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If you want to start Blogging to earn Extra Money  or you want to Work from Home here are some blogging resources to get you started:

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new_imark_logoIf you’re not tech-savvy like myself you’ll need someone to help manage your blog or help with various other jobs. Mark is my guy and I highly recommend him. He’s put up with my constant emails and survived. Anyone who can do that is a plus in my books. Hire Mark today!

iMark Interactive offers WordPress blog maintenance, management, setup, migration, and customization. We also offer free WordPress installation for new bloggers. To learn more or talk about a service offering, please visit

Canadian Budget Binder started on the free site but was later moved to .org which I suggest starting with especially if you plan to sell something or use advertising for your blog. Save yourself the hassle of migration down the road and potential costs.

Open source WordPress is the most popular online publishing platform, currently powering more than 20% of the web. We wanted to bring the WordPress experience to an even larger audience, so in 2005 we created

We’re a hosted version of the open source software. Here, you can start a blog or build a website in seconds without any technical knowledge.

Canadian Budget Binder is now with after a full re-design and migration from On this site you can download and install a software script called WordPress. To do this you need a web host who meets the minimum requirements and a little time. WordPress is completely customizable and can be used for almost anything.

WordPress started as just a blogging system, but has evolved to be used as full content management system and so much more through the thousands of plugins and widgets and themes, WordPress is limited only by your imagination.

logo_bigscoots_headerBigScoots Hosting

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When you start a blog with you’ll need to get set up with a hosting company after you pick your domain name. I highly suggest BigScoots because in the time I’ve been with this company they have surpassed all expectations of a hosting company.

They offer:

Real around-the-clock US based support that delivers business moving results like no one else can. Whether you need help troubleshooting, managing or creating a new environment.

At BigScoots we don’t beat around the bush. We’re so confident in our infrastructure and expert staff that if we aren’t the best host you’ve ever had, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

One word to rule them all. Using the latest technologies and partnering with industry leading brands, BigScoots dispenses our own grade of premium getting you the most out of your resources.

Note: I’ll keep adding blogging resources as I go along. If you have a resource you’d like to add please contact me to chat.

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