Our new baby has changed our life: The Saturday Weekend Review #88

A BABY HAS BEEN BORN   I’ve received lots of emails from the fans wondering if our baby had arrived and he has! Yes, we have a son who I will call baby CBB and he’s adorable with chubby cheeks, long fingers and a huge appetite. Baby boy names are just as difficult to figure out as is a baby girl’s name. His real name is a biblical name which took forever for us to agree on. It’s not easy coming up with a baby name that both parents like but in the end it worked out for us. Everyone says he looks like me and I agree especially his facial features and feet. I’m not sure if he will have my green eyes as that takes time. As new parents we are learning every single day and we are making mistakes and learning from them. I never expected being a parent to be a walk in the park but there is a certain rush of energy you get when you know that you are a little one’s life-line.   Baby expenses   Just the other day we made a mad dash to Target for the second time since they […]

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