Would you rent a converted garage for $1000 to live in the big city? : The Saturday Weekend Review #112

WANTED: A PLACE TO CALL HOME   Some people will rent the weirdest places for absurd amounts of money just to live in the big city. There is an allure of being in the midst of the rich and famous, potential career opportunities or to be close to loved ones even if the price-tag is high.   Capture the big city living dream   Not everyone understands the attraction of living in the big city especially if you can’t afford to live in it. For those that do successfully life can be an opportunity that many people could only dream of. If you are looking to buy a house in let’s say a big city like Toronto or Vancouver get ready to pay upwards of a million dollars to live where all the action happens. The fun doesn’t stop there because buying a house can be just as challenging as finding the right place to rent. We live in the Greater Toronto Area and I can assure you that houses are NOT cheap to buy. A one bedroom rental can run you upwards of $800 a month to more than a thousand plus. On the low end it’s not the […]

Do you know a credit card debt victim? : The Saturday Weekend Review #111

WILL ANYONE LISTEN?   We all know someone who constantly whines about money and plays the credit card debt victim role yet does nothing about it. Having credit card debt and struggling to pay it off is a stressful place to be for anyone especially if you are already on a tight budget. I certainly wouldn’t want to be that person but I would give up whatever it takes to get out of it, no excuses. One of the main reasons people stay in debt is because they spend more time trying to justify why they can’t get out of debt rather than doing something about it. I know one woman who started cleaning houses on the weekends when the kids were with their father just to get rid of credit card debt she says she created when they split up. Some people might think that I don’t know what it’s like to have limited income or debt so how could I possibly share my thoughts on the topic, but think again. I may not have had credit card debt before but I have had debts in the form of  a mortgage, education, vehicle, etc. I even owed my parents […]

How much is child safety worth to you? : The Saturday Weekend Review #110

COSTS INVOLVED ARE MINIMAL   Child safety is one of the most important things you can do for your child as a parent. YES some of these things WILL cost you money BUT that is what you need to do to protect your child. Most of what you will do is educate and that my friends only takes one thing…TIME. Unfortunately not all children understand right from wrong and at a young age it’s even more important that parents watch over their children at all times. Most accidents occur when our backs are turned or when we least expect it. Accidents in the home can cause serious injury including death. It’s not only in your home either but wherever the child goes. Yesterday 3 year-old baby Elijah Marsh in Toronto lost his life when he wandered out of his grandparents apartment. I think most of Canada came to a stand-still with the news because we were praying that he would be found alive. Baby Elijah had no hope once he walked out the complex door and disappeared into the night unless someone was watching over him from above or someone spotted him. The cold streets that night were around -15C […]

How to get richer before you retire : The Saturday Weekend Review #109

RETIRE RICHER IF YOU CAN   No one wants to retire broke and if you don’t want to be that person there are things you can do to make you richer before retirement. How much do you need before you retire? Only you can answer that question because I don’t know what type of lifestyle you want to live or how much debt you will have etc. Talk to your financial advisor for clarification if you have one or make the call yourself.   It’s Your Money   It’s nobody’s business what you do with your money but your own. No one can tell you how to spend it, save it or invest it but you. Believe me when I say some people always stick their nose into the finances of everyone else but their own. I’ve always said that no one will care more about your retirement but yourself. If you believe that then you have already invested time into finding ways to make sure your retirement days are comfortably padded with enough cash to fund what you want and need to do. You earn the money, you do what you want with it. BUT…there will always be someone […]

Did you go overboard for your wedding day? :The Saturday Weekend Review #108

YOU ALWAYS PAY FOR IT IN THE END   I don’t know why but it happens all the time and it’s not just the women who go overboard for their wedding day, it’s the men too! The headline of a recent online article The Hits and Mrs. of DIY’ing your Wedding Dress captured my attention as I thought what a great idea to save money. Wedding dresses cost a fortune…you know what I’m talking about ladies! The bride armed with a $10,000 wedding budget actually Diy’d her wedding dress for a total cost of $186. Could you imagine making your own wedding dress amidst the chaos of wedding planning? My wife just said no way! (Then again she can’t sew to save her life, I do it) 🙂 This creative bride also made picnic quilts to put on the ground for their outdoor wedding. What was interesting was her guests later used the quilts to snuggle up by the fire and almost every one was taken home by the guests. The total for the quilts came to $110. By the sounds of it she pretty much made everything she could right down to the wedding flowers. She may seem cheap […]

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