Airbnb is a homeowners goldmine or a potential disaster : The Saturday Weekend Review #119

A VACATION HOME RENTAL HAVEN   You’re probably wondering what Airbnb is unless you’ve heard of it or used the service which is growing popular world-wide. I had never looked into what Airbnb was because the word ‘vacation’ has not been on our radar for years. When I lived in the UK and travelled I typically would stay at a hotel so I could mingle with the locals rather than on a resort. Now that I’ve learned about Airbnb I may have used this service back then although it wasn’t available at the time. I’ve seen Airbnb all over the internet when other personal finance bloggers have written about the service but I never had a need….until yesterday. Unfortunately the reason I went searching was due to a news article horror story I read where an Airbnb rental house was trashed by the renters. There are pros and cons to this service although I don’t think this story will deter people from hosting or renting in the future.   Airbnb Hosting   If you’ve got extra space in your house you could easily become an Airbnb host. If you don’t mind having people in your home or you travel and […]

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