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Summer Drinks Your Party Budget Can Handle : The Grocery Game Challenge 2016 #1 July 4-10

LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED…WHAT CAN I GET YOU TO DRINK?   Whether you’re hosting a summer cocktail party or frugal back-yard grill-fest you’ll want to make sure that your beverage center is fully stocked with some of the best summer drinks for your guests. There are also plenty of ways to add a splash of colour to your summer drinks with or without alcohol. Today I want to talk about alcohol-free drinks, mixed drinks, frozen drinks, fresh fruit drinks, summer drinks for kids and new summer drinks that are all budget-friendly. I went on a Pinterest hunt for some of the best summer drinks recipes I could find that were budget-friendly and easy to make. Can your budget handle summer drinks? If you’re not sure if you can afford to have a summer party but really want one maybe it’s best if you plan by knowing your party budget, writing down everything you’d like to have at your party and save up for it first. This way it takes financial stress off your shoulders rather than trying to fit it into your monthly budget schedule as an unplanned expense. Related: How to host a frugal back-yard BBQ Summer drinks […]

PF Weekly Reading List #21-Pay me $100,000 And I’ll Flip You A Burger

Winning $100,000 in the Sutter Homes 2012 Build A Better Burger competition for Erin Evenson of Brooklyn, New York must have been a dream come true. I know that putting lots of hard work into something you are passionate about takes a dedication and an optimistic outlook to bring it to life. Cooking Contests I think it would be a rush to enter a food contest such as this to see who can create the best burger around. I’m sure we have similar competitions around Canada but I often watch them on the Food Network and let’s be honest, people love to eat. In the summer bigger cities that I am aware of host a Ribfest competition and judges vote on the best ribs of the weekend. You should see the people who turn out to watch a cooking contest. It’s phenomenal.It’s also fun to watch and fun to eat. Food On Television Don’t tell me there is no drooling when you watch Guy Fieri on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, or John Catucci on You Gotta Eat Here. You know the funny guy who charges around Canada looking for the best food going. He’s passionate about food and when someone […]

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