Spiced Apple Bread

SIMPLE QUICK BREAD   If you are looking for apple recipes you’ll want to add this spiced apple bread to the menu this week. Apples are everywhere in September especially at the farmers markets where you can buy bushels of them for a reasonable price. Also, with the Fall season around the corner apples are waiting to picked from the trees so now is a good time to harvest them. Now that the leaves are falling to the ground and seasons are changing this spiced apple bread is the perfect dessert. Quick breads have long been a favourite in many households not only because they are easy on the budget but they are fast to make. I’m a huge fan of apples and since I had a spare can of apple pie filling in my pantry I decided to create this spiced apple bread. Typically I would make my apple pie filling or apple sauce which you can do or you can use this shortcut that I’m taking to use up a pantry item so it doesn’t go to waste. If you don’t have apple pie filling in your cupboard like me you can easily substitute with a homemade spiced […]

Easy Apple Turnovers

APPLES AND PUFF PASTRY IN A FLASH   Apple Turnovers are a favourite in our family because you can eat them on the run or add ice-cream, caramel sauce and toasted walnuts on top to create a luscious dessert. Sometimes after a busy day of cleaning, washing and running after the kids you want to make a sweet treat that is satisfying but more importantly fast. There is nothing worse than the kids coming in from school saying, “I’m hungry mom what is there to eat?” It’s that time of year when you want your home to smell like apples and spice. I know many of my friends have been to the apple orchards with their families to pick apples and now they want apple recipes to use them up. If you fancy muffins Mr.CBB’s Harvest Apple Caramel muffins are a must try. Other recipes that you could use apples for are apple butter, apple sauce, apple cakes and apple pie. The list of recipes that use apples is endless but when I have time and the house is quiet I don’t mind experimenting to create new homemade recipes.   Apple Turnovers   Today I am going to give you […]

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