Beet leaves and Rice Stir Fry

EAT YOUR GREENS…   Yes you can eat beet leaves and guess what… they are good for you too. The other week I shared with all of you my mom’s creamy beet crunch recipe which is a great way of using beetroot rather than pickling them. Now that the Fall season is in full-swing you will find beets in just about any grocery store for a decent price.   No food waste   Do you remember how I mentioned that you could use the beet leaves? I’ve taken simple beet leaves which most people would toss in the bin and turned them into a great stir fry with lots of yummy vegetables. This is an ideal pairing with the beet crunch. I really do like experimenting and knowing that you could use the entire beet including the beet leaves is great, no waste! I dislike creating food waste and if I can use every last piece of my vegetable or fruit I will. I even found out that you can dehydrate your tomato skins to make a powder to enhance you dishes. How to use beet leaves? You can use beet leaves in a smoothie, beet leaves salad or in […]

Creamy Beet Crunch

BEETS ARE FULL OF FLAVOUR   We often joke about making a casserole on the Canadian Budget Binder Facebook page and in some ways today’s recipe is just that and we’re using delicious beets. The best part about beets is that this time of year you can buy them at the grocery store for a great price. If you fancy growing your own beets there are many varieties that you can consider. Beets can be grown as your standard red or deep purple colour or even a golden-yellow or white beet. The varieties of beets differ around the world but some of the most popular beets are “Albino, Early Wonder, Red Ace and Ruby Queen just to name a few.   Beets 101   We love beets in our family any way we can get them but the tough part is coming up with beet recipes that provide variety for my family. When using beets be warned that you will need to wear gloves because the red colour from the beets will soak into your skin. It takes a bit of scrubbing but eventually will come out. You just don’t want to have red fingers when you go to work […]

Herbed sliced baked potatoes

CRISPY POTATOES FULL OF FLAVOUR   I love potatoes and if you’ve tried my twice-baked potatoes loaded with delicious flavours you must try these herbed sliced baked potatoes. These sliced baked potatoes make the perfect vegetarian or meatless side-dish to any meal. In the Don household I have been busy getting the kids back to school stuff sorted and ready for my family. I know it’s early but this is when all the great sales are on and I can bulk buy for the next year or so. Yes, I said year! Who wants to miss out on getting books and crayons for 25c and 10c a pack? We are also busy painting the deck which we have put off for the last year. We finally decided that if it’s not done now we will need to replace the deck at a much heftier cost to our budget. After looking around we decided on one from Home Depot which was on sale and had a rebate on it. Bonus!   Herbed sliced baked potatoes   The best part of the herbed sliced baked potatoes is the time it takes to prepare them. Being a mom I don’t always have lots […]

Twice baked potato skins…so delicious

CHEESY COMFORT FOOD   You haven’t tried twice baked potato skins before? Well you are missing out but today I have a potato skin recipe that you will add to your recipe list, that I can guarantee. Everyone loves potatoes whether they are mashed with gravy, fried in a pan until golden, baked until fluffy, roasted in juices, grilled until perfection or fried and loaded with salt and vinegar. Heck some people like to eat raw potatoes too! You come home from work and you are looking to make a quick dinner then this twice baked potato skins recipe is easy, simple and frugal all rolled into one. It’s perfect for a quick week-night meal or even for snacks while watching your favourite game or movie. Sure there are twice baked potato skin recipes on the internet but nothing as perfectly baked and crunchy as this potato skin recipe. We all get a bit bored having potatoes served up the same old ways like above so today I’m going to share with you my hubby’s best twice baked potato recipe to date. I always try to make a large amount of twice baked potato skins if I am hosting a […]

Pineapple Rice an easy side dish

SWEET MEETS SAVORY   I don’t know many people who don’t like pineapple. It’s so juicy and sweet and perfect in this pineapple rice recipe. We all look for quick easy dinners for our families, or for sides to go with a main course and this is something I have made for my family for years. In all honesty both of my boys would prefer regular rice over potatoes most days unless we are having french fries or mashed potatoes with gravy. Either way you look at it, my boys like to eat.   Pineapple rice   I found this pineapple rice recipe way back when my kids were small in a grocery store flyer although I don’t recall who to give credit to. As pineapple is well liked around our house this pineapple recipe is popular and I make it on a regular basis. We typically serve sausages with the pineapple rice as that seems to be what goes best with this side dish for my family. I’ve made it so often and announced it on the “What’s For Dinner?” thread on the Canadian Budget Binder Facebook page that some of the fans wanted the recipe. Mr.CBB asked me […]

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