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How To Make A Customer Complaint For A Product (sample letter)

DON’T THROW MONEY IN THE GARBAGE WHEN YOU HAVE A LEGITIMATE CUSTOMER COMPLAINT   Your grocery budget is important as should be the products you spend your money on an expect a certainly level of quality from. Lodging a customer complaint is not new but the way we communicate complaints to companies has changed over the years. Not everyone has a computer and not everyone is interested in making a phone call or writing a letter. The good news is that companies offer various ways to contact them which appeals to all generations of shoppers. My mother-in-law for example is a phone call kind of gal and that’s the way she rolls. She’s also the customer who will go into a bank instead of using online banking. On the other hand I’m an online banking customer and would rather do a live chat or send an email into customer service if I had a customer complaint. Options are important for all levels of customer service to appeal to the masses of consumers buying products in our grocery stores. Consumer help is always a phone call, email or live chat away if you have a product you’ve purchased but aren’t satisfied […]

Super Easy Garlicky Avocado Mayonnaise (Low-Carb, Keto)

TURN YOUR RIPE AVOCADO INTO A COLOURFUL MAYO SPREAD IN MINUTES   This garlicky avocado mayonnaise is homemade, tangy, delicious, bursting with green colour and will light up any sandwich or meal that you use it in or on. Personally I like to call it avocado mayo sauce but my wife says it’s a garlicky avocado mayonnaise so we’ll go with that name for this recipe we created with some leftover avocados that were perfectly ripened. Honestly, don’t throw your avocado out just because it is too soft or you see some brown when you cut it open. It’s still edible and delicious just very ripe. You can easily turn ripe avocado into a sweet treat such as a low-carb avocado chocolate pudding or this, garlicky avocado mayonnaise.   Benefits of mayonnaise   Is mayo good for you? Of course it is but like with everything we enjoy it in moderation as it has all the healthy fats that our bodies need. It’s amazing how difficult it is to get good fats into our diets when we don’t cook or prepare foods in advance with a meal plan. Having a healthy avocado mayo substitute instead of plain mayo is a […]

Used Goods Are Popular With Consumers for Two Reasons

BUY SOMETHING NEW ON SALE OR BUY SOMETHING USED ON SALE   Not all items at the second-hand shop are used goods but for the most part when you walk into a store that carries products that were donated you can expect to find treasures as far as the eye can see. Both Mrs. CBB and I spend about an hour each week shopping for used goods but various reasons which some people may not understand, care about or think is ridiculous since we are debt free. What are used goods? Essentially, used goods are items that were purchased or hand-down to someone who no longer wants them so they donate them or give them away. You can find used goods at garage sales, second-hand shops, bazaars, auctions and even consignment stores. The idea around used goods is that they are sold for a fraction of the retail cost which intrigues buyers who simply don’t want to pay top dollar when they can get it cheaper. Some people just love the hunt or the walk down memory lane because the amount of vintage you see amazes me. Last week my wife found animated glasses that she collected as a child […]

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