Million Dollar Baby: Should travel insurance have protected them? : The Saturday Weekend Review #98

 A MEDICAL BILL SO BIG…   We believe travellers insurance protects us but this story should be an eye-opener for all travellers going to the USA and abroad from Canada. Baby Reece’s parents a couple from Saskatchewan found out the hard way just how easy it is to spend a million dollars after giving birth while away from Canadian soil. I have to talk about this story today because I know so many people who travel to the USA for one reason or another if even for a short trip to save money in their budget. With Black Friday upon us and the holiday season many Canadians cross the border to find deals but be careful when leaving Canada. How could the birth of a child cost almost one million dollars when one has travel insurance?   Travel Insurance Surprise   Jennifer Huculak-Kimmel from Saskatchewan was shocked to get an enormous medical bill after she went into labour prematurely October 2013 while travelling in Hawaii. Jennifer was 6 months pregnant when she gave birth which meant her baby was put in the NICU for 2 months. The bill for this stay was nearly one million dollars! I wasn’t shocked to […]

Are photos with Santa a budget expense worth paying for? : The Saturday Weekend Review #96

 TIS THE SEASON TO SPEND AND SAVE   Where is Santa right now? With only 40 days left until Christmas Santa is everywhere but in the North Pole right now.  If you are using the Norad Santa tracker you will know that Jolly Old Saint Nicholas is at a mall near you waiting for the kids to get Santa pictures taken. That’s right Santa is gearing up today in most malls across Canada to meet thousands of excited children with their Christmas list for Santa in hand. This is the time of year where our families come together to share memories, create memories, eat lots of food and open gifts! I’m the one who decorates the Christmas tree and the decorations and lights up outside of our house. My wife and I love driving around to see the other houses in our city all lit up. It’s just a great feeling that we now get to share with our son who was born in September of this year.   Holiday Photos   My wife and I decided to go to the mall last night to bring our son for a walk around to tire him out plus to find a […]

Is Paying To View Apartment Rentals Just Another Money Grab? : The Saturday Weekend Review #96

IS IT GREED OR SIMPLY BUSINESS?   I don’t know about you but I certainly wouldn’t want to pay to view apartment rentals not now or not ever. For some people they are left with no choice if there on the hunt for a new place to live especially if they live where demand is high but choices are slim pickings. That’s what I read has happened in Calgary where resident Trish Nicholson who moved from Vancouver is going through. I immediately knew that it was happening, pretty soon everything and I mean everything will have a price tag attached to it. What I read is that some landlords are charging her a $25 viewing fee to check out these apartment rentals. I know, if you are shaking your head in disbelief, so was I however maybe there is some merit to why landlords should impose this charge. The last thing you need when you are conducting an apartment search is to find out what the ad says is not what it really is. How many times have you went to view apartment rentals or a rental house only to find out there were all these other fees on top […]

When are you too old for Christmas gifts? : The Saturday Weekend Review #95

MAKING A CHRISTMAS LIST   I know it’s only one day after Halloween and I’m already talking about Christmas gifts and the upcoming holiday season but it’s for good reason. I was sitting at my computer the other day when my wife said that her sister emailed her to say she was putting together the annual Christmas exchange for the family. Now we budget our Christmas expenses each month as a projected expense so when it comes time to go out and buy Christmas gifts we have the money saved. Brilliant, I know but not everyone can do this. Christmas is one of the most expensive holidays of the year for most families especially those with children. What happens though when grandchildren come along? Should you really be buying gifts and having a gift exchange to the tune of $100-$150 per person when you are an adult? So many questions but something my wife and I talked about the other day. Now, don’t get me wrong we are not by any means saying we don’t want to participate in buying Christmas gifts but we question whether it’s worth the high price tag.   Christmas gifts with meaning   Here’s my […]

Door to door sales representative uses neighbour as selling tactic for media bundle: The Saturday Weekend Review #94

MAKING MONEY AT YOUR DOOR   Selling door to door as a sales representative is not an easy job as with any type of direct sales you are dealing with a potential customer face to face. In the midst of cooking dinner tonight the door-bell rang. We weren’t expecting any friends or family to come around so I wasn’t shocked to see a salesman standing at the door. He asked me if I had a few minutes to talk about my Rogers services as he was a sales representative from Bell Canada. Normally, I don’t talk to door to door sales people but this time I was intrigued. I’m always looking for ways to lower our monthly budget so I wanted to listen to what this guy had to offer me.  My wife was sitting on the couch feeding our son and I could hear her making grunting noises because she wanted to come to the door. She just loves when sales people try to sell stuff to her because she tends to take it all in then hammer them with questions at the end. Likely if it were her who answered the door he would have eaten dinner with […]

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