One day you will understand son, you have One Shot

Father’s Day A Time To Reflect No dad never took me hunting although he lives for it… that isn’t the “One Shot” he is talking about. It’s Father’s Day today and although I think of my dad year round today is the day I think about him all day and want to share him with you. I haven’t seen my father in years so I won’t be seeing him again this Father’s Day. I will be making a phone call back home to the United Kingdom to chat with dad and let him know how much appreciate what he’s done for me up until today. I’m pretty sure the fathers day card I mailed him should have arrived by now. Let me explain about how I’ve come to understand the meaning behind the lessons my father has taught me over the years. Life lessons I will always remember the words that came from my father’s mouth and still do “one day you will understand son, you have One Shot”.  When we are young we think the world revolves around us and think our parents are old farts telling us what to do. I remember seeing dad out in the garden every summer […]

Mr.CBB’s Tangy Easy Guacamole Dip $ 4.10

When the hot weather approaches Mrs. CBB and I have an incessant urge to eat lots more vegetables and fresh salads and this tangy easy guacamole is no exception. I first fell in love with guacamole after tasting the Indian version while in India a few years back. My recipe is not near as fancy as the Avocado Raita nor as authentic as the Mexican version but it’s tasty and is just as addictive. There are many reasons to eat more avocados  if not for the high fat content(14.1 g of fat in a half avocado-mostly unsaturated with 2 grams saturated) but for the heart healthy vitamins. I like to serve my guacamole with tortilla chips, fresh-cut vegetables or on my homemade whole wheat tortillas (I promise you will never buy them again they are so easy to make), which I will be sharing with you shortly. Guacamole is a relatively frugal dip to make with the real cost coming from the avocados running about $1.25 each or cheaper depending where you buy them.  We picked up a pack of 6 for $2.99 on the reduced rack last week so we’ve been making this guacamole recipe over and over for about $4.10. With BBQ season in […]

Mr.CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks-June 15,2012

Canadian Budget Binder’s Week In Review Well as per normal I’m a crazy man trying to multi-task my way through life with the wife,work,gym,blog and education (my job is that of continuous education, I guess the more I learn the likelihood I continue saving people’s lives and keep the wheels of life turning). Work has been very hectic this week but I did manage to keep up with reading and writing blog posts. My fans are number one so I always take time from my day to drop in and say hello! We had some excellent guest posts this week that I hope you will read and learn from.  Enjoy! The Grocery Game Challenge June 11-17-Easy Savings – If you haven’t posted your grocery shop for the week… take a few minutes to post it with the rest of us. You will see the savings week after week.. and you may just WIN our monthly prize! Save Big Live Better now has a printable coupon list which helps to make your shopping experience much easier! Are Frugal Men Sexy And How To Potentially Spot One- Frugal doesn’t have to mean “cheap” it means “MONEY SMART‘. Knowing Your Prices Is The Key […]

Shopping Addiction- Contest Winners

I’d like to take a moment on behalf of Canadian Budget Binder and our Fans to THANK Erika for offering up 2 lovely Paypal Prizes for 2 of our fans who entered our contest. Having a shopping addiction can be costly to the budget but recognizing the signs and how to avoid digging the debt hole are imperative. Are you a WINNER?………………………. Congratulations to our Winners! Please contact me via email at or Facebook 1-Hope Britton $10 Paypal 2-Wendy Ann $10 Paypal Coupon Prize Pack 3- Maria Williams Thanks again Erika for a lovely guest post and we hope to have you back again to share some more great stories jam-packed with money-saving tips! Mr.CBB Photo Credit:Copyright (c) <a href=’’>123RF Stock Photos</a> Related articles Are You a Shopaholic? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Out ( Just Married! We’re Newlyweds And Need A Budget ( Mr.CBB’s Garage Sale Tips For Buying and Selling Stuff! ( Net Worth Update May 2012 CBB-Simple is Best! ( Maternity and Parental Leave Part 2: Budgeting ( Quickie Contest Winners! Reading Our Bills! (

How To Deal With A Shopping Addiction?

Confessions Of A Shopaholic………………………….My name is Erika and this is my story. Maybe I Should Be Called a Shopaholic Online? You know, I’m not really sure when I came to terms with being a “shopaholic,” but after looking back at the last few years of my life, it’s easy to diagnose myself now that I have taken a step back and fully understand how the addiction was affecting me. I have to admit…I think the world of online shopping was a catalyst in sparking this addiction. For some reason, when I buy anything online, it doesn’t really feel like spending money. When I’m at the store, I can touch different fabrics and really feel the quality of what I am spending my money on. Since I can see and touch things physically, it makes me not want to spend my hard-earned money even more since I have to pass over my card or cash. The actual ACT of shopping is still not something I partake in as often as I shop online. Why is Online Shopping So Enticing? For one, everything online just looks so perfect. The lighting is just right, the item is shown in that perfect angle, and look…your […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Grocery Game Challenge June 11-17 Easy Savings!

I’m often asked how to get the most out of frugal easy cooking and I simply say plan your shopping trip. Know what you want to eat for the week by menu planning and stocking your pantry with healthy foods. Armed with our shopping list we took to the stores this afternoon looking for the best price on the products we love. This weeks shop I’m afraid is a bit boring and not near as exciting as last week. We’ve been stockpiling when a good sale comes up on items we will need such as vegetables,milk,eggs and bread. Our garden is also ready with plenty of spinach,fresh onions, basil,chives mint, rhubarb,and radish. We look forward to the peppers,tomatoes,celery and raspberries. There’s nothing better than an organic fresh tomato and green pepper salad with olive oil, fresh garlic,fresh basil,fresh chives, onions, salt, pepper and bocconcini balls. I’m also starting to think we need to find more recipes for rhubarb as we did a freezer inventory of this product and have about 15 bags of it. I was shocked when I was in food basics to see how expensive rhubarb truly is at $3.99 lb. I simply said to Mrs. CBB we […]

Knowing Your Prices Is The Key To Saving Money On Your Grocery Bill

Today I’m going to help those of you who want to save money in your grocery budget by posting your shops in The Grocery Game Challenge. I’m going to talk to you about the Importance of Knowing Grocery Prices. Knowing your prices, and knowing them well is the best way to get more bang for your buck in the budget. This is not going to happen over night, this takes a lot of practice and a consistent weekly effort to perfect your grocery shopping.  I still don’t  have it perfected but I’ve learned a lot and still learn every time I shop. I’m going to use Whiskas Cat food as a great example. Walmart Regular Price is $6.99 for a 1.5 kg. It does go on sale for $6.49. No Frills Regular price is $6.49 for the same 1.5 kg bag. Did you know how long it took me to figure this out? About 4 months.  I was so hung up on “Flyer Watching“ and buying items on sale, thinking  the sale price is “The Price to Watch for“.  I wasn’t engaging in comparison pricing of “Regular Prices” at each store. This is where I suggest for your to start. Take the basic necessities – […]

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