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The Grocery Game Challenge Jan 13-19, 2014 #3: Supermarket abuse that costs money

YOU OPEN IT YOU BOUGHT IT   Although theft is one of the most costly forms of abuse in any retail store there are other more obvious things we see as consumers that make us shake our heads. I don’t know how many times I’ve been through a supermarket and wonder why some parents just let their kids run around the store. It’s nice to see when parents are teaching children about grocery shopping by educating them and having them help with the grocery list but another thing just to let them do what they please.   Supermarket abuse   I’ve literally seen children at the supermarket taking products off of the shelves and putting them in random spots. In one instance I saw a child open a chocolate bar and start eating it. I’m sure the child was in heaven but it doesn’t teach them right from wrong if we allow this behaviour. Once the mother noticed and stopped him she left the opened chocolate bar on the shelf and went along without saying a thing to the child. The proper thing to do would have been to take that chocolate bar and purchase it now that your child […]

How to stop the debt explosion before it stops you

TIME TO PUT ON THE DEBT BRAKES   No one likes to hear the word debt for many they need to realize that it’s something not to ignore. I know what living on less is like and not having any money to spend on the things I wanted. Although it was tough seeing my friends get everything they desired I knew that if I didn’t take control of my finances no one else would give a crap about how much money I had in the bank or debt I had with my creditors. Having too much debt that you can’t handle is depressing and can really set back many people from moving forward in all aspects of life because they don’t feel they are worth anything, they won’t ever get ahead and they fret on what they should have done in their life as opposed to what they can do now moving forward. I didn’t want to be like a family member of mine that was dodging the credit card companies every month because she couldn’t pay the bills or she was revolving money from credit card to card and borrowing money from people just to try to get ahead. […]

Creamy Chicken Pot Pie

HOMEMADE POT PIE WITH CHICKEN   Well it’s on cold days like these that we all need something warm for the soul and easy to prepare in the kitchen. Today I am going to make my creamy chicken pot pie for all of you. This chicken pot pie is simple to put together and really good for using up those scraps of chicken or endless chicken drumsticks that seem to linger at the bottom of the freezer. That’s what I am using today the drumsticks that managed to sneak past me and make their way to the bottom of the freezer. With any homemade pot pie you can use whatever protein you like as you don’t need to use just chicken. The drumsticks weren’t completely defrosted but enough to be put into the oven to cook off until browned through.     Chicken stock   I will also keep the bones and skin and make some chicken stock from them so I always have it on hand. Having chicken stock on hand is always something hand for every pantry. Besides, chicken stock is so easy to make. Left over chicken bones and skin, some juices out of the bottom of […]

What to do in the winter that won’t break the bank: The Saturday Weekend Review #54

YOU EITHER LOVE IT OR YOU HATE IT…SNOW   It’s been no surprise with the cold snap we have had the past couple of weeks here in Canada that most of us want to just hibernate. I’ll be honest and say that when I first moved to Canada I enjoyed the luxury of having all the different seasons especially watching the snow fall in the winter. I was a lover of the winter white stuff, oh, for about 2 years until it just kept falling and falling and falling and getting colder and colder. I’m just about running out of places to shovel the snow. What is miraculous is that it’s been so cold that even photos of a frozen Niagara Falls keep surfacing on the internet and it truly is a beautiful sight. I’m used to it now and for that brief moment in time I am still very excited to see the first snow fall and the beauty it brings to our surroundings. My family back home in the UK even though they get some snow are always jealous about the amount of snow we have in Canada and the kids wish they could do what the kids […]

Is cord cutting part of your new budget plan?- PF Friday Grab a brew #54

NOT EVERYONE WANTS THE SAME SERVICES   I have to admit that “cord cutting” is not part of our new budget for 2014 but it may be in the future. All that cord cutting boils down to is whether you want to pay for cable TV or not. I’m a huge fan of watching movies but not as much as my wife who is a movie buff and has her fair share of DVD’s, VHS movies (boxes full and she still has the player) and the odd Blue Ray movies these days. When she was younger she had basic cable and loved watching movies so she would buy them at the local Blockbuster or Rogers store as previously viewed for cheaper than buying a ticket to go to the movies. It wasn’t worth it to her besides she got to keep the movie and watch it as many times as she wanted. Many people are doing away with the traditional TV packages from their communications providers simply because the pricing has become so unrealistic, they don’t watch much TV or streaming TV programs is more the way they want to roll. Throw in some free streaming and watching DVD’s and […]

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