that might put your family in a food rut so don’t be scared to whip something new up to see what they think. Everyone loves cheese and you can use whatever cheese you like in this rice pie dish although I opt for a strong cheese from Black Diamond so you don’t have to use as much and it cuts the fat content of the dish as well. This is also one rice dish that is not […]

Creamy Chicken Pot Pie

HOMEMADE POT PIE WITH CHICKEN   Well it’s on cold days like these that we all need something warm for the soul and easy to prepare in the kitchen. Today I am going to make my creamy chicken pot pie for all of you. This chicken pot pie is simple to put together and really good for using up those scraps of chicken or endless chicken drumsticks that seem to linger at the bottom of the freezer. That’s what I am using today the drumsticks that managed to sneak past me and make their way to the bottom of the freezer. With any homemade pot pie you can use whatever protein you like as you don’t need to use just chicken. The drumsticks weren’t completely defrosted but enough to be put into the oven to cook off until browned through.     Chicken stock   I will also keep the bones and skin and make some chicken stock from them so I always have it on hand. Having chicken stock on hand is always something hand for every pantry. Besides, chicken stock is so easy to make. Left over chicken bones and skin, some juices out of the bottom of […]

Easy Crustless Quiche

CREATE EASY EGG RECIPES THAT THE FAMILY WILL LOVE   My easy to make crustless Quiche can be served with any type of salad or as an appetizer for any meal of the day. To be honest the list is endless as are the ingredients you can add to the egg mixture to customize your own Quiche. That’s the beauty of a Quiche because you can add what you like and take away what you don’t like and it’s pretty simple to do if you have picky eaters in your household.    Cut calories and fat   If you don’t fancy using bacon to make a bacon cheese Quiche and want to opt for a low-fat Quiche then you can fill up your egg mixture with loads of vegetables and keep it simple. A popular recipe is a spinach mushroom Quiche which is simply the egg mixture, chopped spinach and fresh mushrooms. Since I’m not using a crust for this Quiche recipe that also eliminates many of the unwanted calories and fat you might not desire. You can also make mini-crustless Quiche like I did here today or opt for a bigger muffin tin or smaller pie plates or tin […]

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