PF Weekly Grab A Brew #26: School is out for summer

No Need To Sleep In When Summer Is Here When is school out? School is out for summer in Ontario starting today although I’m not sure these days if they are singing the praises of Alice Cooper, but I’m sure they are happy to leave the books behind. With Canada Day just around the corner we are gearing up for fun in the sun and plenty of activities for both adults and children. A few of our friends who are teachers are in class today just to sort out final paperwork for the school year. When that’s done it’s home for a few months of volunteering, summer vacation and getting ready for the upcoming 2013-2014 academic term beginning after Labour Day in September. I often remember when I was a child (who doesn’t) when life was easy, we didn’t have to worry about paying the bills, budgeting or who was going to make sure the bread and milk was stocked in the kitchen. Nor did I have to worry about planning my day, but that was all about to change one summer. As an adult I’m a planner, I always plan my day but sometimes I realize that doesn’t always work […]

Summer Jobs For Students: Tips For Finding The Perfect Job

By: Katrina Now that school is over, at least for College and University students, it’s time once again to find those perfect summer job opportunities.  For the majority of students, the summer means 4 solid months of money-making time that should not be wasted. So, what can you do to make the most of those months to save up tuition money and expenses for the following school year or to start paying down OSAP loans or other school debts? If you are University or College bound prepare your finances now rather than later because money can mount up fast when you don’t have a plan. It’s also a great way to plan ahead for your student budget before heading back to University or College if you know how much money you have earned over the summer months. Below are some tips that I’ve learned over the years which worked for me or others that I know to find summer season jobs to make money. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, after all most employers are looking for employees that are creative, go-getters and want to work hard for their organization. Seasonal Jobs Many landscaping, painting, and window washing companies as […]

Back to School Student Budget For College or University

GRADUATE DEBT FREE   Do you need a back to school budget? I always say yes but it’s up you what you want to do with your life. I don’t think schools offer debt management degrees so either you buckle down or risk more debt than you can handle after school. A school budget is essential for most students I’ve talked to but the hard part is getting started and I’m going to show you how today.   Back to school Budget   I get so many emails from students wanting to know how they can budget their money when they go to school. You may graduate with student loans BUT you don’t need to graduate with tonnes of consumer debt. Budgeting doesn’t need to be stressful as it is fairly simple.Sometimes we put too much emphasis on not being able to spend money when we can IF we spend it wisely and budget our money. Now is the time to prepare your finances if you are University or College bound. Some people make a budget look harder than it actually is but for some just starting a budget is the most terrifying part of the process. A budget can […]

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