Crockpot Pulled pork with a Blueberry Teriyaki Sauce

pulled pork in teriyaki and blueberry sauce

SWEET AND SAVOURY ON YOUR PLATE   I have felt under the weather lately and needed to make supper tonight so I am making a simple crock-pot pulled pork recipe but changing it up by adding blueberries and teriyaki. I really do just want to stay in bed and sip on my lemon and honey hot drink but supper needs to be organized. This is one of those recipes that you can set and forget it. This is also one of those budget-friendly recipes that you can make ahead of time and even freeze for another day. You all know me well enough now that I have a few recipes up my sleeve that are fast such as 15 minute meals or a one-pot wonder. Today I’ve taken out the crock-pot which I just love as you can make just about anything in it from bread to jam, soups and stews to my all-time favourite pulled pork.     Pulled Pork   Today I am going to make for you today my version of crock-pot pulled pork that’s made with teriyaki sauce, Worcester sauce (also known as Worcestershire) and blueberries as well my homemade tomato sauce to top it all […]

Thanksgiving and our family values: The Saturday Weekend Review #92

Happy Thanksgiving Day Canada

 IT’S TURKEY TIME…   This weekend we are celebrating Thanksgiving with our friends and family like many people around Canada. I love cooking in the Fall because I am a big fan of sweet potatoes, potatoes, apples, beets, carrots, corn, squash and any other veg and fruits I can get my hands on. I am a firm believer in eating for the season because you will get the best product around. The best part is you will also score better prices on seasonal products as well making your grocery budget that much lighter than buying out of season.   Meaning of Thanksgiving   What is the meaning of Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving has a different meaning for everyone. Thanksgiving for me is a time where loved one’s come together to enjoy a festive Thanksgiving meal and give thanks for what they are thankful for in their lives. I am a believer that we should give thanks every day rather than just one day a year but I often think that Thanksgiving Day is just a swift reminder for everyone to slow down in life. Sometimes we get on the life bandwagon and we ride it at a million miles per hour letting […]

To Take Or Not Take Early CPP

Happy Non-Retirement

CANADA PENSION PLAN DILEMMA   My husband just turned 62 and we’ve been in a quandary about whether he should take his Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) early (before 65) with penalty or not. We’re both still working and plan to be for the next 4 years while we pay off a whack of debt. Because of penalties introduced in 2012, the amount you receive by taking your CPP early is less than before this legislation was introduced. Let me try to walk through the peculiarities of our situation and how we reached our final decision.   The CPP Rules   While I can’t walk you through all the rules, I will highlight the key ones or ones that were relevant for us but refer you to the CPP website which is actually pretty clear.  I just want to point out that the Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) has a different set of rules, up front. Normally CPP was collected at 65, with penalties and premiums if you elected to take it anytime from age 60 to 65, or from age 65 to 70. Contrary to popular belief, with the new rules introduced in 2012, the age for CPP has not changed […]

grocery game monthly challenge

Should you really shop at a bulk food store? : The Grocery Game Challenge #2 Oct 6-12, 2014

Bulk Food Store Walnuts

THE MORE YOU BUY THE CHEAPER IT IS… OR IS IT?   Most people would assume that if they buy food from a bulk food store that it would cost less than buying at a local grocery store. I’m not just talking about a bulk food store like the Bulk Barn but also stores like Costco that people believe help slash their grocery budget. Almost two years ago when I participated in the Welfare Food Challenge I agreed that buying in bulk would help keep costs lowered for those who want to stick to a budget. It’s true as long as you are always getting the ‘best price’ for the size/amount you buy. What is also important to consider is here as well is quality of product. If you aren’t then likely the savings aren’t going to be great.   Bulk Food Store Savings   We don’t have a Costco membership which you have to pay for and factor into your overall costs. This cost can run you anywhere from $55 a year for a business membership to a $110 for an executive membership. Through the grapevine I’ve heard that if you buy a Costco gift card or one was […]

Turtle Pie Oh My!

slice turtle pie wm

CHOCOLATE CRAVINGS   Turtle pie is one of my go-to recipes when the chocolate craving hits. If you are a fan of those famous chocolate turtles this recipe is for you. The past month I’ve been busy canning pasta sauce, salsa and cherry tomatoes for over the winter months thanks to my best friends. The great part is they know I will take their overflow of fruit and vegetables so they don’t go to waste. You all know how I don’t like food waste. Football season is full on at the moment and trying to find time to can is getting harder but it’s well worth it to have delicious tasting homemade sauces especially before the season ends and the farmer markets close until next year. Or in my case my friends gardens!   Turtle Pie   I was craving something really sweet the other day so decided to make a turtle pie for dessert. Now this turtle pie is a pretty easy recipe and one you can whip up even in a pinch. That’s why I like it. What is Dulce De Leche? When the condensed milk goes on sale normally $1.88 is a great price I will stock […]

If you won the lottery would you go bankrupt? : The Saturday Weekend Review #91

the saturday weekend review fall trees lottery winner bankruptcy

THE MILLIONAIRE BUDGET   I read an online article about what not to do when you win the lottery which made me wonder why people go bankrupt when money falls in their lap. I know what you are thinking…how does someone who won millions of dollars blow through it all so they go bankrupt? Easy… they don’t manage their money properly. Whether you are a millionaire or not you still have to budget your money. I know some of you might laugh at that but money is money and there is no special budget for rich people either. It’s simple math but people tend to complicate money to the point where they don’t know where all of their money went until it’s too late.   Lottery tickets are a waste of money   Some people may say that spending money on lottery tickets is like throwing money out the window and in one sense I agree but in another you can’t win if you don’t play. My wife and I play the lottery and buy one line with encore of Lotto Max every week. No, there have been no heart-stopping moments checking our lottery tickets but it’s our way of […]

Your Will And The Legal Ramifications Of Death

Will & Testament Photo

HOW DEATH WILL AFFECT YOU   When a loved one dies, the grief that follows is often overwhelming and difficult to bear. I know this feeling all too well as my stepfather passed away in 2013 after a COPD diagnosis and several recurrences of cancer. If you’re a surviving spouse or a very close relative, the responsibility may fall on you to oversee the funeral arrangements and burial or cremation rites. During this time of mourning, it isn’t likely to be a forethought whether or not the deceased had a will, significant assets or debts. Settling an estate cannot be delayed for long however. Regardless of whether the deceased lived alone or had a surviving spouse, someone will need to assume the great task of sorting through the person’s financial life and personal belongings. This is in order to meet the law’s requirements on the settling of an estate.   Last will and testament   Upon the death of the individual, one of the first questions that needs to be asked is if the deceased had a valid last will and testament. In Canada, there are commonly three types of wills used.   Formal Will:  this is a typed document […]