Mr.CBB’s Personal Finance Reading List #5- Hello Blackberry Z10 and Show Me The Money Ticketmaster!

“Out of the Ditch and back in the right direction” sums it all up in this article about the Blackberry Z10 and the new name for RIM this past Wednesday in New York City. The surprise when CEO Thorsten Heins said goodbye to RIM and hello to Blackberry was as if something new had been born and I’m sure the feeling is mutual all around. I think it was long overdue and Blackberry will now start to pump up the volume sort of speak, something they’ve wanted to do for some time. Joshua Topolosky goes on to say in his review of the new Blackberry device that it is a perfectly usable device with a strong (OS) but the battery life is not much to be desired. One thing with cell phones that I used to find a con was the battery life as well and I’m sure you’re all shaking your head in agreeance.  There’s nothing worse than having to charge your phone day after day because it won’t hold a proper or long enough charge. Many of us are on the go for hours or days on end and plugging in to charge up can be a bit of […]

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