Canadian Budget Binder- The Saturday Weekend Review #1

Mr.CBB’s  Saturday Weekend Review Well, if you don’t already know I’ve participated this week in the B.C Welfare Food Challenge. This week has certainly been an eye opener for Mrs.CBB and I and I will have a final report about how this week went for us next week. I’ve just started to post some photos of the food I created from my $26 grocery budget for 1 on my Facebook page in the photos album so check them out. I’ve also finished putting up the Christmas lights however I’m still stuck trying to find one small string to finish it off. I might as well say stuff it for this year as I don’t fancy spending more money on an additional 8ft of lights than I did on the other boxes I bought end of season. We purchased our pumpkin for Halloween and it’s a small one but it’s just perfect. I’ll be the one in charge of the carving but I’m not one of those fancy carvers I just give it the ol’ 1,2,3 and stick a candle inside. I’ll post a picture after I have a stab at it and show you the results next week! What do […]

Mr.CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks~Oct 19,2012

Top Blog Picks Of The Week This week I’ve started something new as I found my Friday Blog Post Picks of The Week was getting far too big. I really want the Bloggers that I am recognizing to notice as I feel many are not seeing because the post is too big. All of you that share Canadian Budget Binder Blog Posts are a huge part of the success and I want you to know how thankful I am. I might not get a chance to say thanks to everyone every week so thanks for all the continued support. If at any time I miss recognizing you please let me know. I make mistakes like everyone else but I do like to know if I’ve failed to recognize someone. I’ve decided to split my Friday post into two so below will highlight the changes. Saturday Mr. CBB’s Week in Review, will include Canadian Budget Binder Blog Post Re-cap for the Week My Favourite Search Terms that helped fans find CBB Canadian Budget Binder’s Week in Review (What’s Been Going On With The Blog?) Mr.CBB’s Week in Review at Home (What did I get myself into this week?) Bloggers that mention CBB blog posts on […]

Mr.CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks October 12,2012

Mr.CBB’s Week in Review This week has been a relaxed but busy week for me as I finished putting up the Christmas lights. The only problem is that I am short around 6 feet so now I’m stuck looking for a 6-8 ft set that match. I went to Canadian Tire to check out their Christmas lights and nearly lost my gut when the sales woman told me 33 ft of the lights I needed cost $119.00. Are you bloody kidding me? I didn’t want to buy Christmas lights that are just getting put up on the shelves and have not even been in the flyer yet for sales. With my luck I’ll pay full price and it will go on sale the next week. That’s not so bad though as I could always return with the receipt for a product price adjustment but it’s just the time and gas that you have to factor in. I said to Mrs.CBB you watch if this last 6 ft of lights will cost me more than the 8 boxes or so that we got at end of season the past 2 years.  Gotta love it! I still haven’t finished the deck completely but the […]

Mr.CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks October 5, 2012

Mr.CBB’s Week in Review This week flew by to be honest and it felt like I spent more time outside of the home than I did inside. It was so nice out that I went for a few evening jogs and we also walked around to take in the breathtaking views of the Autumn Colours on the trees in our neighbourhood. I was speaking to me mum and dad in the UK yesterday and they asked me if the trees has started to turn. That is one thing they  miss about their first visit to Canada back a few years ago. Next time they visit they want to do the Agawa Canyon Tour up in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. It’s a one day tour into the heart of Canadian Wilderness and we all want to check it out. Have you done this? I’ve pretty much put the garden to rest for the winter and now have around 12 plants to bring inside (even that pretty fern we rescued from the side of the road early in the spring). I don’t know about you but it gets depressing when I have to put everything away but I know that the snow is just […]

Mr.CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks September 28,2012

Mr.CBB’s Week in Review My weekly blog post picks have grown week by week and I’m thrilled to see many bloggers and advertisers interested in Canadian Budget Binder. I’ve worked a bit more lately at my real full-time job but continue to find the time to renovate the house, get ready for winter and work on this blog. I’ll be hanging the Christmas lights next week to prepare for the holiday season just so I don’t freeze my “John Thomas” and friends in the winter.  Happily the end of season sales last year has helped us to get enough LED lights for our entire home for dirt cheap. I guess it sounds like I’m a multi-tasker but really I’m not, I just plan my day well. On the flip side I went to see an allergy specialist the other day who performed routine environmental allergy testing on me. The doctor was a friendly bloke  who even gave me some “free” samples of nasal spray (I like this guy already). Needless to say I’m allergic to the outside world so I need to wear a space suit to garden, pick weeds, climb trees and rake leaves. Indoors I have to brush my teeth, wear cologne and […]

MR. CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks Sept 21,2012

Mr.CBB’s Week in Review Not too much happened here at the Canadian Budget Binder home this week as I’ve been working on projects and training for work. This only means that once I am actually finished this (hopefully by Monday) I can resume my normal Mr.CBB Honey-Do-List around the house. If you don’t already know today is officially the last day of summer which more to do around the house. I need to get my yard torn apart, put the summer furniture away, protect the deck with a nice coat of Thompson’s and the list goes on and on….. I have kept up with reading blog posts and trying to network to meet other Personal Finance bloggers to expand my circle of mates this week. I’d like to link up with 2-3 new bloggers a week so if you are reading this and we haven’t had the opportunity to chat… send me an email. How was your week? What’s Been Happening at Canadian Budget Binder It’s been buy here at Canadian Budget Binder on the blog especially with so many new readers, and I’m happy to say my Alexa finally made it under 100k! When I started the blog I was […]

Mr. CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks Sept 14,2012

Mr.CBB’s Week in Review Wow, did I read alot of blog posts this week in my spare time. (Ya, spare time) This week has been super busy for me training at work with new equipment and programs. I’m sure I will be doing this the rest of my life and I should for my line of work. Sometimes I wonder if people get too comfy in their jobs and no longer want to upgrade or keep above or at equal playing fields with those coming out of University and College or other colleagues. Many believe these young kids are going to come in and swoop positions in the company right from under the noses of those that have been with an organization many years. So for those that believe that education ends when you get your diploma you must ask yourself  “Will I evolve with the world” or “Will the world evolve around me”. You can be a specialist one day but if you don’t keep up with the “new” you may find that the “old” just doesn’t work any more. If you are out of work, laid off or terminated and you don’t have the upgraded skills you may be at […]

Mr.CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks September 7, 2012

Mr.CBB’s Week in Review Zoom, Zoom that’s how my week has gone once yet again but I am optimistic I will keep the engine rolling right through the weekend. A shout out to all the Personal Finance Bloggers at Fin-Con 2012 whom I’m sure are having a great time will come back fully charged with lots of information to share. Learning from each other and sharing were 2 of my number one priorities when starting this blog, not money (obviously as I’m still not making any). Thanks to everyone who mentioned Canadian Budget Binder in the past week, much appreciated. It’s been lovely to see people taking the time out to say I read something of yours and I want to share it with my fans as well. The only competition in the Personal Finance world is the competition you set up for yourself. No one likes someone who always talks about themselves so spread the word and tell others about ways they can learn. So, a big thanks to everyone that took the time to mention Canadian Budget Binder or simply stopped in to leave a comment or chat with me on Facebook and Twitter! What’s Been Happening at Canadian Budget Binder Not […]

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