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How A Grocery Store Scammer Gets Away With It : The Grocery Game Challenge 2017 #3 Sept 18-24

AWARENESS OF THE UNDERGROUND WORLD OF SHOPLIFTING AND THE COSTS TO CUSTOMERS AND RETAILERS IS NECESSARY   Scammers are a huge financial loss for grocery retailers across the country and unless there is an awareness most of it falls on a blind eye, at least at the consumer level. The past 10 years Mrs. CBB and I have worked hard to save money at the grocery store and scammers make it difficult for frugal-minded shoppers to keep up with increased prices and loss of programs aimed to help shoppers save. Is shoplifting an addiction? I guess it can be if the scammer believes they can’t stop or doesn’t know how to. The thrill and the savings becomes a hobby rather than a need. I was not shocked to find a 2014 Shoplifters Anonymous Tumblr blog based out of Toronto which shares stories and tips from scammers on how to get free stuff. It’s hard not to read it all because humans are naughty by nature and want to know even if they don’t want to participate. When coupons were the hottest thing going there were coupon men and women who became greedy and ruined it for everyone else. It may […]

PF Weekly Grab A Brew 29: Breastfeeding in public and free pizza

I don’t normally read breastfeeding stories but it was the breastfeeding in public and the free pizza title that caught my eye while reading my daily dose of Yahoo News. We don’t have any children but that doesn’t mean that we don’t think about how parenting would affect our lives if we were to have a child. I was a breastfed baby as was my siblings who later did the same with their children when they became parents. Costs involved There are benefits to breastfeeding although it was more about nutrition and money savings, my sister says. In the UK I’ve seen a baby being breastfed many times and to me it seems like a natural thing to do for a mother. Granted they were always covered up which seems appropriate. I don’t give too much notice to it though. I guess I have lots to learn if I want to be a father some day. I have seen the outrageous costs of formula and baby diapers so stockpiling will be a priority for us if we do have a baby. My sister told me that the cost of buying baby formula was so expensive that if she was able to […]

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