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Top 5 Reasons Your Food Shopping Bill Is Expensive: The Grocery Game Challenge #2 May 10-17, 2015

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THE POWER OF FOOD CHOICES   I’d like to think I know a bit about what I’m doing when it comes to food shopping especially since I enjoy writing about food budgets and saving money every week. I’m always finding reasons why people are spending too much money. I also find reasons why people are not finding the best deals they can when they are out there. It’s not just about the in-store savings… there’s more to food shopping than looking for dollar signs. When someone complains to me that their food shopping bill is too high and blames it on the cost of food I don’t disagree. Food costs are through the roof these days but with these price increases we also have to invest a bit of effort into our own budget. I also turn my head back to the shopper because most often that’s where the problem begins. Eating healthy on a budget is possible. It may not include some of the high-powered organic fruits and vegetables, but it could depending on what else you stuff in your shopping cart. I’ve heard just about every excuse under the sun about how it’s near impossible to stick to […]

Lemon-Lime Cheesecake Brownies

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CHEESECAKE AND BROWNIE MEET   Brownie desserts of all kinds are tops in my sweet tooth book and lately I’ve had brownies on the brain so last week I decided to create this lemon-lime cheesecake brownie recipe. Since Mother’s Day is today these are the perfect treat for the Mom in your life and super easy to make for any occasion or anyone, even just for yourself. Two weeks ago I shared my Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies and since then I’ve thought about how I can bring the brownie to a new level. I was contemplating making lemon blondie brownies (my next brownie) but had a craving for cheesecake and my neighbour gave us some lemon-lime chevre cheese. What is Chevre cheese? Chevre cheese is French for Goat Cheese. Cheeses made of goats milk. They didn’t know what to do with the chevre cheese and thought maybe I would be able to come up with something to bake so it wouldn’t waste. They had opened it to try it but it wasn’t what they expected. I had a taste of the chevre cheese on its own and it didn’t work for me. It wasn’t awful but it needed something […]

Couple on the Debt Binge Train to rid of $40,000 : The Saturday Weekend Review #120

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THE GIFT OF DEBT FREEDOM   I’m excited to share this amazing journey about a couple who are 18 months away from paying off $40,000 worth of consumer debt. Do you want to know how they are getting rid of their debt? It’s easy…they spend less than they earn and they are budgeting. I hope you weren’t expecting some wild formulas or the easy way out because there are none.   Couple tackling debt   Canadian Budget Binder fans Jen Peacock, 36 and Ken Blowes, 35  from Georgetown, Ontario shared their debt payback story with the world in a video at the The Globe and Mail online. I was humbled to hear how much I had influenced their budgeting journey but as you all know I worked pretty close with the Jen and Ken to help them along because I knew Jen was serious and needed the help. This is probably a Mother’s Day she won’t forget because it’s been an on-going battle with debt where they can now “finally see the light“. Since Jen first chatted with me at CBB she has written “Budgeting with Mr.CBB got us Back on Track” as well as their struggle with infertility. Jen […]

How a To-Do List Stopped me from Playing Superhero with my Life : April 2015 Budget Update

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ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE AND WATCH IT GROW   Life would be great if I could remember everything I needed to do in my head without having to consult a to-do list but that will never happen for me. When you decide to get organized with something in your life you almost feel like weight is lifted off your shoulders. I’ve made the mistake once in my life when I let work get the best of me where I then let things slip at home. My life was a bit of a chaotic mess during this time period because I was young and working as many hours as I could fit in while I could. I wasn’t a money hoarder or work-a-holic I just didn’t mind working for money and having the ability to save so I could afford holidays while paying down my mortgage faster. In the meantime I wasn’t completing all the tasks in a home I bought in my early 20’s because balance was hard for me. As a young guy I didn’t know everything. Who’s perfect after all? Nobody. Life is all about experimenting and learning from our mistakes and I did just that. My mind was […]

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How to Grocery Shop 7 Days A Week and Save Money : The Grocery Game Challenge #1 May 4-10, 2015

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SUPER SAVE THE MORE YOU SHOP   Most of you wouldn’t dream of attempting to grocery shop 7 days a week but for some there are hidden ways to save money. I’ve previously talked about shopping more than once a week and shopping monthly but not every single day of the week. It sounds a bit outrageous to the typical consumer but believe me people do this, and for many reasons. If you are a cashier at a grocery store you can attest to seeing the daily “regulars”. These people you know by name, they know your name and they want the freshest product on their table every day of the week. For those of you that work this is not for you although some of you might still shop every day after work depending on your situation. If you are single you might just drop in after work to pick up food for the night or if you work at the grocery store you pretty much have this luxury at your finger tips. One of our CBB fans does work at the grocery store and the deals she finds will blow your mind so I wasn’t at all opposed […]

Thai Chicken Soup

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CREATING SOUPS WITH FLAVOUR   It was time for me to update our freezer inventory and I noticed we had some chicken that needed using up so I created this amazing Thai Chicken Soup. I know summer is around the corner and soup isn’t on the radar for many people but soup is not just for the winter months. We enjoy soup all year-long. If you love soup as much as my family does you will know that buying it in a can is really just for convenience. Pretty much any soup that you can find in a can can be made at home for a fraction of the cost and it freezes well. What I like about this Thai Chicken Soup that is different from a classic chicken noodle soup is the Asian flavours. If you aren’t a fan of the noodles you can leave them out and enjoy the chicken with the broth and Asian flavours on their own. If you love peanut butter, coconut, coriander, turmeric, lemon, lime, spring onions and chili peppers this Thai Chicken Soup is for you.   Meat Prices   I was on my weekly grocery shopping trip last week and I was […]

Airbnb is a homeowners goldmine or a potential disaster : The Saturday Weekend Review #119

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A VACATION HOME RENTAL HAVEN   You’re probably wondering what Airbnb is unless you’ve heard of it or used the service which is growing popular world-wide. I had never looked into what Airbnb was because the word ‘vacation’ has not been on our radar for years. When I lived in the UK and travelled I typically would stay at a hotel so I could mingle with the locals rather than on a resort. Now that I’ve learned about Airbnb I may have used this service back then although it wasn’t available at the time. I’ve seen Airbnb all over the internet when other personal finance bloggers have written about the service but I never had a need….until yesterday. Unfortunately the reason I went searching was due to a news article horror story I read where an Airbnb rental house was trashed by the renters. There are pros and cons to this service although I don’t think this story will deter people from hosting or renting in the future.   Airbnb Hosting   If you’ve got extra space in your house you could easily become an Airbnb host. If you don’t mind having people in your home or you travel and […]

Why financial advice from rich people makes sense

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FIND YOUR MONEY SUCCESS   Rich people are all around us and I’m betting most of them worked pretty hard to get where they are. Not all rich people are shady investors or business people but let’s be honest, we know they exist. The truth is there are many successful people who achieved their goals because they put in the effort. Not everyone has a top-notch career or thriving business bloom out of sheer luck. When it comes to our own finances it may be soothing to talk to anyone who will listen, but learning about how to fix your money situation from the wrong people can slow down progress. If you find yourself in a financial mess why would you seek advice from people who are in the same money crisis as you? If they can’t even get their own finances in order taking financial advice from them may not be in your best interest. That’s the truth. It’s a serious matter that too often people push aside because they think they will never find their way out of debt when all it takes is a bit of homework and dedication.   Who are these rich people?   You […]

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25 Healthy Snacks to Stock In Your Kitchen: The Grocery Game Challenge #4 Apr 27- May 3, 2015

25 healthy snacks to stock in your kitchen

IF YOU STOCK IT YOU WILL EAT IT!   Eating healthy on a budget is important which means having healthy snacks available is a great way to fuel your day. Most people snack in-between meals because they get their hunger on before it’s meal time. It happens to just about everyone and it’s very important to fill your body with the good stuff and not the bad stuff. One thing I’m sure you can agree with me on is that if we stock unhealthy treats in the kitchen, we will eat them. You might tell yourself that you won’t but when that moment hits and you know you have a bucket of Ben and Jerry’s or a jar of Nutella, look out the monster in us comes out. It’s happened to me on many occasions but it’s not bad in moderation. It’s not just chocolate that is the troublemaker it’s the chips, crackers, coated nuts etc. You only have to walk down the snack aisle once and probably the only products you would find that would considered healthy snacks would be salsa and mixed nuts and fruits. If you want to munch on the good stuff and have that guilt-free […]

Why a healthy relationship takes more than just money

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LOVE IS THE KEY TO HAPPINESS   A healthy relationship based on true love takes work, mistakes and lots of glue to keep it together no matter how wealthy a couple is. The misconception that couple’s who live a stress free, debt-free money induced lifestyle must be happy is so far gone it’s a shame that people put so much weight on money and love. Hollywood is a classic example of how being rich isn’t everything, pre-nups are. Every month some A-lister or ‘successful someone’ is getting divorced and guess what… they have money. I know people who feel they are not good enough for love because they aren’t rich, don’t have successful careers or fit the role of supermodel. Forget all that crap, would you. It’s one thing to lead a motivated life but it’s another to focus so much on what you do want that you may miss opportunities. Sure, you don’t have to settle because finding the ideal partner is important but don’t let a list of “must-have’s” consume you unless you don’t mind being single forever or in a relationship based on what you believe is a healthy relationship. Have you heard this before? It must […]