Thai Chicken Soup

CREATING SOUPS WITH FLAVOUR   It was time for me to update our freezer inventory and I noticed we had some chicken that needed using up so I created this amazing Thai Chicken Soup. I know summer is around the corner and soup isn’t on the radar for many people but soup is not just for the winter months. We enjoy soup all year-long. If you love soup as much as my family does you will know that buying it in a can is really just for convenience. Pretty much any soup that you can find in a can can be made at home for a fraction of the cost and it freezes well. What I like about this Thai Chicken Soup that is different from a classic chicken noodle soup is the Asian flavours. If you aren’t a fan of the noodles you can leave them out and enjoy the chicken with the broth and Asian flavours on their own. If you love peanut butter, coconut, coriander, turmeric, lemon, lime, spring onions and chili peppers this Thai Chicken Soup is for you.   Meat Prices   I was on my weekly grocery shopping trip last week and I was […]

Homemade Donuts (Doughnuts)…Gone Wild!

SINK YOUR MOUTH INTO ONE OF THESE BEAUTIES   All the talk about donuts this week on the CBB Facebook page really inspired me to create this homemade donut recipe that started with a look-alike Boston-Cream donut from Tim Hortons. The best part about this easy donut recipe is that once you make the donut dough you can create just about any yeast donut flavour or topping variation you like.   Donut or Doughnut?   Donuts also spelled Doughnuts mean the same thing although traditionally the spelling is doughnut. It simply depends on which spelling appeals to you the most. I believe the ‘donut’ spelling leans more towards the commercialized versions we get at fast food restaurants such as Tim Hortons, Krispy Kreme and other various bakery shops even the grocery store bakery. What do you say donut or doughnut? I want to know, leave me a comment.   Boston Cream Look-alike donut   Last week Mr. CBB challenged me to make this look-a-like Boston Cream donut and well, I love a good challenge so I took it on. Like most Canadians I’ve been to many donut shops particularly Tim Horton’s for coffee and donuts. Over the years we have […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies

EDIBLE COOKIE DOUGH AND BROWNIES   I made these delicious Cookie Dough Brownies when I went to visit my buddy back at the end of 2013. He knows how much I enjoy being in the kitchen so I thought it would be a nice surprise to bring a treat for him and his daughter when I went for a visit. Like myself he loves brownies and cherry cheesecake although I never did get around to baking him one of those like I said I would. Maybe one day. I’ve been meaning to post this recipe for a while now but I had forgotten about it until I found it in my archives which I was scrolling through the other day looking at photos. What I did was I took my chocolate chip cookie and fudgy brownie recipe and created this cookie dough brownie recipe. I’m forever making homemade cookies and testing out new homemade brownie recipes so I figured I could combine the two to make this bar recipe. Why enjoy a regular brownie when you can jazz it up? Don’t get me wrong, I stand by the Classic Fudge Brownie. You only have to look at my Pinterest page […]

Mini Chocolate Eclairs

SINK YOUR TEETH INTO THESE   Today I’m going to show you how to be a pastry chef at home by creating these gorgeous mini chocolate eclairs. If you are craving sweets after dinner or just for a snack don’t be shy pop a few of these whipped cream stuffed chocolate eclairs in your mouth and enjoy. How many times have you drooled over gorgeous, deliciously impressive pastries in the bakery window? I bet the first thing that you think (besides that you want to eat something) is that there is no way you could make something so impressive yourself so you just have to buy them. But you can.  With a little patience and following this step by step mini chocolate eclairs recipe you too can make an outstanding pastry that will wow your family and friends. The next time you have a pot-luck or party to attend think about making these super easy chocolate eclairs and your friends will name you home chef of the year. When I’m grocery shopping or out and about I find myself walking past the bakery section to see what they have on display only to say to myself “I don’t need to buy this […]

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