Check Out Checkout 51: Technology and Coupons in Check!

DON’T MISS THE SAVINGS   Checkout 51 mobile app, have you heard you can get Cash Back on every day items you buy at local retailers in your area? Get in on the action and start saving money in your grocery budget with Checkout 51, the hottest cash back money-saving app around! What is Checkout 51?   Based out of Toronto, Checkout 51 is a Canadian cash back program that allows shoppers the opportunity to save money on products they love. It is FREE Apple IOS app that you download, then shop using the weekly Checkout 51 offer list, and finally upload a picture of your receipt to the app to earn cash back in your Checkout 51 account. EASY! Android For Checkout 51  Is Finally Here! NEW Update: April 18, 2013 –Download Checkout 51 Android App or -Or search “Checkout 51″ in the Play Store Yes, it is 2013! Technology for couponing and saving money in Canada just got exciting!   How to use Checkout 51 with coupons?   The BEST part about Checkout 51 is that you can use coupons to save even more on the offered products each week (offers run Thursday – Wednesday). Checkout 51 lists approximately 10 […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Grocery Game Challenge Sept 10-16 ~Almost Fall!

Soon enough the Fall leaves will start to turn colour on the trees and the leaves will fall to the ground. The children will be merry and the parents saddened to have to rake the leaves although I bag them and use them for compost on my garden the next year. The nights are getting chilly but the garden seems to be blooming the best it has all year with new flowers on the go each and every day. I can’t tell you how thrilled we’ve been to eat tomato salad pretty much every single bloody night. If you detect some sarcasm, you are not far off, but I’m sure I should have nothing to whine about. We grew over 40 plants from seed this year far more than any other year where we typically had 8 plants. We will be scalding some soon and putting them in the freezer as the novelty of organic tomatoes has run its course in CBB cuisine. Our Crab Apple tree is now empty of the beautiful apples since we made crab apple spice jelly but apple crops are in full swing in and around Ontario. You may notice the prices have soared and that’s all […]

MR.CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks August 17,2012

Mr.CBB’s Week in Review Well it’s been another one of those weeks in the summer where what you want to get done, doesn’t always happen. There has been so much rain in Ontario I was starting to think I was in the UK where rain is like Tim Horton’s Coffee- always readily available. This week I finished off the front entry door although I do have a bit more touch up painting to do. It took a bit longer than expected because of the rain and the on/off of the door due to painting. We are happy with the way it looks and are happy we held out until we found a great deal on the insert and door that we wanted. I’m not sure if I want to do it again although my neighbour casually mentioned he was thinking about changing his door. Lastly, we picked (or should I say ‘I”) picked the apples this week from the tree with Mrs. CBB down below. I’ll admit it was fun shaking the tree and watching the apples pop her off the top of the head ha… Ah come on it was fun.. just small little crab apples. I’m sure she […]

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