Lying on your resume can get you fired: The Saturday Weekend Review #84

GOOD RESUMES TELL THE TRUTH   Writing a resume for many people is just as intimidating a task as is creating a budget. I know they are on two different spectrums but it’s true. I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard people over the years cringe about having to write a resume and seeking out support to do so. I remember when I was in school we were taught to write a basic resume. Although it takes time to master it has to be done and visited often over the course of employment with any career you are in. Failing to update your resume only makes the job harder when it comes time to apply for a new role. Resume writing and interviews is such a huge topic which I hope to write more about in the future but this morning I read an article about what people lie about on their resume. I was not shocked at what I read because people lie everyday just to become someone they are not or to bump someone else out of the employment race. One of the most common lies we’ve all heard is that someone “quit” a job when in […]

Smart phone education and replacement parts: The Saturday Weekend Review #83

READ THE USER GUIDE AND STAY SAFE   Most times when you read your smart phone user guide it warns you not to buy third-party replacement parts. You might think this is a money grab on the part of the manufacturer but maybe they do have your best interests at heart. Read on to find out what happened to one teenage girl who could happen to ANYONE. Spread the word…I am! My wife has had a cell phone but let’s face it, many of us don’t read the guide. Just a few weeks back she managed to smash her cell phone on a concrete floor in a bathroom of a local coffee joint. She thought it was still working but it had some issues which led to me saying good-bye to the cell phone. It was nothing fancy and worth nothing. We were looking at new smart phones for her just so we knew what we’d be dealing with price-wise. We didn’t go as far as calling Rogers to find out what promotions they have but know they will likely offer us something decent on a 2 year plan. It’s not only important to look at pricing but to compare […]

Why the fixer-upper house might not be for you: PF Weekly Grab a brew #83

EXPENSES BEHIND THE WALLS   It’s true that our dreams can get crushed when we don’t have the cash to do what we thought we would especially when you buy a fixer-upper house. Of all the people I’ve ever met they said they didn’t feel that renting was helping them to build a financial future for their retirement years. Although this is a wide-open topic that will bring in all sorts of controversy it’s certainly a personal decision that we must make on our own. Acquaintances of ours in their early thirties are looking to buy an older home that is their dream home but the catch is they want a fixer-upper. They do plan to have kids as well in the near future. He asked me my thoughts about older fixer-upper homes since many homes in the UK are very old. I was honest with him but ultimately it was my opinion and they need to make their own. I don’t want to be responsible for one of the biggest purchases of their lives. They are currently renting and have never owned a home before so owning a home is like the golden ticket for them or anyone really. […]

An unclaimed government cheque is your loss: The Saturday Weekend Review #82

CLAIM YOUR MISSING MONEY   We all know that it’s not true that having no debt is the reason you forget to cash a government cheque. In saying that most people would agree that forgetting about money owed is hard to believe. It happens though. Not everyone is going to chase after you when they owe you money including the government. For many Canadians it’s as simple as getting all their financial ducks in order, including the CBB household. Household debt is a huge problem and I don’t know about you but tracking every dollar owed to us is imperative. However, I think some of us let life get in the way of the important things such as  our family finances. I read today that Ottawa has a stockpile and it’s not from using coupons either. They have over $730 million dollars in unclaimed government cheques and refunds according to Public Works Canada. I have to ask myself who forgets they are owed money? I don’t. Most times people forget they owe money to pay a bill but not in this case. The government has the cash and it’s waiting for Canadians to come forward to say, “Hey I don’t […]

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