Store saving money tricks to cash in on: PF Weekly Grab a Brew #82

WALLET SAVING STRATEGIES   We’re always looking for store saving money tricks to cash in on so we can save money in our budget. Paying down debt and saving for retirement seems much easier when you can find tricks to save money to invest in other ventures that will get you further ahead. Investing in your future seems easier when you have that spare cash kicking around. It’s undeniable that many Canadians want to save money because these days we aren’t making enough cash to keep up with costs associated with the retail gods. Any way a consumer can hang on to their money they will try it. Unless you aren’t aware the Scanning Code of Practice is one of those great store saving tricks that isn’t widely talked about in the stores but visible in most big box stores on the doors and at the cash register. Picking up rain checks is another great way to get continued savings. If you notice a sale product is out of stock ask for a rain check. Call or visit the store with-in a day or two and the shelves are typically re-stocked but you still have that rain check that will […]

Leaving children alone when you can’t afford a babysitter: The Saturday Weekend Review #81

DECISIONS PARENTS FACE…   I’m not going to talk about the movie Home Alone today, don’t fret. What I want to discuss is what parents do when they can’t afford a babysitter? Later in this post you will read about one parent in the USA who was recently jailed for dropping her child off at the park while she worked. If you have the money in your budget you can easily hire a nanny who might also double as your housekeeper, gardener etc. She/He takes care of the children and the home when you are gone to work or are out on business. If you can’t afford having the live-in or out nanny status you would likely hire a family member to babysit, a friend or search out a babysitter to take care of your child (ren). When your child is a baby or toddler you either stay home and don’t work or you send them off to a babysitter or daycare facility. Most parents these days complain they can’t get their children out of the house because they are glued to the computer, TV or video games. Back in the day we were always outside playing but my mum […]

House staging empty posh homes with a family for cheap rent: PF Weekly Grab a brew #81

DOES ANYONE REALLY LIVE HERE?   I thought I had heard it all when it came to house selling tips including house staging.  Nope, I was wrong because now if your home is empty due to divorce, moving suddenly or living out of country or province you can rent your home to real people for cheap. There is a catch though….. read on. Remember that a big house doesn’t make you happy nor does renting one just because you can. It’s a temporary high that many people dive into because they think it will make situations better. That’s not always the case unless you have some serious cash to back up that mortgage. Everyone knows that when it comes time to sell your house potential buyers snoop around. They want to know a bit about the buyers and they want to know why they are selling the house. Although agents are not supposed to say anything we all know many do. It’s about selling the house as fast as possible which means leaking valuable info could lead to a quick sale. I’m not making this up either because it’s happened to us many times when we have went to open […]

Would you spend money at a restaurant without free Wi-Fi? : The Saturday Weekend Review #80

TURN OFF THE TV AND EAT YOUR DINNER   When I was growing up nobody I know had heard of Wi-Fi (I’m showing my age). When we sat down to eat family dinner we enjoyed our food with no distractions except friendly conversations with each other. Today it seems the complete opposite where families have dinner with the television on while surfing the net on their smartphones, tablets or other devices that hook up to the internet. Family values certainly have changed and maybe if we just put our devices away we’d learn more about each other rather than what’s happening on Facebook. Same goes with dating and devices. If you want to meet someone forget about your darn smartphone while you are out and look up. No one will ever approach a face that is looking down. This is the reality though in many establishments in Canada and around the world. Is free Wi-Fi really in demand? What is Wi-Fi? If you don’t know what Wi-Fi is then you must be living under a rock, right? Well, not everyone knows and I’m betting that my parents who don’t even own a computer let alone a cell-phone couldn’t tell you […]

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