Four-Year-Old’s Perspective Of Giving Thanks For Thanksgiving : The Saturday Weekend Review #264

ALL IT TAKES IS THE WORDS OF A CHILD TO CHANGE EVERYTHING   Thanksgiving day is upon us and this year our little guy is starting to ask more questions than he ever has. “I’m thankful for my family”, was how our son responded when we asked him what he did in school today while we were walking home. As Mrs. CBB looked over at me we both knew that his JK teacher must have talked about Thanksgiving with the students and asked them each what they were thankful for. Thanksgiving words always enhance the way I feel but you know as well as I do that this should be an everyday thing, not just once a year. To say that we were both overwhelmed is an understatement from his response but what he said after really made us realize the impact we have on our son, “I love you everyday” and he grabbed our hands as we kicked leaves in the air and smiled. Then he ran off swinging his arms in the air and jumping around like all kids do. We asked him again later on that evening what he planned on giving thanks for this Thanksgiving and […]

Reasons Why Overpriced Home Selling Is A Big Mistake : The Saturday Weekend Review #263

IF YOU WANT A SOLD SIGN AVOID LISTING AN OVERPRICED HOME   If you’re thinking about putting your house on the market one of the worst things you can do is list and overpriced home for sale. A motivated seller will list their home appropriately according to market value but those who want more may go above and beyond but that comes with many risks. Over the past few months our neighbour found their dream home out in the country and the only way they could look like serious buyers was to list their house for sale. The only problem was that the house they were interested in was a bit over their budget so they took a house with a market value of just over $700,000 and listed it for $900,000 which was grossly inflated. There were two reasons the homeowner told us for this and one was again to look serious to the seller of the home they put an offer on and in hopes someone rich would come along and buy their house without question. We live in a popular area of the city where homes don’t often come up for sale so when they do you […]

How Should You Handle Extra Household Income? : The Saturday Weekend Review #262


Do You Have Your Garage Sale Permit? : The Saturday Weekend Review #261

YOUR GARAGE SALE REQUIRES MORE THAN JUST A SIGN, TABLE AND MONEY   Just when you thought you knew it all about garage sales you find out there are laws governing them in just about every city and town across Canada. I honestly had no idea that there were garage sale by-laws and in some cases you must obtain a garage sale permit before you can even host one. Over the past few years I’ve been researching garage sales because we love to venture out on a Saturday or Sunday morning to see what bargains we can find. Hosting a garage sale is a great way to re-use or re-cycle products by having someone else buy them thus keeping them out of the land-fill. The great thing about a garage sale is the prices but for a homeowner who doesn’t follow city or town by-laws it can become costly. Let’s not forget that Health Canada also regulates what you can and cannot sell at your garage sale so there definitely is some homework involved before saying yes to a garage sale. Not only do you need a garage sale permit in some municipalities you also need to abide by garage […]

Neighbour’s Unsightly Property Scares Potential Home Buyers : The Saturday Weekend Review #260

WHEN THE WEEDS DO THE TALKING AND THE BUYERS DO THE WALKING   Buying a home is a big decision for anyone to make which is why there are so many factors that can increase and decrease the potential value of your property, one of them being your neighbour’s house. I know people might say to mind your own business but in today’s world no one wants to buy a property next to a house that looks like a salvage yard. You probably worked hard to save for your down-payment and want that money to be spent on a home that brings you joy which includes the surrounding neighbourhood. This is why there are sought-after neighbourhoods and those to avoid. Would you risk losing 5-10% of your house value because your neighbour can’t be bothered to keep their property in decent condition? Probably not because no one likes to lose money for nothing but this is the reality many home sellers face today which is why we want to move to the country where it’s just us and nature.   Ways to decrease the value of your home   When you decide to put your property for sale no matter […]

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