How NOT to get duped with Play Money Like We Did


FUNNY MONEY IS EVERYWHERE   I honestly never thought we would get caught accepting play money BUT it happened. Let me tell you how it happened and what you can do to make sure you’re not getting duped too! If you think we were silly enough to be handed Monopoly money and accept it, think again. I’m pretty sure any cashier would spot that from a mile away and likely laugh it off because we all know you can’t pay for goods and services with play money. Or can you? My wife and I are huge finance buffs as you can tell from reading this blog and saving money is important to us. If we can save a dollar on toilet paper with a coupon or even using coupon apps to get further discounts we will do it. The point here is that all these dollars and cents add up over the course of the year. Why work hard for your money if you don’t care where the small stuff goes? While shopping for bits and bobs at our local Dollarama store the other day with our son in tow we went to the cash register like any normal customers […]

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When Your Food Budget Is Out of Control You Should Do This! : The Grocery Game Challenge #2 Sept 14-20,2015

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FINANCIAL TRUTHS OFTEN HURT   Most people struggle with an out of control food budget and maybe why you might want to read this post today. I’m here to tell you that there is only one thing you can do to fix your out of control food budget. Don’t worry, I’ll get to it below but I want you to read something first. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready for the truth when it comes to debt and their money until they need to do something about it. Self-control is easy for anyone to forget until we have to consider it in our lives. For some people it’s easier just to live free and go with the flow which only works on certain aspects of our lives. Our worst enemy was using coupons because we spent more than we should have just to save money. It turned out we bought too much food, went over budget and wasted quite a bit in the end. We kept telling ourselves that it would save us money in the future. To an extent it did BUT it got to the point we had no interest in the tonnes of food we were stockpiling. We […]

Easy Cheesy Chili Cornbread Muffins

Easy Cheesy Chili Cornbread Muffins

YES IT’S CHILI IN A MUFFIN!   I bet you thought this was just a cheesy cornbread muffin with chili powder but NO it’s a Cheesy CHILI Cornbread Muffin. No need to cook up a pot of my Turkey Chili or Mr. CBB’s Slammin Chili with these because I’m giving you the cornbread muffin and the chili all in one. The Chili Pepper is widely used around the world but did you know it’s spelled differently which is why you may see chile con carne, or chilli con carne. Chili pepper, the spicy fruit of plants in the genus Capsicum; sometimes spelled “chilli” in the UK and “chile” in the southwestern US Now that Fall is in the air and back to school is in full swing for the kids I’m busy in the kitchen using my free time to create delicious recipes for my family. If I can make ahead and freeze meals to make week-night cooking easier, I’ll do that. I have used this basic chili cornbread recipe for years as it was in one of my old recipe books which I can’t seem to recall. I have tweaked the cornbread recipe to my liking through trial and […]

Is a Housewarming Party another excuse to get free stuff? : The Saturday Weekend Review #138

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WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBOURHOOD   I thought getting invited to a housewarming party was an excuse to get together with friends and drink the night away, but you may think differently. What really is a housewarming party all about? A housewarming party traditionally is a way for new homeowners to invite family and friends around after they’ve moved in to tour the new home and party. A housewarming party gift is a must for this type of event although some hosts may say not to bother especially if they already have a full-house of furnishings. If you want the rest of your new neighbours to know that you are moving in with a bang have a housewarming party in your back-yard and show them who the King is, ha. I’m only having a laugh but it happens and we’ve experienced that first-hand 2 weekends ago when our new neighbours moved in. That night we heard loud music, laughter, dogs barking and car doors opening and closing all-night long.I think they shook up the neighbourhood because we don’t normally hear anything. Our street is made up of seniors, older married couples and the odd younger couple with kids. Just recently we […]

Savings Tips About Retirement from Grandma Opens Our Eyes : August Net Worth Update 2015 (+1.44%)


THERE WILL ALWAYS BE AN END   The last place the wife and I expected to discuss savings tips for retirement was in a retirement home with her grandmother by our side. The kicker is sometimes you don’t even have to say a word to understand what someone is trying to say or feeling. While visiting my wife’s grandmother after almost 13 years in a retirement home we learned that saving for retirement doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be living the high-life. Our emotions and actions speak louder than words and in this case it was clear that grandmother’s past words were surfacing in my wife’s mind. Her grandmother has Alzheimer’s disease and although she does have days where she talks there are days she says nothing at all. She’s been heard saying she’s waiting to visit the marble stone. In other words, she’s waiting to die. Although it’s heartbreaking to hear she’s lived a long, long amazing life,nearing 100 now. She never went with-out but with that came hard work and plenty of financial planning. My wife and I said that we are either going to die before we make it into a retirement home or we will spend our […]

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How To Adjust Your Grocery Shopping List After The Kids Move Out : The Grocery Game Challenge #1 Sept 7-13, 2015

how to adjust your grocery shopping list after the kids move out

TIME TO FINE-TUNE YOUR FOOD   Your grocery shopping list will need some adjustments now that your children have left home whether it’s for school or to start life on their own. Budgeting household expenses is one of the biggest changes you will have when the kids move out apart from less noise in the house. When the kids are finally gone you have to back-track to the days when you had no kids. It will take time for this new adjustment so don’t get upset if you don’t knock it out of the park the first month or two. I bet you can remember all those days you were scrambling to make lunches at the last-minute because you forgot the night before. Your pantry and refrigerator were filled with foods that you could whip up in a flash because time was never on your side. We found that after our son was born everything we did was at warp speed where before we had just rolled along peacefully. Those were the days. Parenting is hard-core work and with that you need to be organized especially with the monthly household expenses including the grocery budget. Now that we have a […]

Spiced Apple Bread

spiced apple bread

SIMPLE QUICK BREAD   If you are looking for apple recipes you’ll want to add this spiced apple bread to the menu this week. Apples are everywhere in September especially at the farmers markets where you can buy bushels of them for a reasonable price. Also, with the Fall season around the corner apples are waiting to picked from the trees so now is a good time to harvest them. Now that the leaves are falling to the ground and seasons are changing this spiced apple bread is the perfect dessert. Quick breads have long been a favourite in many households not only because they are easy on the budget but they are fast to make. I’m a huge fan of apples and since I had a spare can of apple pie filling in my pantry I decided to create this spiced apple bread. Typically I would make my apple pie filling or apple sauce which you can do or you can use this shortcut that I’m taking to use up a pantry item so it doesn’t go to waste. If you don’t have apple pie filling in your cupboard like me you can easily substitute with a homemade spiced […]

Could you survive a recession in Canada? : The Saturday Weekend Review #137

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EVERYONE VIEWS MONEY DIFFERENTLY   Whether the economists believe Canada is in a recession or not the fact remains that we should be prepared. If you’ve noticed that your pay rise has been overlooked or even so slim you’d hardly tell a difference in your bank account, you’re not alone. Even though Canada added 12,000 jobs in August the unemployment rate went up and sitting at 7.0 percent. This happened because there was a large drop in part-time jobs. These are the jobs that most people rely on for extra income or to make ends meet. I read an article about the so-called “Recession” in Canada presenting what questions would most often come up over and over and what expert economists had to say about them. In Canada we’ve been through 12 recessions since 1926 which is when data started being recorded. It is said that we go into a recession about every 7 years which is why we shouldn’t overlook the obvious, our own finances. A recession is a BIG deal and although I’ve only been in Canada since 2007 I was here to feel the financial crunch of 2008 which was big for us. My wife’s investments like […]

When should you evaluate your monthly budget? : August 2015 Budget Update

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EVERYTHING TO DO WITH MONEY CHANGES   When should a monthly budget be evaluated? This seems to be the hot question the last few months of every year in my inbox. I wish I had all the right answers for those fans who want to become debt free and put all their financial worries behind them. In all honesty money concerns never end but what I do have is our experiences to share. If you haven’t realized it yet you will notice that everything to do with your money will change as will the way you think about your finances. Over the years we have found that we change the way we think about our money and how we manage it. If you rely on a monthly budget to manage your finances a serious evaluation must be done at the end of the year. What does this mean? It means you look at every budget month for the year to see where you can make improvements. You will also be armed with numbers which is critical to the success of building a monthly budget for the new year. The first year we started our monthly budget we realized that we […]

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Top 5 Grocery Shopping Methods Revealed…What’s Yours? : The Grocery Game Challenge #5 Aug 31-Sept 6, 2015

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THE RIGHT AND WRONG WAY TO GROCERY SHOP   Honestly, there is no right or wrong method to go grocery shopping BUT there may be consequences if you overspend. While at the grocery store today I wasn’t in the mood for any shopping so my wife led the way with our handy grocery list. What I did do was people watch other grocery shoppers while they were shopping. I guess you could say I was creeping their shopping carts. At the same time I was trying to figure out their shopping method because I realize that not everyone is as organized as we are and walk into a grocery store armed with a grocery list. I observed one woman walk through the grocery store doors with her cell phone in one hand chatting away and a basket in the other. She would wander around the store just grabbing items off the shelf as she toggled the phone from from her hand to her neck and ear. I started to follow her from a distance and noticed she had no interest in sales because she put the more expensive products in her basket as opposed to comparable products on sale. I’m […]

Easy Cheesy Pizza Buns


MAKE YOUR OWN PIZZA BUNS AT HOME   Now we have all seen Pizza Buns in the supermarket before or you may have smelled them baking while you were shopping. That’s just another way the store plays to your senses so you buy a package of whatever is baking. Suggestive marketing by sight and smell has been around for year and years. Today I’m going to show you how to make pizza buns which you can enjoy on their own or stuff them to make a sandwich. I like to stuff mine with fresh sliced ham and mozzarella cheese which just makes the flavours pop in this recipe. Typically whenever dough is involved some people will shy away from a recipe because of time or lack of experience with dough BUT don’t be shy of it. We’ve all had to learn from our mistakes which helped us create experiences. All in all this pizza bun dough recipe will take about an hour to make and get ready for the oven. That’s pretty fast for making your own pizza buns at home. You can’t beat that freshness and if the tomatoes you use are garden fresh, even better. The magical part […]

Would You Quit Your Dream Job To Do Nothing For 2 Months? : The Saturday Weekend Review #136

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SHOULD LIFE’S EXPERIENCES TRUMP A DREAM JOB?   We’ve all felt like doing something that seems a bit outrageous but that doesn’t mean that we should do it. Or should we have? Do you remember creating a dream job list while studying at high school, university or college? You may have wanted to become a Police Officer, Doctor, Teacher, Mechanic, Painter, Business Owner, Photographer and so on. I did think about my dream job and creating a list helped keep me motivated although when I moved to Canada my career options were opened up. I’ve just finally landed my foot in the door of one of those dream jobs on my list but I must admit I never believed it would happen. I recently read a story about Bethany Butzer who left her dream job at Harvard to spend 2 months in a remote cabin near Willisville, Ontario north of Manitoulin Island. She sold everything she owned and packed up some old clothes and with her husband went into hiding to spend 2 months doing nothing but soaking up life. Like many people who are workaholics or those so into their jobs they tend to forget about life and themselves. […]