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How to select fresh food at the supermarket: The Grocery Game Challenge 2015 #2 Jan 12-18


BUYING THE FRESHEST FOOD   When we grocery shop Mrs. CBB and I want to bring home fresh food because that’s what we should all expect from a supermarket, right? Finding fresh food or the freshest is always hit or miss but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you arm yourself with shopping habits we’ve come to rely on that I’m going to share with you today you are well on your way to becoming a grocery store fresh food sleuth. Grocery shopping might seem like something simple to you but believe me when I say there are people who are seeking to learn how to grocery shop. How could someone possibly screw up and buy food that is outdated, moldy, wilted or rotten for that matter? The saying “You get what you pay for” at the supermarket doesn’t always mean you get the freshest food. Considering that most Canadians have a limited grocery budget it’s important for all of us to spend our money wisely and that means finding fresh food that won’t end up in the garbage before we have time to consume it. Today I’m going to share with you some of the ways Mrs. […]

Engaged? Five money conversations to have before you say ‘I do’


IMPORTANT TALKS TO HAVE   You just got engaged. Congratulations! It’s a busy and exciting time full of planning for the future. But in the midst of choosing bouquet flowers and planning the honeymoon, the one thing you can’t neglect talking about before you tie the knot is money.For a lot of people, money isn’t something they enjoy discussing. As someone who is newly engaged, maybe you haven’t had many conversations about money with your partner before. It’s time to start talking. Financial stress is one of the leading causes of divorce, so if you want to retain the blissful happiness you feel as an engaged couple, it’s important to get on the same page about finances early.I got engaged in June 2013 and married my husband in June 2014. It was a whirlwind leading up to the wedding, but these are some of the conversations that we had before and during our engagement. Being open with one another about finances, knowing what each person expects, and understanding each other’s views on money has made our transition into married life fairly smooth.Have these five conversations while you’re engaged and you’ll help ensure a solid footing for your marriage.   The […]

Fire-Roasted Red Pepper Soup with Tomato and Fennel

Fire Roasted Red Pepper Soup v2

40-MINUTES AND SOUP IS ON THE TABLE   I’ve always been a huge fan of roasted red peppers especially with hot homemade bread slathered with butter. I’m also a huge lover of soup so I thought why not combine the two with tomatoes and fennel to create this hearty Roasted Red Pepper soup with tomato and fennel. It’s after the snow starts to fall that we get into that ‘warm me up mode’ and have soup on the brain. My favourite soup is a bean-filled tomato minestrone but I also love simple broth soups or quick and easy soup like this roasted red pepper soup. Two summers ago we used to grow peppers in our back yard but we have since gotten away from growing vegetables in the garden for now because baby and renovations have taken too much of our time. Our garden is however filled with herbs which we love to grow especially basil to pair with all the fresh vegetables that our relatives with massive gardens give us. I also make fresh basil pesto cubes and freeze them for times like today when I’m making a pot of soup and I want to jazz up the flavour. […]

Are Low Gas Prices Seducing You Into Buying A New Vehicle? : The Saturday Weekend Review #105

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A GOOD THING NEVER LASTS   If I was talking about relationships I’m pretty sure I’d have many fans telling me I was dead wrong. It’s true though, when it’s too good to be true, get it while you can, If you can. Remember when gas prices were eating into your budget? I do and it still does but not to the extent it once did. I recall chatting with my wife when we were house-hunting and why we should look in a neighbourhood that was close to our jobs. It took upwards of 30 minutes just to get across town more during busy hours which not only meant time constraints but more gas. Gas prices in Ontario have come out to play in recent weeks and tumbled to a very pretty low (er) rate for those who are tired of filling up and cringing at pump prices. I almost can’t stop checking my Gas Buddy app because I’m not sure if I believe the way the prices have come down. One of my wife’s friends posted on Facebook today how prices were jumping up close to 0.10 a litre where he lived but who cares because it’s still not […]

CBB Year-End Financial Report : December 2014 Net Worth Update (+1.29%)


FINISHING UP THE YEAR   As another year ends we look back on what occurred to make the gains we made and the losses we took a hit on with our year-end financial report. The objective of financial reporting at the end of the year helps us to create goals for the following year and to somewhat forecast where we are going financially. For the first time in our lives we have been able to say we are mortgage-free and that happened back in April/May of 2014. This was not only an achievement for ourselves but set us on the right path to save and invest even more for a healthy retirement in the future. There hasn’t been one point during the last 4 years of using a budget that we thought, this isn’t worth it. It was and continues to be the best thing we ever did for our finances. In 2014 January to December we saw a 11.34% increase in our overall net worth which is more than we ever imagined. Thrilled, you bet. Motivated… beyond belief! Below is our final numbers for the 2014 year.   Our 2014 Financial Report   Below you can click the links […]

grocery game monthly challenge

Why Having A Stockpile Budget Will Save You Money: The Grocery Game Challenge 2015 #1 Jan 5- 11

why having a stockpile budget will save you money

YOUR NUTRITION SURVIVAL SHELTER   Over the years we have seen our food stockpile dwindle but back between 2010-2012 stockpiling our cold room, pantry and freezer using coupons and flyer specials was a way of life, not so much these days. We’ve taken a different approach to stockpiling simply because we weren’t able to get through the food that we were buying in bulk using coupons. We are still trying to use up baked beans that are coming due this year. Having an emergency food stash that is ready to eat up just in case something happens to your finances is great but having shelf-stable products are key to building the best stockpile. When I say shelf-stable I mean products that don’t really have a shelf-life or have a very long shelf-life like dried beans, a quality stockpile item of ours. I know some of our friends who have a pantry it’s just filled to the top with junk and convenience foods and although it may fill your tummy you can still eat healthy and stockpile good food on a budget. Why have a stockpile budget then if we don’t plan to stockpile lots of food? A valid question, let […]

Our Budget 2014 Year in Review: December 2014 Budget Update

Canadian Budget Binder Monthly Budget Update Logo 2

OUR YEAR USING A BUDGET   Hey there fellow CBB Budgeteers! Welcome to the last budget 2014 update where I share an overview of just how good (or bad) Mrs. CBB and I managed our money. Even though the monthly budget update takes me a LONG time to put together I enjoy seeing our financial progress. In a way it’s forced attempt at dissecting our budget intent further because we choose to explain it to all of you. I always say to you that in order to know what you are doing with your money you need to track it because without a trail of numbers you’ll never know what you are capable of. This post is by far one my favourites to write each year because the budget overview is one of the last pages of our financial year. The critical part of this post is reviewing all the numbers to see if they worked for us and where we need to make improvements for the following year. As you will notice below in the chart we did need to make changes to our budget either because what we were budgeting wasn’t working or prices have gone up.   […]

Cinnamon Meringue Petit Fours

cinnamon meringue petit fours

CREAMY AND BITE-SIZED   I don’t always like big desserts that you have to eat with a utensil so these cinnamon meringue petit fours are the perfect mini desserts for my family. For Christmas this year I was given a lovely Kitchen Aid Mixer which I had dreamt about for a long time. The Kitchen-aid mixer makes life so much easier and with no more sore wrists and I can create my budget-friendly recipes in a shorter length of time. I don’t know why it took so long to get one.. ha! Today I’m breaking out the new mixer to share my Cinnamon Meringue Petit Fours recipe and I can honestly say it’s a dream come true. It seems as if I’ve got hired help and the mixer is worth every penny. This petit fours recipe has hints of cinnamon and the consistency of meringue which makes them simple to create. With all the ingredients in the pantry from the holidays I can easily whip these up in a jiffy. This meringue is different from most as its chewy rather than crunchy as it has fine almonds mixed in. The important key to remember is once they are done baking to […]